The new Audi Q8 available for pre-order with prices starting at EUR 76,500

Aurel Dragan 25/09/2018 | 14:36

Audi launched the new Q8, a SUV for business trips and leisure, powered by a 3.0 TDI Quattro of 210 kW (286 bps) with a light hybrid system. The price starts at EUR 76,500 and it can be already ordered at dealers.

The Audi Q8 combines the best to offer two seemingly different universes: the elegance specific to the four-door luxury coupé models with the versatility of the large SUVs that makes the Q8 the ideal companion for business travel and leisure. The permanent quattro all-wheel drive and a ground clearance of up to 254 mm allow this SUV-coupe to easily reach beyond the point where the paved roads end. The Audi Q8 is manufactured at the Bratislava production unit and can be ordered from the distributors in our country. The model will be seen and tested in the Audi network starting with October 2018.

Length 4,901 mm, width 1,935 mm and height 1,616 mm. These are the defining dimensions of the new Audi Q8, a model that exudes sportiness and prestige in every detail, in a more dramatic way than any other SUV of the four-ring brand. The coupe-like ceiling makes this model look shorter than its brother, Q7. The Q8 is 66 millimeters shorter, but 27 millimeters wider. The distinctive frontal section, short rear console, large ground clearance, up to 254 mm and large wheels (up to 22 “), deliver dynamism and power.

With a wheelbase of nearly three meters, the Audi Q8 offers generous space for five people. Inner space exceeds that of direct competitors with respect to each relevant dimension. The front seats are available in four design variants. The first two top versions are the highly customizable contour seats, optionally with ventilation, plus the sports seats. The massage function is available as optional equipment for both seat variants. The system consisting of three rear seats is included in the standard equipment and their longitudinal adjustment function is optional.

With a large cargo compartment and generous storage compartments, the Q8 is ideal for long journeys. The SUV boot has a standard volume of 605 liters. It can be increased to 1,755 liters with the rear seat backrests and offers the possibility of placing two diagonal golf bags.

Outdoor design: A new face in the Q family

The Audi Q8 is a representative model of the progressive design language of Audi, first transposed on the road via the A8. Contour contours and athletic tensioned surfaces give the feeling of strength, sophistication and suggest the special dynamic features of permanent full-stroke traction. Q8 interprets brand design language in its own way, combining the specific features of a four-door luxury coupe with those of a large SUV and also reflects the unmistakable features of a true legend of the Audi brand: the first quattro.

The Audi Q8 now introduces a new “face” in the Q family, thanks to the stunning radiator gauge that specifies the brand, namely the singleframe. The six chrome-plated vertical blades give the radiator grille robustness and robustness. The wide-colored, optionally colored binder connects the singleframe structure with the distinctive headlights.

Thanks to the frameless door windows, the coupé-specific coupé line of the roof descends along the profile, ending with an elongated slider. The ceiling line is slightly arched to the D-shaped and short-lying pillars, supported by long and imposing contours. These are the so-called quattro blisters, reminiscent of the first Audi quattro. The shoulder lines stretch the SUV, drawing an elegant bridge between the solid wheel rims.

For headlights, Q8 customers can choose between two versions, both with LEDs. By far, optical blocks composed of two elements seem flattened. Their upper part includes, among other things, daytime running lights and passing lights. Road lights are positioned below, darker and darker. Optional HD matrix LEDs are each made up of 24 individual LEDs.

Signature of digital daylight has the strongest 3D design for the first time. Daytime running lights are made of seven short and two longer segments at the edge of the headlamp. The two longer elements emphasize the exterior, emphasizing the width of the Audi Q8. And a similar three-dimensional design, consisting of 12 segments, connected through the luminous band, also simulating depth, was applied to the rear optical blocks.

Combined with HD matrix LED technology, the rear headlamps and rear lights have dynamic signaling lights and are staged in an impressive way at the moments when the driver locks and unlocks the car. Those who own a Q8 can use the myAudi app on their smartphone to turn on different lighting functions and to admire them from the outside of the car. It is a unique endowment among competitors.

Interior Design: Simplicity is the new premium

The MMI touch response screen is the centerpiece of the interior of the Audi Q8.

Due to the special design, the model becomes a unitary black surface when it is not active. The clear, easy-to-understand symbols demonstrate the digital precision of the Audi model as well as the high level of integration of the architecture and operating possibilities. Thus, simplicity replaces complexity. All main lines start from the large display, such as the continuous ventilation slot with chrome lamellas and an elegant aluminum strip.

The sophisticated instrument cluster alongside the calm, horizontal lines emphasizes the Audi Q8’s interior-wide impression of the interior. The interior design is clean and simple. All the elements have a logical and harmonious connection between them: from the so-called “wrap-around” line (a large bow that starts from the door panels and passes along the front of the instrument panel) for lights, which are optionally available as a black tactile surface. All this gives the interior a feeling of peace.

