35 Best Websites to Buy Cheap Instagram Followers (Cheap & Non-Drop)

Antonio Usurelu 18/05/2023 | 18:10

An impressive Instagram account is a must-have for any business attempting to create a social media presence today. With the competition picking up pace furiously by the hour, building reputation and reach in the least time possible on the social media platform is getting tougher. Fortunately, you can speed things up by investing in legit high-quality services from trusted sites. If buying Instagram followers is among the essential to-dos in your social media marketing strategy, scroll below to check out some of the best places for the purpose. According to our test, one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers is GrowingSocialMedia.com. You can also compare other sites to buy Instagram followers in this blog post.


Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers to Get an Effective Social Media Promotion

  1. UseViral – Great high-quality followers at attractive prices for all social media platforms!
  2. Sidesmedia – Incredibly easy purchasing process with speedy delivery!
  3. Growthoid – 100% risk-free investment with privacy protection and overall social growth!
  4. Tokupgrade – Get a say in where you need your followers sourced from!
  5. Twesocial – Speedy delivery and great value for money!
  6. Tweeteev – Highly reliable Instagram growth service that provides organic followers!

Why We Consider These the Best Sites to Buy IG Followers and Other Social Media Services from:

1.      UseViral

This site makes it to our top picks because of several reasons. Firstly, you can shop here for nearly any social media platform you can think of. Secondly, they are incredibly pocket-friendly. You can get 100 risk-free IG followers for less than $4!

Delivery of any purchase made here begins within minutes of successful payment. The customer service is super helpful and available 24/7 via email. They are usually very fast in responding to queries, and you can expect to hear back from them within 6 hours at the latest.

What’s more, you will never be asked for sensitive data like an account password, no matter which service you buy here. We like this seller because they have clearly stated refund and refill policies and are serious about client safety and privacy protection. Moreover, the buying process is so easy, and you can place your order in less than a minute!

The site does not offer any free trials, but they have several special packages on offer, so you can try them out by purchasing a tiny pack of 5 followers if need be! If you want to buy in bulk, their current most significant order is 50,000 followers, which requires about a month to be delivered entirely.

You can read about the pros and cons of buying each package on their site before deciding which package is the most suitable for you.

It makes shopping here immensely customer-friendly. And that is not all. If you are hesitant about using your credit/debit card here, you can buy Instagram followers using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoins, and Etherium. You can email an invoice request if you need one too.

Likewise, you can raise an email request to keep track of the status of your order while it is getting delivered and to check for any drops.


2.     Sidesmedia

Another great site for social media promotions is FollowersID. Returning customers swear by the outstanding followers they have received on their profiles. The site states that since they use real IG users to deliver orders, occasional fallout may happen.

So, they have a 30-day refill policy in place should this happen to your order. Moreover, they always put in a few extra followers to ensure you do not have an unintended drop in your fan count later. A hundred organic followers cost a little over $3 here. They are gradually delivered between 1-3 days to ensure that your follower numbers increase, mimicking a natural growth.

The most extensive follower pack they have on offer provides 50,000 real users to your account in a month. Clients claim they have seen a remarkable increase in brand loyalty and recognition after purchasing followers here. However, this may not always be guaranteed as the followers sourced are from a random audience pool placed all over the globe demographically.

Since you cannot customize a targeted follower request, you may not find the new followers very active on your profile even though they each have a genuine profile and IG activity history.

This site, too, does not offer any free trials, but they have several special packages on offer. Check them to see what is currently on discount or available at a special price. The payment portals used are secure, doubly encrypted, and bear the Norton Secured seal. You can use Visa, Mastercard, Maestro credit/debit cards to place your order. Alternatively, you can also pay using Bitcoins, Ethereum, and e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can reach out to their customer support for any further information not already covered in their detailed FAQ page.


3.     SocialsUp


If you are specifically looking for a service that provides permanent followers to your account, try SocialsUp. Although they do not let you try them before you buy, you can get yourself 10 followers for under a dollar to examine the quality of their services.

Buy IG followers come with a 100% risk-free guarantee, customer privacy assurance, and a 30-day refill or refund policy. SocialsUp has a specific demographic distribution of the followers they provide. Regardless of which package you order, you will be provided 40% Europeans and American profiles, 40% Arabs and Asians users, and 20% corporate accounts.

You can customize premium class orders to suit specific needs if you have any, although, as the site clearly states, this may cost you two-three times the usual charges. The users provided in the regular follower packages are genuine, but they usually remain inactive as they may not be part of your targeted audience.

