3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (100% Safe and Real)

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 21/12/2022 | 09:47

You only need to look at the numbers to know what kind of competition you’re up against on YouTube. More than 122 million people access video content on YouTube every day. In total, there are approximately 2.1 billion active YouTube users worldwide. Incredibly, 30,000 hours of new content are uploaded to YouTube every 60 minutes.


If you’re serious about building a meaningful YouTube presence, you need to find a way to overcome this ferocious competition. Purchasing YouTube views from a social media engagement specialist can help, but only if they are 100% legit.

As part of a broader social media marketing strategy, an investment in views can make a huge difference. The number of views your videos stacks up sends a powerful and influential message about credibility and appeal.

The question is – which are the best sites to buy YouTube views right now? Where can you buy YouTube video views that come exclusively from real people, with no fakes or spam in the mix?

Best Places to Buy YouTube Views

To save you the legwork of comparing what’s on offer, we’ve compiled a summarised list of the best sites to buy YouTube views (and other social signals) right now.

Each of the following guarantees nothing but 100% legit views from real YouTube users – completely indistinguishable from organic viewers:

1)     First Place: Media Mister

Media Mister

Still, the best site to buy YouTube views after more than a decade in business, Media Mister continues to top the table by a clear mile. Whether your goal is to generate more exposure for your content or catch the eye of the YouTube algorithm, their views, likes, and other promotional products for YouTube come highly recommended by thousands of satisfied customers.

One of the key features at Media Mister is the option of buying real YouTube views from more than 50 geo-targeted regions worldwide. Just a few examples of which include the USA, UK, Arab countries, France, Germany, Egypt & Morocco, Nigeria & Ghana, and views from an evenly distributed worldwide audience.

There’s a long list of different types of YouTube views available at Media Mister, including but not limited to Normal Views, High Retention Views, YouTube Premier Waiting Hours Views, Livestream Views, Shorts Views, and more. To give you an indication of their pricing structure, you can order 1000 authentic views for just $16, 5000 is listed at $79, or you can pick up a huge 10,000 for just $156.

Coupled with quality customer support and a full refund guarantee on every order, Media Mister remains a safe and trusted source for high-quality YouTube views.

2) Second Place: GetAFollower


The second place position goes to GetAFollower – a great place to pick up an affordable YouTube views bundle in just a few clicks.

This could also be the best place to buy YouTube views if you are looking to learn a thing or two about how they work along the way. The GetAFollower website is loaded with helpful FAQs, blog posts, and general tutorials outlining how social signals work.

They’ve put together a seriously user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate, and their published T&Cs make for reassuring reading. Only real accounts with active users are used to source their views, and they cover every sale with an impressive retention warranty for total peace of mind.

In addition, the GetAFollower site offers everything a creator needs to gain entry to the YouTube Partner Program in a matter of days.

Price-wise, their YouTube promotion packages start from less than $20 for 1000 and go all the way up to a massive package of 1 million views for $9799. By far one of the cheapest sellers in the game right now, where the best YouTube views money can buy are being practically given away.

3) Third Place: Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media

Last but by no means least comes Buy Real Media – a top-rated engagement specialist with an established reputation. Their promotional services cover all major social platforms, including a long list of products and packages for YouTube. If you are looking to purchase YouTube views with a specific target audience in mind, Buy Real Media comes highly recommended.

Their geo-targeted services are available from dozens of key markets and carry insanely low prices across the board. Whether looking to stack up your first 5,000 views or aim for a cool 1 million, everything here is just about as cheap as it gets. Even so, Buy Real Media guarantees (literally) nothing but 100% authentic views from real and active accounts.

There’s a full satisfaction guarantee included on every order, along with the promise of fast but safe delivery (not instant delivery). The Buy Real Media customer support team has also earned the praise of its customers over the years and can be contacted anytime via live chat. Buy Real Media keeps things simple, which is what makes them a standout seller.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Views

In terms of an initial boost, the best way to get views on YouTube is to buy them. One way or another, you’re going to need to stack up a meaningful number of views to make things happen. You still need to work on getting plenty of organic views, but buying views can be great for steering things in the right direction.

Along with saving time and effort, placing an order for YouTube views could bring you the following benefits:

Increase Your Visibility

If your goal is to reach more audience members with your content, you need all the views you can get. It’s worth remembering that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. The YouTube algorithm uses metrics like views to find popular and trending content to promote. The more views a YouTuber’s videos collect, the more likely they are to be showcased and recommended by YouTube itself.

Gain More Organic Views

Speaking of organic views, buying views can be great for boosting engagement. When you see a video on YouTube with a tonne of views, you’re instinctively compelled to check it out. It grabs your attention, you click through, and you see what all the fuss is about. All of this adds up to more organic views and more qualified traffic directed to your channel.

To Get Monetized and Make Money

According to YouTube’s terms and conditions, you need to have reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months in order to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program. By far, the quickest and easiest way to satisfy these requirements is to buy subscribers, views, and watch time hours from a trusted source. After which, you can start making good Money with your content.

