5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Real & Cheap)

Antonio Usurelu 28/07/2023 | 09:35



The best site to buy Youtube likes, according to my independent test, is UseViral.com.







Getting likes on YouTube is hard…

It takes years of dedication …most people give up…

But did you know that there’s a solution?

You can buy YouTube likes.

I tested over 41 sites selling YouTube likes and compiled a guide of the top 10 websites below.


5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes

Here are the 5 best sites to buy YouTube likes.


1. UseViral


Buy Youtube Likes from UseViral.com


Score: 9.5/10


UseViral has earned a reputable position in the YouTube likes arena for delivering authentic likes from real users. 

Unlike services that resort to bots or fake accounts, UseViral fosters genuine engagement and meaningful interactions between viewers and content creators.

The likes provided by UseViral not only boost your videos’ engagement metrics but also signal to YouTube’s algorithms that viewers value your content. 

This can lead to improved video rankings and increased visibility, ultimately contributing to your channel’s growth and success.



  • Genuine and real YouTube likes from real users
  • The safe and secure delivery process
  • Enhances video rankings and visibility



  • Prices might be higher compared to some other services


For more info, visit UseViral.com.




2. SidesMedia


Buy Youtube Likes from SidesMedia.com


Score: 9.3/10


SidesMedia is dedicated to delivering high-quality YouTube likes that resonate deeply with your content and audience. 

These likes are carefully curated to enhance the overall appeal of your videos, making them more enticing to potential viewers.

One of the significant strengths of SidesMedia is its quick delivery, allowing you to experience an immediate boost in engagement on your videos. 

This rapid increase in likes can create crucial momentum, attracting more viewers and encouraging organic engagement from the broader YouTube community.



  • High-quality and real YouTube likes
  • Fast delivery for immediate impact
  • 24/7 customer support



  • Limited targeting options


For more info, visit SidesMedia.com.



3. Growthoid



Score: 8.9/10


Growthoid sets itself apart by offering content creators genuine likes from real YouTube users, promoting meaningful interactions, and fostering a vibrant and engaged community around their channels.

On this website, you can also Buy Youtube Views Cheap.

It’s also possible to Buy Youtube Subscribers Cheap.

And you can also Buy Comments on Youtube.

The platform’s timely delivery ensures that creators can witness the impact of these interactions promptly, making it an effective strategy for enhancing channel engagement. 

Moreover, Growthoid allows for customizing likes based on content, niche, and audience preferences, enabling creators to tailor engagements to suit their unique style and brand persona.



  • Organic and authentic likes from real users
  • Advanced targeting for better audience reach
  • No bots or fake accounts



  • Service might be on the pricier side


For more info, visit Growthoid.com.




4. SocialPros


Score: 8.3/10


SocialPros is a leading and trusted service for content creators seeking to boost their YouTube engagement through like buying. 

With a straightforward and highly effective approach, SocialPros delivers genuine likes from active YouTube users, creating a dynamic and authentic interaction with your videos.

One of the critical strengths of SocialPros lies in its commitment to providing real interactions. These likes come from genuine YouTube users actively engaging with content, ensuring that the engagements you receive are credible and resonate with your audience. 

This authenticity not only enhances the credibility of your channel but also signals to YouTube’s algorithms that your content is valued by viewers, potentially leading to improved video rankings and increased visibility.



  • Genuine likes from active users
  • Flexible packages to suit different needs
  • Timely delivery for immediate impact



  • Limited customization options for likes




5. SocialPackages


Score: 7.9/10


SocialPackages has carved a niche in the likes buying landscape as a reputable and reliable service dedicated to delivering high-quality likes from real YouTube users. 

With a firm commitment to authenticity and credibility, SocialPackages ensures that the interactions creators receive resonate with their content and contribute positively to their channel’s growth.

One of the standout features of SocialPackages is its emphasis on customization and personalization. 

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, SocialPackages allows content creators to tailor the purchased likes to align perfectly with their content and brand identity. 

This level of customization adds a personal touch to the engagements and fosters more meaningful and relevant interactions with viewers. 

By curating likes that reflect the unique style and perspective of the channel, creators can establish a deeper connection with their audience and cultivate a loyal and engaged subscriber base.




  • High-quality likes from real YouTube users
  • Customizable likes for better relevance
  • Competitive pricing



  • Delivery speed might vary based on the demand




6. Famups


Score: 7.5/10


Famups sets itself apart in like-buying services by offering content creators an exceptional and genuine experience. 

With a keen focus on providing real likes from authentic YouTube users, Famups is dedicated to enhancing a channel’s interactivity and fostering a dynamic and engaged community of viewers.