If you wish your followers to also interact with your account, be sure to choose the right type of package.

Like other trusted sites, you have a range of payment methods to choose from while placing your order here. SocialsUp currently accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to Maestro, Visa, and Mastercard payments.

You can buy Instagram followers here for safe organic growth without violating any of IG’s protocols or compromising any of your data. All you have to do is choose your desired package, provide the URL/ username of the account you need the followers delivered to, provide your email and select your payment method.

Once you have paid for your order, check your email to confirm and relax while the site fulfills the delivery. You can be assured that your order will be filled by the stated time in your chosen package.

4.     HotDot


Here’s another company you can turn to for cheap prices, and buy real Instagram followers. To understand why it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram services from, just explore their options. Try out their unique 10 followers’ package for a little more than a dollar to check if they provide what they promise.

The company is customer-oriented, reliable, and an excellent choice for brand-building services. You can use your e-wallet or go the traditional credit/debit card route to purchase here. The follower packages are varied and often have discounted offers on them. You can order as many as 50,000 followers at once. If you are lucky, this can cost you less than $500!

However, you must be patient with an order of this size as it will be filled up slowly over four weeks or so. HotDot has been in the business for over fourteen years, and their industry experience itself is a testimony to their reliability and authenticity. Although most of what they offer seem to be at par with their competitors, one exciting feature that makes them stand out is that you can choose which country you want your followers to come from.

The company recommends explicitly choosing follower packages from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Nigeria to process the delivery faster with these countries. Followers from these countries also cost less than most other parts of the world, as per their FAQ. The company offers a full refund on dissatisfactory deliveries within 30 days of order placement. However, this is an improbable scenario as customers speak for the quality services received here.

While the packages on offer are incredibly budget-friendly, cheap does not mean a compromise in quality. You will stand to gain exposure to a potential increase in traffic and conversions besides drawing in more curious visitors to your account when you choose to raise your follower numbers using the services of HotDot.

5.     BuyTopLikes


Get your followers here if you are looking for a safe and easy payment process with cent percent no drop/unfollow rates. You can rest assured you will only be given real users with genuine profiles.

Every package here has clearly stated specifics about their delivery included. The company offers a clear money-back or refill guarantee within 30 days if any stated details remain unmet when the order is filled. You can get 50 followers here for under $3. The most significant package on offer provides 20,000 followers for under $300 within 25 days of order processing.

Whether you are new to Instagram or simply looking to tweak the Instagram algorithm in your favor by making a periodic investment, the followers bought here are sure to help you achieve your social media goals. You are also enhancing your virtual presence by posting high-quality content. Ordering here is easy. All you need is the IG username, an email, and a payment method ready before clicking the buy option on any package.

If you are using a credit card or debit card, you can choose from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover for making your payment. Alternatively, you can use Google or Apple Pay.

You can also use cryptocurrency as your preferred mode of payment. Each payment type has a different portal setup, so transaction processing time may vary depending on which payment mode you choose. BuyTopLikes has an excellent warranty system in place that honors any customer grievance.

6.     SocialsGrow


Moreover, their support is active 24/7 to help iron out any crinkles you may come by while placing or receiving an order. If you wonder how famous the company is and how genuine their services are, you can directly check out their live customer counter. Get in touch with the support to keep track of your order. Buying followers has never been so hassle-free as it is here!

It’s one more high-quality service that offers social recognition and online engagement, including cheap Instagram likes, comments, polls, saves, views, and followers. If you are looking for overall social growth for your IG account or any other social media account for that matter, you will be sure to find something that suits your needs as well as your budget here.

We like how clean the site’s layout is, making shopping an effortless experience for all buyers. You can get 10 followers for as little as £.069 delivered naturally within a day! The most extensive follower package available here provides 20,000 followers within the month. Like with most trusted companies, you do not need to divulge any personal information to purchase Instagram followers here. Payment is elementary and is processed through secure portals only. You can use any credit or debit card as the site accepts VISA, AmEx, Discover, and Mastercard.

The site also accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. In addition to warranties on refunds and refills, SocialsGrow has a unique 2week service guarantee in place. It makes you a priority customer and gives you the first right of assistance when you raise any query with customer support. The site does not explicitly mention the demographic distribution of followers provided in each package, but you can write in to enquire about the specifics of your particular order.

