Artificial Intelligence elevates Call Center Omnichannel services in 2023

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 10/04/2023 | 14:18

Artificial Intelligence is changing the entire world today, including the way companies are communicating with their clients, giving the necessary support through Call Center services.


In recent years, of the most significant advancements has been the shift towards Omnichannel Call Centers that can seamlessly integrate with various communication channels, from classic phone calls, text messages, to webchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Today companies are investing in innovative technologies to elevate the quality of their customer service and Daktela is at the forefront of these efforts.

Now, with rapid AI development, Call Center Omnichannel support is more effective than ever. Daktela is a leading provider of cloud-based Contact Center solutions, offering a range of services designed to enhance the customer experience. The company has introduced several new tech trends that are transforming the Call Center industry and elevating the quality of Omnichannel Customer Service.


AI Agent

Daktela’s AI Agent is a game-changer in the Call Center industry, as it enables companies to automate customer service to a great extent. The AI-powered chatbot is capable of handling customer queries, providing solutions and resolving issues, without the need for human intervention. The AI Agent uses natural language processing to understand customer requests and can provide personalized responses based on the customer’s history with the company. This technology not only reduces call volumes but also enhances the customer experience by providing 24/7 support. By automating routine queries, the AI Agent allows human agents to focus on more complex issues, thus improving their productivity and efficiency.


Answering Machine Detection

Daktela AMD is an answering machine detection technology that uses artificial intelligence to determine whether an incoming call is to be answered by a human or by an answering machine. Daktela AMD uses machine learning algorithms and speech recognition technology to analyze various factors such as the sound of the ringtone, the length of the ringtone and the voice patterns of the caller.  This information is then used to accurately determine whether a person or an answering machine will answer the call. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Daktela AMD provides a more accurate and efficient way to select the type of device receiving a call, allowing organizations to optimize their Contact Center operations and improve the Customer Experience. This is an ideal tool, especially for outbound predictive campaigns. The reliability of the Daktela AMD tool is extremely high and exceeds 90%.


Workforce Optimization

Daktela’s Workforce Optimization solution is designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of Call Center agents. The solution includes workforce management, quality management, and performance management tools that provide agents with real-time insights and feedback. The workforce management tool helps managers to schedule agents effectively, based on call volume and agent availability. The quality management tool provides agents with feedback on their performance and identifies areas for improvement. The performance management tool helps managers to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and incentivizes agents to perform better. By improving agent productivity and efficiency, the Workforce Optimization solution helps companies to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience.



Daktela’s Intelligence solution leverages data analytics and machine learning to provide valuable insights into customer behavior. The system collects and analyzes data from various sources, such as social media, call recordings and chat logs, to identify patterns and trends and, therefore, improve your communication and customer care. This technology helps companies to make data-driven decisions and enhance the customer experience. For example, companies can use the data collected by the Intelligence solution to identify common issues that customers face and proactively address them.



Daktela’s Hub solution is a unified platform that allows call center agents to handle all customer interactions, including phone calls, emails, chats, and social media, in one place. The solution provides a 360-degree view of customer interactions, enabling agents to provide personalized and efficient support. This technology improves customer satisfaction and reduces response times. By providing agents with a unified platform, the Hub solution also improves agent productivity and reduces the risk of errors.

“Daktela’s solutions are transforming the Call Center services by providing innovative technologies that enhance the customer experience, improve agent productivity, and reduce costs. By adopting these technologies, companies gain a competitive edge in today’s market and provide exceptional customer service. The AI Agent, Answering Machine Detection, Workforce Optimization, Intelligence, and Hub solutions, used by Daktela, are some of the key tech trends that are shaping the future of call centers.” – Mihai Nica, Country Manager.

With a value of more than 11 million euros, Daktela Global is on its way to become one of the main players in the European Call Center software market. We offer you the opportunity to test the functionality of the software by accessing a Free Demo for 14 days and find out why more than 1000 clients are choosing us on a daily basis:

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