Their commitment to timely delivery ensures that creators can witness the immediate impact of these interactions, making Famups a highly effective and efficient strategy for boosting engagement on videos and elevating the overall performance of a YouTube channel.



  • Organic likes from real users
  • Competitive prices and various package options
  • User-friendly interface



  • Results may take a bit longer to manifest compared to some competitors




7. YTPals


Score: 7.3/10


YTPals takes pride in its secure and confidential approach to like buying, recognizing the paramount importance of safeguarding your channel’s reputation. 

With YTPals, content creators can rest assured that their interactions remain genuine and credible, as the service provides likes from active YouTube accounts.




  • Real and credible likes from active accounts
  • Secure and confidential service
  • Additional YouTube growth services are available



  • Limited information on targeting options




8. StormViews


Score: 7.1/10


StormViews has established a stellar reputation in the like buying realm for its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality likes from authentic YouTube users. 

The platform’s focus on quality ensures that content creators receive interactions that resonate deeply with their content and audience, adding value to their videos and channel.




  • High-quality likes from real users
  • Fast delivery to boost engagement
  • 24/7 customer support



  • Slightly higher prices compared to some competitors




9. GetRealBoost


Score: 6.9/10


GetRealBoost prides itself on providing content creators with an exceptional and genuine experience through its like buying service. 

With a firm commitment to authenticity and credibility, GetRealBoost ensures that all interactions are from real YouTube users, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment around your channel.



  • Genuine likes from real YouTube users
  • Timely delivery for immediate impact
  • Customizable likes based on content



  • Limited information on the delivery process




10. Venium


Score: 6.5/10


Venium emerges as a commendable like buying service dedicated to providing content creators with real and relevant likes from active YouTube accounts. 

Their commitment to affordability makes high-quality like buying accessible to creators on a budget.



  • Real and relevant likes from active accounts
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Easy-to-use platform



  • It may not offer as many targeting options as some competitors




Advantages of Buying YouTube Likes

  • Accelerated Channel Growth: Buying cheap YouTube likes can jumpstart your channel’s growth by providing an initial boost in engagement. Increased likes on your videos make them more likely to attract organic views and interactions, leading to a positive feedback loop of engagement.
  • Enhanced Credibility and Social Proof: Videos with more likes create a perception of credibility and social proof. Viewers are more likely to trust and engage with content that has garnered appreciation from others, increasing the likelihood of them watching, liking, and sharing your videos.
  • Improved Video Rankings: When determining video rankings, YouTube’s algorithm considers engagement metrics, including likes. More likes can lead to higher rankings in search results and suggested videos, increasing your video’s visibility and reach.
  • Increased Viewer Engagement: Liked videos often encourage viewers to leave comments, sparking discussions and fostering community around your YouTube channel. Engaged viewers are likelier to subscribe, share your videos, and watch more of your content.
  • Time-Efficient Strategy: Buying likes provides a quick and efficient way to kickstart engagement on your videos without waiting for organic growth. It allows you to focus on creating valuable content and other aspects of YouTube channel management.
  • Targeted Audience Reach: Some like-buying services offer targeting options, allowing you to reach a specific audience based on niche, location, or interests. Targeted likes attract viewers who are genuinely interested in your content, increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions.
  • Positive Impact on Monetization: A higher engagement rate, including likes, can improve your channel’s eligibility for YouTube’s Partner Program. Increased engagement also means higher potential ad revenue and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Boosted Video Visibility: Liked videos have a better chance of appearing on YouTube’s homepage, trending pages, and suggested videos sections. Increased visibility exposes your content to a broader audience, leading to more subscribers and views.
  • Psychological Influence on Viewers: People are often influenced by the popularity of content. More likes can attract curious viewers who want to see why others like the video. The perception of favor and positive reception can encourage viewers to engage and interact with your content.
  • Competitive Edge: In a competitive YouTube landscape, buying likes can give your videos a competitive edge. More likes make your channel more appealing to potential viewers and collaborators, distinguishing it from others in your niche.