SocialsGrow has made a name for itself in the social media service industry for its top-quality and timely deliveries. So, you can rest assured that when you order here, you have your privacy protected, you are not doing anything illegal, and you will receive premium fans only.

Some Other Great Sites to Buy Instagram Followers from to Promote Your Pages (Including Your Instagram Account) on Social Media Platforms:

7.     GetViral.io

If you aim for a demographically diverse and inclusive followers’ package, shop here. Most are delivered within a day or two of order. Returning clients vouch they have little to complain about the services here.

8.     Growthoid.com

Get real Instagram profiles delivered to your IG profile using state-of-art AI technology. This site is excellent for buying social media users as the service tries to match profiles as closely as possible before delivering them to your Instagram page.

9.     Blastup

Get high-quality Instagram accounts at unbeatable prices without giving away passwords or making any registrations. Packages start at 100 followers for under $3 and go up to 1000 for $10.

10.  SocialBuddy

SocialBuddy assures real targeted IG users. You need to fill up a few questions about your niche, competitors, industry, and other details to avail of the advanced targeting benefits. A dedicated account manager makes the shopping experience an easy affair.

11.  Buycheapestfollowers.com

As the name suggests, this should be your one-stop-shop if you look for highly pocket-friendly service options. The incredible pricing does not mean the site will not deliver high-quality followers.

12.  Buzzoid.com

Another site with gradual delivery and great reviews. If you want real active Instagram followers to build a strong social media presence, you must check out the packages they offer here.

13.  Famups

This site will not fail you as an industry veteran in either quality or pricing of its follower packages. You are assured you will only buy real followers on Instagram here.

14.  InstaMama

Get customized service for low dirt prices here. InstaMama is a favorite for reliable and timely delivered services of all types. The followers you gain here will bring a definite boost to your IG brand value.

15.  Goread.io

This site has clearly stated policies on warranty, refills, delivery time, and payment choices. You can be confident they will not be filling your order with bots, although their prices are unbelievably low!

16.  Followers.io

A great site to buy followers that will enhance your overall IG growth. The company has excellent round-the-clock client support and accepts various payment modes.

17.  Krootez

Look no further if you need fast, reliable, and quality users on your friend list. Secure payments and the 24/7 support here are some of the best in the industry, especially if you wish to promote your Instagram marketing strategy.

18.  iDigic

Here is another excellent site that uses AI to provide only the best followers to your account. The superb customer support is an added boon that makes shopping here a delight.

19.  Famoid

Clients recommend this as one of the best sites to buy Instagram growth services. Pocket-friendly and secure, you are assured of only authentic followers as part of your delivery.

20.  Viralyft

They have been providing Instagram services for so long most Instagram influencers place Viralyft among their top recommendations for total follower packages. The site has an excellent customer care setup and is one of the most cost-effective websites in the field.

21.  Nitreo

Bring your Instagram page the competitive edge it needs over your peers by buying great quality followers here. There is a package to suit every budget here.

22.  MrInsta.com

Optimize your organic growth rate on the IG platform with a package from here. Getting targeted fans is a breeze with MrInsta.

23.  Stormlikes.net

Buy real Instagram followers here to get the proper social media growth. All followers are sourced from genuine IG users around the globe.

24.  Likes.io

Another place to buy premium friends at great prices. The site has a 30-day refund/refill policy on all packages.

25.  Instafollowers.co

Enhance your account with followers from around the globe. This site delivers what they state on the package, helping even a small business to grow big.

26.  Followerpackages.com

Returning customers recommend the services here for their top-notch quality, fast delivery, and authenticity. Pay with your credit card or use cryptocurrency, you are assured of risk-free investment.

27.  Socialbar.net

Another genuine and cheap service seller, buy Instagram followers here without worry of identity theft or being duped with fake followers.

28.  Kicksta

Shop here for quality fans at meager prices. If you are unsatisfied with what you get, the site has clearly stated refund policies in place too!

29.  Trollishly

Another site to buy the cheapest Instagram followers without compromising on quality, Trollishly also provides excellent customer services.

30.  Socialick

The site has many returning clients, a highly-recommended company for buying quality IG fans. Most customers shop here for services for other social media platforms too.

31.  Poprey.com

Shop here for growing brand value along with your follower count. Paid Instagram followers have never been so easy to obtain.

32.  Famousblast.com

Buy Instagram followers here if you need quick delivery of excellent service. Rest assured, you will get honest and active users when you buy fans here.