Get More Organic Subscribers

Revisiting an earlier point, buying views can help you boost the size of your audience in a big way. Creators who regularly stack up thousands of views are always more attractive and appealing. The more popular and credible your content looks, the easier it becomes to convince new subscribers to sign up.

Build Your Influence

If your goal is to become an influencer on YouTube, social signals really are everything. From views to likes to comments to subscribers to watch time hours and so on, the numbers speak volumes for your authority and appeal. In short, you cannot expect to be taken seriously unless your videos consistently stack up many thousands of (real) views.

Go Viral

Last, buying views can give your content the best possible shot at going viral. Content on YouTube goes viral when it is shared by a large audience of viewers in quick succession. All of this begins by making your content as visible and engaging as possible, which is where buying views can help. Views help influence the YouTube algorithm while at the same time making your content more attractive, engaging, and shareable.

How to Choose the Best Site to Buy YouTube Views?

Before placing an order for YouTube views, it is important to conduct a few quality and performance checks.

Specifically, each of the following should be prioritized in order to ensure your Money and your reputation are in safe hands:

Real Customer Reviews

Online reviews and recommendations are the best (if not the only) way to accurately gauge customer satisfaction. It is inadvisable to do business with a social media growth company that has a questionable reputation. Unless they carry the approval and recommendation of plenty of satisfied customers, you’re probably better off elsewhere.

Premium Quality Services

By this, we mean 100% iron-clad guarantees of authentic social signals. Every view you buy needs to come from an active and authentic YouTube user – completely indistinguishable from an organic view. The use of bots and spam accounts to generate fake views is strictly prohibited in YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Prompt Delivery

Irrespective of how many views you buy, they should be delivered by way of a discreet drip-feed method. Promises of fast delivery are all well and good, but social signals that are delivered too quickly pose a threat to your account. The views you buy need to be delivered at a rate that looks organic. Otherwise, they will be blocked and removed by YouTube.

Quality Customer Support

A high level of customer support isn’t too much to ask for when putting your trust in sellers like these. Rather than taking things for granted; it’s a good idea to test a seller’s customer support team before placing your order. Fire a few questions at them, and you’ll soon know whether or not they are worthy of your time or Money.

Safety and Security

Safety and security should be the top priorities for any responsible social media growth company. This means the use of an SSL-encrypted payments gateway, total commitment to privacy/discretion, and no requirement to disclose any sensitive personal information.

Importantly, no password requests or login credentials should ever be made when shopping for products and services like these.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Last, it simply makes sense to work exclusively with those who cover their products with a money-back guarantee. With a refund guarantee in place, you’re covered against all eventualities. Even if things do not turn out exactly as planned, you at least know you can get your Money back.

Each of the sellers in our rankings above was assessed on the basis of these quality and performance indicators and outperformed the competition in all instances.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Views on YouTube?

How much it costs to buy YouTube views depends on how many you buy and who you buy them from. Each of the three sellers in our rankings above lists a huge range of products and packages starting from less than $20.00. There are even some packages up for grabs for less than ten bucks, and they still come with a full money-back guarantee.

On average, you’ll be looking at around $15 to $20 for a package of 1,000 views. But as prices per view come down significantly with bulk orders, it’s worth investing in a larger package if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Buying YouTube Views Help My Channel?

Buying YouTube views instantly and permanently boost the credibility of your content. It makes your videos more engaging and appealing, drives more targeted traffic to your channel, and helps you influence the YouTube algorithm. It could also save you time, effort, and Money while giving you more time to focus on the quality of your output.

Is It Safe and Legal to Buy YouTube Views?

Yes – buying 100% authentic YouTube views is both safe and legal. There is nothing in YouTube’s terms and conditions that states you cannot pay real people to view your content in the normal way. By contrast, fake views from spam accounts are strictly prohibited and could result in the suspension of your channel.

Can YouTube Detect Fake Views?

Yes – fake views can be detected by YouTube and will be blocked and/or removed. Worse still, your channel will be flagged for spam and could be suspended or shut down permanently. Under no circumstances is it worth taking chances on fake views – insist on 100% authentic views and nothing less.

Can My YouTube Channel Get Banned for Buying YouTube Views?

Not if the views you buy are 100% legit and come from real YouTube users in the normal way. Real views from real people are identical to organic views and just as effective. Things only get sketchy when spam views from bot-generate accounts come into play, which is best avoided at all costs.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best sites to buy YouTube views can be surprisingly straightforward. You simply need to know what to prioritize when shopping for social signals in general.

Irrespective of how many views you buy, nothing matters more than quality and authenticity. Every view needs to be identical to the real thing, performed in the normal way by a real YouTube user. This way, the views you buy are indistinguishable from organic views and just as beneficial.

Each of the three sellers above comes highly recommended, having come through where it matters most. Media Mister is still the market leader in social media engagement services, but GetAFollower and Buy Real Media are also well worth checking out.

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