The center tunnel console is designed as an independent geometric element, highlighting the robustness of the SUV through its generous dimensions. In the dark, the contour lighting system emphasizes the distinctive interior design lines and illuminates the background of the quattro tridimensional emblem above the glovebox: yet another example of Audi’s special attention to details.

Colors and materials: refined scenography

The exterior color range includes 12 shades that emphasize the sporty design of the Audi Q8. Among these, there are two new colors, namely orange dragon orange and blue galaxy blue. The elements applied to the body are grained anthracite finish as standard. Among the two optional exterior design packages, these elements are painted in body color or have a scandium-gray finish. As for the S line outdoor package, matt gray finishes accentuate even the Singleframe, spoiler, threshold application and loudspeaker.

For the interior of the Audi Q8, customers can choose from different colors and configurations. The leather seats, offered in three variants, including the top version with Valcona leather, are available as standard. For the two design choices, the top of the board is covered with leather. Optionally, the S line sport package includes S sports chairs with integrated headrests, rhombus model and S logo. All configurations include wood or aluminum inserts. Audi offers exclusively four leather packages and numerous additional options for those who want a car with their own signature.

Quattro drive and pneumatic suspension: off-road athlete

In the standard setting, the central locking differential, purely mechanical, transfers the torque to the front and rear axles in a 40:60 ratio. When necessary, the system transfers most of the torque to the bridge with better traction.

Suspensions make a decisive contribution to sports maneuverability since the basic version. Five-arm front and rear suspensions are mostly made of aluminum. The progress ratio of the standard progressive direction becomes more direct as the steering angle increases. Q8 comes out of the factory on 19-inch wheels, so 20 millimeters larger than the Q7. The 285/40 R22 wheels are available as a top-of-the-line option. On the front axle are installed six-piston brakes and fixed bracket of aluminum.

Customers of this SUV coupé can choose three chassis configurations. Suspensions with the damping control system are included in the standard equipment. Audi offers the adaptive pneumatic suspension with the damping control system as optional, in comfort or sporty configuration. The Audi drive select allows you to select one of four different modes, which vary ground clearance up to 90 millimeters. Thus, the adaptive pneumatic suspension combines high comfort with long agility handling.

Another option for the Audi Q8 is the all-wheel steering, which can drive the rear wheels up to 5 degrees. At a reduced travel speed, the rear wheels are directed in the opposite direction to the front wheels, thus reducing the SUV turning diameter by one meter and further improving agility. At high speeds, the rear wheels are directed in the same direction as the front axle wheels, increasing the stability of the belt changing maneuvers.

The management of adjustable suspension systems is integrated into the electronic chassis platform control unit. Systems are interconnected, operating in a coordinated manner and with maximum precision. The Audi drive select allows you to select seven different driving modes, including an off-road mode. Off-road, the Audi Q8 benefits from the quattro drive system, as well as the short and ground-top brackets up to 254 millimeters, with the adaptive pneumatic suspension and 220 millimeters with standard suspension. The chassis electronic platform detects the tilting angle of the machine and displays this information on the MMI screen. On very inclined terrain, over 6%, the hill descent control function helps the driver, automatically intervening on the brakes. The system keeps the driver’s speed constant, up to a maximum of 30 km / h, allowing the driver to focus on the ground.

Efficient engine: 3.0 TDI with MHEV technology

The Audi Q8 propulsion system is powerful and efficient, thanks to the new micro-hybrid technology (MHEV). The system integrates a liters-ion battery and a belt alternator (BAS) into the 48-volt primary electrical system. The rechargeable battery is mounted under the boot floor and has a capacity of 10 Ah. The dynamic SUV can run freely at speeds between 55 and 160 km / h with the engine off, and then, when required, the BAS restarts the engine quickly and comfortably. During braking, the BAS system can recover up to 12 kW of energy. The start-stop system is already operating at 22 km / h. The technical package reduces fuel consumption by up to 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers when used under normal conditions.

On the European markets, the Audi Q8 comes equipped with the 3.0 TDI, Q8 50 TDI engine (mixed fuel consumption in l / 100 km: 6.8-6.6, mixed CO2 emissions in g / km: 179-172). The output is 210 kW (286 hp) and the torque is 600 Nm. The SUV sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 245 km / h. 50 TDI offers sophisticated solutions for many technologies. The carter and chillers have separate cooling circuits so that the ideal temperature can be reached for each situation. The integrated channels cool the pistons with oil. Components are designed to minimize friction, and the oil pump is completely variable.

The floating hydraulic bearings connect the engine to the lower axle of the front axle. Thus, vibrations are eliminated both idling and traveling, which greatly enhances comfort.

The transmission of the forces is ensured by a tiptronic gearbox, which allows the smooth and smooth change of the eight gears. A torsional vibration damper, which interferes with engine speed, greatly compensates engine vibrations so that the efficiency is high, even at low engine speeds. Special ventilation allows off-road use. Thanks to its electric pump, the tiptronic system can select the gear that is required to restart the engine from the freewheeling phase when the engine is off.