Things to Consider When Buying YouTube Likes

  • Provider Reputation and Reviews: Research the reputation of the like-buying service before purchasing. Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of other users. Choose providers with a track record of delivering authentic likes from real users.
  • The authenticity of Likes: Ensure that the likes offered are from genuine YouTube accounts and are not generated by bots or fake accounts. Authentic likes are more valuable for engagement and can positively impact your video’s credibility.
  • Delivery Speed and Drip-Feeding Options: Consider the delivery speed of the likes and whether the provider offers a drip-feeding option. Drip-feeding spreads out the likes over a period, mimicking natural growth and reducing the risk of suspicion from YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Targeting and Customization Options: Check if the service offers targeting options based on niche, location, or interests. Customization allows you to tailor the likes to suit your content and target audience, increasing relevance and engagement.
  • Safety and Compliance with YouTube’s Policies: Ensure that the like-buying service complies with YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines. Avoid providers that engage in unethical practices, as it can lead to penalties or even channel termination.
  • Customer Support and Refund Policies: Look for providers with responsive customer support to address any issues or queries. Check if the service offers a refund policy in case of unsatisfactory results or non-delivery of likes.
  • Value for Money: Compare pricing and features across different providers to find the best value for your investment. Avoid overly cheap services that may compromise on authenticity or quality.
  • Balancing Bought Likes with Organic Growth: Recognize that buying likes should complement your organic growth strategy, not replace it. Focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience to attract genuine engagement.
  • Long-Term Impact and Sustainability: Consider the long-term impact of bought likes on your channel’s growth and reputation. Aim for sustained engagement and development by consistently providing valuable content and engaging your audience.
  • Ethical Considerations: Reflect on the ethical implications of buying likes and how it aligns with your values as a content creator. Use bought likes responsibly and transparently, ensuring your audience understands the nature of your engagement strategies.


The Power of YouTube Likes

YouTube likes play a crucial role in channel growth, signaling to both viewers and YouTube’s algorithms that your content is valuable and engaging. 

Buying YouTube likes can accelerate your channel’s success by increasing engagement metrics, attracting more viewers, and encouraging organic engagement from a wider audience.

Selecting the Right Like Buying Service for Your Channel

When choosing a like buying service, it’s essential to consider factors such as the quality of likes, authenticity of the user base, delivery speed, and customer support. 

Reputable providers like UseViral, SidesMedia, and Growthoid offer authentic likes from genuine users, ensuring that the likes contribute positively to your channel’s credibility and reputation.

Effectively Measure the Impact of Bought YouTube Likes

To gauge the effectiveness of bought YouTube likes, monitor relevant metrics such as the increase in likes, changes in engagement rates, and overall growth in subscriber count. 

Keep in mind that like buying should be part of a comprehensive YouTube growth strategy that includes creating high-quality content, optimizing metadata, and promoting videos through various channels.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying YouTube Likes Safe for My Channel?

Purchasing YouTube likes can be a safe and effective strategy if you opt for reputable services that deliver real likes from genuine users. 

The key is to avoid providers that engage in unethical practices, such as using bots or fake accounts to generate likes. 

When you choose a trustworthy YouTube likes service like UseViral, SidesMedia, or Growthoid, you can be confident that the likes you receive are from real users with authentic YouTube accounts. 

These services prioritize organic engagement, ensuring that the interactions contribute positively to your channel’s integrity and reputation.

How Can I Choose the Right Package for My Channel?

Selecting the right like buying package depends on various factors that align with your channel’s specific needs and goals. 

Consider your budget, the number of likes you want to receive, your target audience’s preferences, and the level of customization you desire. 

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose a package that aligns with your requirements and maximizes the value of your investment in like-buying services.

Will Buying YouTube Likes Lead to Real Engagement?

Buying YouTube likes can be an effective way to jumpstart engagement on your videos. The purchased likes can prompt other viewers to like your content, leading to more genuine interactions and discussions. 

However, it’s crucial to understand that like buying alone cannot guarantee sustained and meaningful engagement. 

To foster real engagement, combine like buying with organic growth methods such as creating compelling content, encouraging viewers to interact through calls to action, and actively responding to comments.

Are There Any Risks of Getting Bots or Fake Likes?

Yes, there are inherent risks associated with using like buying services that employ bots or generate fake interactions. 

YouTube’s algorithms are sophisticated and can detect artificial likes. If your channel is found to engage in such practices, it may face penalties, a loss of credibility, or even termination. 

Always opt for services guaranteeing genuine interactions to safeguard your channel’s integrity and reputation.

Can Buying YouTube Likes Help Improve My Video Rankings?

Yes, increased engagement, including likes, can positively impact your video rankings on YouTube. YouTube’s algorithms consider these metrics when determining a video’s relevance, popularity, and overall value to viewers. 

Like buying can promote your videos to a broader audience, potentially increasing views and attracting more genuine interactions. 

However, it’s essential to complement like buying with a robust SEO and content strategy to achieve sustained growth and visibility on the platform.




Utilizing these top sites to purchase YouTube likes can be a powerful tool to enhance your channel’s credibility, engagement, and visibility. 

Reputable providers like UseViral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, and others offer genuine and authentic likes from real users, contributing to your channel’s success without compromising integrity. 

However, remember that like buying should be part of a comprehensive growth strategy that includes creating valuable content and engaging with your audience organically.




About the Author: Antonio Usurelu is an online marketing expert who helped thousands of businesses grow their presence on social networks.


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