33.  Twicsy.co

Check this site for buying followers on Instagram if you want cheap, fast, and authentic accounts. They have a sound refund policy in place if you don’t get what you pay for.

34.  Viplikes.net

Choose from various packages with risk-free payment options and see your follower count increase within minutes of transaction acceptance.

35.  Socialpros.io

This site gives you quality followers for the perfect pricing with all privacy protocols in place. Need we say more?

A Quick Guide to Buying Real Instagram Followers

Now that you have a list of sellers at hand, it is time to narrow down what works for your business. To be able to do this here easily are a few key things you should be clear about:

Know Your Followers

Fake, real, and real&active followers: what do these terms mean? How do they affect my Instagram account differently?

Fake followers are, as the name suggests- not genuine Instagram accounts. They are bot services, and they are usually the cheapest because they aren’t real. However, do not be tempted by the price, as you are most likely to land yourself in trouble if you invest in this variety of social media services, including more Instagram likes and new followers. Like other social networking sites, the platform has strict policies in place against fake social signals. Your account can lose followers and even be banned, and you may land up in messy legal battles.

On the other hand, real followers are genuine Instagram profiles managed by real persons around the world. You do not violate any rules by using paid Instagram followers of this nature for your social media growth.

When a package promises only high-quality followers, it means you may or may not get any engagement from the followers added, although the accounts are genuine. You have only assured an increase in your follower count. It is legit to buy them, but you are not always assured of improved IG presence as a mere increase in follower counts without a corresponding increase in engagement rate reduces your visibility on the platform instead of increasing it.

Now, if the package you are interested in says real and active followers, then you can expect your new fans to interact with your Instagram posts and profile. This type of followers is the best investment as they bring overall social media growth to your Instagram account. On the flip side, they may also be more expensive than packages that only provide real followers.

If real followers I pay for are not necessarily active followers, what can I do to keep my engagement rate from dropping?

You can choose to use marketing tools and services to enhance your engagement rate organically, or you can purchase additional engagement packages. Most sites have a variety of services that add comments, likes, saves, and other signals to your page, and some even offer bundles that bring you two or more services. As with followers, if you choose to invest in paid signals, ensure you are not buying fake or bot services. As long as you receive genuine service, the Instagram algorithm will be triggered to bring you better visibility and reach.

How are targeted followers different from general followers?

A general follower is someone who follows your account without necessarily being interested in your content or niche. Such a fan is most likely to turn inactive or drop off from your follower list. If they remain on your account without actually interacting with your posts, they end up becoming a vanity metrics addition that works negatively for your visibility.

Targeted followers, on the other hand, are niche-specific audience members. They are most likely to interact with your account and have the most potential to convert into your customers or business partners (depending on the nature of your account and the kind of audience you are aiming your posts at).

Because real Instagram users care about who you are and what you post, having them on your profile means:

  • Better engagement rate,
  • More sales opportunities,
  • Increased traffic and conversions,
  • Effective creation of brand awareness.

What are organic followers? What do I do to get them?

Organic followers are another name for active Instagram followers. You can purchase Instagram followers from trusted services like the ones mentioned in the list above. However, gaining them naturally is always ideal for building brand presence. Here are a few things you can do to attract active organic fans:

  • Create an impressive and optimized IG Profile;
  • Plan your posts ahead of time;
  • Create and publish high-quality content;
  • Make use of trending hashtags, CTAs, and keyword-enriched captions;
  • Use Instagram analytics to understand what marketing tips and strategies are working best for you;
  • Communicate with your peer and target audience instead of merely advertising and selling your ware;
  • Engage with others to humanize your brand.

Once I decide to buy IG followers, is there anything I should do with my Instagram account to ensure I get the most out of the growing service investment?

Buying any paid signal is only a tiny part of marketing yourself. You must enhance your profile by paying attention to all aspects of growth optimization. Check the pointers already discussed for attracting organic followers above. These will help you make the best marketing decisions and build a solid online presence. In addition to this, be sure to keep your account public as no site can deliver paid signals on private accounts or posts.

I want to understand how my account benefits if I buy Instagram followers. What happens?

If you are trying to improve your Instagram presence, buying cheap Instagram followers can bring you several benefits. Firstly, a great follower count gives you social proof, which veers consumer psychology in your favor. When curious visitors see your Instagram profile full of active users, they are likely to check out if you have bots or genuine social media pages among your fans. The latter earns you trust and goodwill, which brings more traffic to your page. The more people interact and visit your content, the more followers you will attract organically. In other words, buying Instagram followers sets off a loop that works favorably for your account and brings it an enhanced presence.