Infotainment and Audi Connect: ingenious networking

MMI navigation plus includes the Audi virtual cockpit. Its 12.3-inch display can display the information in two different display modes (classic and navigation). These can be selected using the multifunction steering wheel. After launching, the Audi virtual cockpit plus option will offer a third interface with a particularly sporty design. The head-up display (other optional equipment) projects important information on the windscreen, including detailed tape adaptive directional navigation.

As standard, the Audi Q8 is equipped with MMI navigation plus, which uses the new LTE Advanced data transfer standard. The navigation system provides intelligent destinations suggestions based on previous trips. It also makes use of the traffic experience of certain hours. The route is calculated on-line on the maps provider and navigation function servers, HERE, using real-time traffic data.

Audi connect online services include predictive aspects of the navigation process. Thus, the two Car-to-X services, for information on traffic signs and potential risks, can benefit from the Audi fleet’s intelligence intelligence. Throughout the year, the on-street parking service will be added to the Q8 endowment range, which simplifies search procedures for parking spaces based on parking information reported by vehicles in traffic and free parking detected.

The optional Audi connect key allows digital access to the Q8. So the owner and four other car drivers can lock and unlock the car and start the engine using their Android smartphone. The standard customization feature allows the owner to store up to 400 preferred parameters in individual user profiles, such as driver’s seat position, air conditioning settings, or commonly used media functions and navigation destinations. Along with locking and unlocking the car, many other functions connect from the Audi Q8 can be operated via the smartphone. Using myAudi, drivers can, for example, transfer special destinations to the navigation system, listen to streaming music, or transfer the calendar of the smartphone to MMI. Concerning the concept of operation and the quality of sound and connectivity, the telephone system meets the highest standards, thanks to the Audi phone box and LTE voice-over. The same high quality features the Bang & Olufsen sound system. The top-of-the-line 23-speaker version delivers ultra-clean 3D sound for both front and rear. Music is heard exactly as it was recorded in the concert hall, the audio experience being really extraordinary.

Driver assistance systems: safety and comfort

The Audi Q8 helps the driver in a variety of situations and makes his life easier for both parking maneuvers, in the city and for long journeys, for example. Audi groups four-pack support systems. In the Tour assist package, the special adaptive cruise control system offers a comfortable longitudinal and side control, regardless of the travel speed. This assistant helps the driver accelerate, brake, maintain speed, maintain distance and traffic jams by detecting band markings, roadside structures, side strips, and forward-facing vehicles. A special advantage in traffic is the adaptation of the car’s speed to traffic situations, taking into account the speed limits. The Tour package also includes efficiency assist. This system automatically adjusts the speed to the current limitations, reduces forward and forward speeds, and roundabouts. In addition to predictive information on the Audi virtual cockpit, the active accelerator pedal also offers physical feedback. Together, these features contribute to driving efficiency by using the MHEV system recovery function and by intelligently choosing free run or acceleration, depending on what will happen in the near future. And emergency assistance is a safety feature included in this package. This function detects, within certain technical limits, whether the driver is inactive and in such cases warns visually, audibly and physically. If it does not record a prompt response, the system takes control of the machine and automatically stops it on the current treadmill. It also activates the safety measures of the Audi pre sense system and initiates an emergency emergency call, depending on the country.

In urban traffic, safety is optimized by five systems. Crossing assist detects risky activities in front of the car, the Audi pre sense 360 ​​° warns when vehicles approach the side, and rear cross traffic assist detects approaching vehicles when the car moves slowly backwards, for example when leaving a parking place perpendicular. The package is complemented with the exit warning and lane change warning functions.

Park plus plus assist systems, which will later come in the model list, help the driver to handle the car. Maneuvering assist helps prevent imminent collisions by intervening with little impulses on the steering and braking the machine until it stops, for example when detecting pylons in parking lots. The curb warning warns against curbs and protects the car from damage that could occur in the rims in parking maneuvers. Several camcorder images allow for accurate centimeter handling and allow viewers to intersect with their own car as well as detailed wheel image. A particularly special feature is 3D viewing, whose perspective can be freely selected. The package also includes the parking pilot (remote) that directs the independent SUV on parking spaces and parking places under driver monitoring. The driver comes out of the car and activates the process using the myAudi application on the smartphone. The pilot (remote) for parking offers a similar level of comfort. Thanks to the laser scanner, the car can move very close to walls and other obstacles, such as bicycles in a garage. The system is part of the plus plus package that combines all three packages described.

When the machine is used for towing, trailer assist helps you to automatically drive the trailer and the machine to reverse gear. The driver just needs to set the direction on the MMI touch screen very simply. The image from your camcorder shows the current steering angle and angle you want. Audi also offers separate park assist function. It directs the car independently on the parallel and perpendicular parking spaces, either face or reverse. The driver just needs to accelerate, select the gear and brake. Night vision assist improves when visibility is bad at night, marking the larger people and animals detected, with yellow on the Audi virtual cockpit.

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