Cris-Tim Group continues to provide support through “Prețuieşte Viața” Foundation, this time donating food to the people who are on the front line in Covid-19 fight

Newsroom 01/04/2020 | 15:40

On Friday, March 28th, the second humanitarian convoy left simultaneously from Bucharest, Brașov, Ploiești, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Constanța, Galați and Iași to reach, through Red Cross and the Emergency Situations Inspectorate, the people who are on the front line in Covid-19 fight and to other vulnerable people.


We continue to support Andreea Marin and “Prețuieşte Viața” Foundation to help the people who need us and what we can offer during this period, thus we donated over 22,000 packages with Cris-Tim Clean Label products (ham, salami, sausages), over 11,000 milk products from Mugura brand (yogurt, sana, kefir), as well as 1000 pieces of Ready Meal products, Bunătați brand (schnitzel, grilled chicken, beaten beans). Compared to the first edition, the donated quantity was supplemented in order to cover as many cities as possible.

Radu Timiș Junior, Cris-Tim CEO has stated: “In this critical times, when all of us are affected, I am grateful to see that so many companies are using their resources to help  people who are most in need – vulnerable persons and persons on the front line in Covid-19 fight. We, the Cris-Tim Group, will continue to be a support in this fight and we will continue to make donations. We believe that solidarity and compassion are two key-aspects that we all need to show – from simple human beings to companies and other institutions – in order to be able to rely on one another, so that together we can continue the struggle to overcome this difficult times and to create prosperity.


All the donated products have been transported to the collection points in maximum safety conditions, using special hygienic machines, from our own fleet, and the drivers who operated these transports were also provided with gloves and protective masks, for the entire duration of this action.

Since the beginning of this situation, within Cris-Tim Group, an internal crisis team was assigned to be responsible for the protection and prevention measures against Covid-19. Even before the emergency situation, the vision of Cris-Tim founder was to continuously invest in innovative technologies, in order to secure 100 % the industrial processes of Cris-Tim products, in terms of quality and food safety, so that quality to be at the highest level.

The working environment from Cris-Tim production plants is permanently enriched by ozone stations, a substance that guarantees the preparation of products in fresh air, destroying microbes and viruses in the air. Thus, the production processes in all the companies of the group continue under full security conditions, which allows us to ensure also the continuity of delivering products to the food stores and supporting actions for those in need.

At Cris-Tim, at the end of the technological flow, an additional level of safety is ensured, through a modern hygiene system, which uses the ultraviolet lamps technology and is applied on the packaging line. The use of ozonation and ultraviolet brings the advantage of inactivating pathogenic micro-organisms, so the use of chemicals for disinfection is successfully replaced.

The Cris-Tim Group also congratulates the involvement of AquaVia, Top Line Romania, Olympus, Avon Romania, Starbucks and Secom Romania for this cause. Together we are stronger!

In order to continue the support of “Prețuiește Viața” Foundation, we encourage donations to purchase the supplies, equipment or products that are urged for vulnerable categories of people, doctors, front-line medical personnel, or medical / care facilities for the chronically- ill or elderly people.


SMS donations:

2 euros donation by SMS at 8825, free of charge, in the following networks: Digi Mobil, Vodafone, Telekom Romania Mobile, Orange.


Donations via bank account:

RON Account: RO29BRDE445SV95792894450

USD Account: RO72BRDE445SV95793004450

EUR Account: RO63BRDE445SV95793184450

Beneficiary: Fundația Prețuiește Viața

Bank: BRD Dorobanți


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