Pfizer announces opening of regional logistics service in Romania

Georgeta Gheorghe | 20/04/2017 | 12:05

The new center, also named Above Market Planning (AMP) Hub, will be headquartered in Bucharest and will provide a more straightforward and more direct means of communication between markets in Europe and Pfizer production units all over the world.

Pfizer Romania will complete, most probably by the end of the second quarter of the year, the development of a regional support center for the internal organization of global supply and administration of the portfolio (Global Supply Chain and Portfolio Management). Open in Bucharest, the center will allow for the internal procedures to be standardized and will simplify the interface between the commercial teams and factories, allowing thus for the improvement of the performance of Pfizer logistic operations in Europe. Thus, the APM hub will have an intermediary role between individual markets on the continent and Pfizer production units all over the world, guaranteeing permanently the optimum levels for the supply with medicine and stock.

We are very happy to see that, choosing Romania as a headquarters for its only logistic services hub in Europe, Pfizer remains dedicated to the objective of a healthy, long term development on the local market,” Mirela Iordan, Pfizer Romania country manager said. “Bucharest was chosen as the headquarters of the AMP hub following an extremely thorough selection process,” she said. The very well prepared work force, with strong studies in engineering and science, together with thorough knowledge of english, represented a factor that tipped the balance strongly in Romania’s favour,” she added.

In the first development phase, the center will have a team of approximately 40 people.

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