Life Dental Spa Launches Dental Subscription For Only 9 RON per Month

Deniza Cristian 30/03/2023 | 10:56

At least 90% of Romanians suffer from dental problems, either acute or chronic, which can influence personal or professional success, because a bad dentition can lead to stigmatization, a lack of confidence that manifests itself unconsciously on our mind and affects our natural path through life, but more seriously, 8 out of 10 Romanians are at various stages that could lead to tooth loss, according to a study by Life Dental Spa, a chain of dental clinics with 10 units across the country specializing in pain-free, state-of-the-art laser treatments.


Whether it’s incorrect tooth alignment, tooth discoloration, gingivitis or other more serious problems – such as periodontitis, for example – Romanians rarely visit the dentist, which can mean a much more difficult and certainly more costly recovery if problems are not treated early.

9 out of 10 Romanians who crossed our doorstep in the last year suffered from dental problems that led to stigma – a lack of self-confidence, problems in relationships or in attracting business partners, finding jobs or social interaction. Our smile is our business card and it is true that it helps us both personally and professionally. We have had patients who came to us resigned and today have regained their smiles and self-confidence after the treatments they received and the recommendations they received from our doctors” said Cristina Obreja M.D., dentist certified in the use of laser technologies and co-founder of Life Dental Spa.

According to Cristina Obreja M.D., about half of Romanian patients are affected by the image that other people perceive of them, and most of the interaction takes place on the face, more specifically during speech.

Life Dental Spa launches 9 RON / month subscription for dental prevention

To support Romanians with dental problems, Life Dental Spa launches a dental subscription with multiple benefits, available to all patients who cross the doorstep of the 10 clinics across the country.

Life Dental Spa clients can choose between two monthly recurring subscriptions or the possibility of paying annually at a considerable discount[1].

For only 9 RON / month, the ReStart subscription includes:

  • 2 consultations with intraoral camera / year (with a total value of 394 RON);
  • 2 treatment plans / year (394 RON in total);
  • 50% discount on the Complete Dental Hygiene Package;
  • 50% discount on laser teeth whitening;
  • Free consultations for the whole family;
  • 5% discount for all services.

For only 47 RON / month, the Premium subscription includes:

  • 2 consultations with intraoral camera / year (with a total value of 394 RON);
  • 2 treatment plans / year (394 RON in total);
  • 75% discount for the Ultrasonic Cleaning + Professional Brushing package;
  • 50% discount on laser teeth whitening;
  • Free consultations for the whole family;
  • 10% discount on all Life Dental Spa dental services;
  • 15% discount on biocompatible zirconium implants;
  • Voucher worth €500 for the 24-hour Fixed Teeth procedure.

Patients who opt to prepay dental services for one year receive a 25% discount on the total cost. Thus, the ReStart subscription would cost only 81 RON / year, while the Premium subscription, 423 RON / year.

8 out of 10 Romanians suffer from gingivitis or even paradontosis: “It’s a disease that leaves you without teeth”

Eight out of ten Romanians suffer from gingivitis, an early phase of periodontal disease, which is manifested by a superficial inflammation of the gums that occurs due to bacteria in the oral cavity. Untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, where we are dealing with inflammation of the periodontium, the tissue that supports and anchors teeth in the jawbone, and which can eventually cause tooth loss.

“The tooth bone recedes, so bacteria affects it, so teeth end up falling out of the arches. Paradontosis is literally a gum disease that leaves you without teeth. Many dentists claim there is no cure – telling patients there is nothing more they can do. There are unique protocols that we, at Life Dental Spa, have and we apply them successfully – there are certain treatments based on dental lasers that lead to stopping gum problems, if detected early”, added Cristina Obreja MD.

Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of periodontitis and plaque and tartar are directly responsible for the development of periodontal disease.

“Daily brushing, both morning and evening, removes plaque. With unhealthy habits and no proper brushing technique, we can develop tartar, which is not removed by a simple brushing and requires the intervention of the dentist who removes these deposits by ultrasonic scaling. There are also situations where we may be predisposed to developing gingivitis, either genetically or due to external factors (accidents, wrong bite), so it is important to visit your dentist regularly to keep any risk under control”, stated Cristina Obreja MD.

Romania, ranked at the bottom in Europe for oral hygiene: what solutions we have for healthy teeth

Romania is ranked among the last countries in the European Union when it comes to oral hygiene, and healthy teeth habits should start in childhood, Cristina Obreja MD.

“I am concerned to see children with serious dental problems in our clinics, which could have been prevented by a regular visit to specialist , where they could have noticed certain problems or determined their seriousness early on. We all know that prevention is always cheaper than treatment and any delay in dealing with certain problems will ultimately lead to much higher costs. We recommend all our patients with children a visit to a doctor’s surgery from the age of 2-3 years. Oral hygiene is also taught in dental clinics, but especially at home, and it should be done correctly both in the morning and in the evening”, stated Cristina Obreja MD.

According to the Life Dental Spa specialist, in Denmark, for example, patients, including children, go for a dental check-up every six months, and the Nordics are among the Europeans with the fewest dental problems, precisely because of the habit of preventing any problems early on.

“Regular check-ups at the dentist, not every 3-4 years, but every 6 months, is the best solution for problem-free teeth. Good health of children’s temporary teeth ensures good health of their permanent teeth. Prevention in dentistry is the cheapest treatment, so we encourage Romanians to visit a dentist at least twice a year. This healthy habit, successfully practised in the West, will help minimize the risks of developing dental problems or having serious and extremely costly problems in the end”, concluded Cristina Obreja MD.

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