Average listing prices of Romanian flats went up 1.5 percent in May

Ovidiu Posirca 07/06/2018 | 11:02

The medium listing prices for apartments in Romania reached EUR 1,215/sqm in May, according to real estate portal imobiliare.ro. The medium listing price went up 1.5 percent compared with April.

Interestingly, in Iasi, medium prices asked by owners exceeded EUR 1,000/sqm.

In Bucharest, medium listing prices for apartments went up with 1 percent last month, 0.7 percent for old apartments, and 1.2 percent for new ones, from EUR 1,372/sqm, to EUR 1,389/sqm.

In the country center, in Brasov, medium listing price grew with 0.5 percent, to EUR 1,048/sqm. Old flats listing price increased with 0.2 percent, and new ones appreciated by 0.8 percent to EUR 1,054/sqm.

In Cluj-Napoca, the most expensive city in the country, medium listing prices rose by 1.2 percent to EUR 1,523/sqm. The old and new components of the market developed in different paces. The apartments listing prices increased with 2.2 percent, to EUR 1,592/sqm, while old flats listing prices rose with 0.5 percent, to EUR 1,559/sqm.

Iasi apartments prices up 5 percent up in the last month

According to imobiliare.ro index, the medium listing price of Iasi residential units gain 5 percent, to EUR 1,015/sqm.

Old flats listing prices went up with 2.8 percent, to EUR 984/sqm, and new flats listing prices gain a record 5.8 percent to EUR 1,029/sqm.

In Constanta, prices grew by 2.1 percent to EUR 1,147/sqm.

Old flats listing prices went 2 percent up, to EUR 1,145/sqm, while new flats owner asking prices gained 2.2 percent, to EUR 1,152/sqm.

Finally, for Timisoara imobiliare.ro index recorded a 1.6 percent growth for medium listing prices, to EUR 1,201/sqm.

New flats listing prices gain 1.3 percent, to EUR 1,184/sqm.


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