Know Your Sellers

To ensure your chosen growth service is reliable, safe, and secure, look out for these 10 crucial trust signs:

  1. SSL security protocol. A trustworthy site’s URL begins with an “HTTPS”. SSL secured areas may have other certificates and symbols of assurance like a green lock in the URL bar or domain validation.
  2. TLD. A top-level domain includes .com, .org, .io, and such alternatives. A domain name can alert you to spam sites.
  3. Secure payment gateway. Most social media growth service sellers use a third party for processing payments, so the payment portals must have a security certification in addition to the SSL encryption of the host site.
  4. Clearly stated money-back/refill policies. A safe site will lay out all its terms and conditions, including conditions whereby consumers can claim refunds or refills.
  5. Genuine company details. You should be able to check the company’s contact information and essential background. It includes knowing when and where the company headquarters are officially registered.
  6. A clear “About Us” page. A trusted website will have a section or page that gives you all information at a glance. This includes any disclosures and disclaimers about their services as well.
  7. Proper customer support. An authentic business treats customers as kings and will ensure your shopping experience is seamless.
  8. Honest reviews in more places than their website. You should be able to conduct a background check on the company based on client reviews and testimony. A trusted company will have its brand reputation speaking for itself. They may even have embedded reviews and ratings.
  9. Industry certification and awards. A simple site will have its verification displayed prominently. It includes mentioning any industry recognition they may have received.
  10. Real-time user updates. The site might display a ticker or header that gives you an update on real-time purchases, reviews left, and client feedback. In addition, it may also let you access a personalized tracker for keeping a tab on your purchases.


How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

It depends on what type of followers you are investing in. If you take the sites listed here into consideration, on average, you can get 1000 high-quality followers for $10-15 approx.

How long does it take to see results?

Most sites start delivering orders within minutes of purchase. Usually, when you buy real followers on Instagram, they are offered in a drip fashion that mimics the natural increase of fans, so you are not likely to get the whole number delivered instantly. Your order can take anywhere between 24 hours to a week to get wholly sent, depending on the purchase size. You can, in most cases, track the delivery status via a particular link that is provided to you at the time of placing the order.

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, buying genuine social media accounts to boost your Instagram marketing is entirely safe and legit. It’s an excellent alternative to ordinary organic development strategies to boost your internet presence and make your content more visible on the explore page, attracting more Instagram followers.

How many followers to buy on Instagram so as not to arouse suspicion?

You can pay for followers on Instagram in any quantity you want. To avoid getting flagged for suspicious activity:

  1. Ensure that you are getting a drip delivery, especially if you order many followers.
  2. Keep in mind that the nature of followers added leads to suspicion.
  3. Always buy actual Instagram followers.

Can people find out if you buy Instagram followers?

No. A trusted site will ensure no way for anyone to discover you have bought IG followers unless you proclaim it yourself.

Will Instagram delete your account if you buy followers?

There is very little chance of this happening if you invest in legit followers. However, buying fake accounts can earn you a suspension or even a ban from the social media platform.

How many followers do you need before people buy from your Instagram shop?

You do not need a minimum number of followers to set up an Instagram shop, so you may be able to sell products the moment you set your shop up, even if you have zero followers. That said, having a good number of followers gives your shop credibility. In addition, if you have 10,000 followers, you can add swipe-up links into your IG Stories, which can help more people discover your shop.

Should I worry about Instagram terms and policy while buying Instagram followers?

If you are serious about using Instagram as a platform for brand building, it is always a good idea to keep yourself updated on their ever-changing terms and conditions. The platform has strict rules about bot activity but is okay with users buying real followers. So, you must be careful about what type of followers you are purchasing.

Can you get verified on Instagram if you buy followers?

You cannot pay for verification on IG. Once you apply to get verified, the platform has its way of passing your account. As long as you have no bot activity or fake accounts, buying followers does not hamper you from earning a verification badge from Instagram. The more followers you have, the better your social proof.

The Bottom Line

Pay for followers on Instagram only if you trust the seller and see its difference to your Instagram insights. Genuine followers will make social media marketing a more straightforward process. Regardless of whether they are paid Instagram followers or squired naturally, they are desired. Steer clear of fake and inactive accounts as these can impede your Instagram journey.




About the Author: Antonio Usurelu is an online marketing expert who helped thousands of businesses grow their presence on social networks.


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