NEXO Group: Demand for complete zero-consumption systems and installations up by around 50%

Aurel Constantin 03/07/2024 | 15:41

More and more Romanians want to live in energy-efficient houses, with an energy consumption reduced by at least 50% compared to the classic consumption or even to zero, due to climate changes and utility bills in recent years. In this context, there is a reorientation of the real estate market towards the development of new residential complexes of apartments and villas with as low energy consumption as possible, in some cases energy independent. At the same time, the market for green building installations is booming, with an increase of over 100% for photovoltaic installations and over 50% for heat pumps. These, as well as other equipment, ensure zero or almost zero energy consumption, and the demand is growing even from Romanians who live in already built houses, according to data from NEXO Group, one of the main real estate development and installation companies for constructions.


“We see a massive orientation of Romanians towards methods of reducing energy consumption. More and more residents of urban or rural areas are investing in energy installations to transform their homes into energy-efficient homes, in more and more cases with near-zero energy consumption. If previously Romanians only wanted to install solar panels, in the last year there is a strong tendency to equip homes with complete and intelligent systems to cover most of the energy needs. Over 30% of Romanians opt for the integration of these renewable energy technologies – photovoltaic systems, heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water, even batteries for storing electricity. At the same time, in addition to a high interest from Romanian individuals, we observe a significant change, with an increased interest from legal entities and developers of real estate projects. This reflects a general trend towards sustainable and efficient energy solutions“, says Sorin Lăpădatu, founder of NEXO Group.

How much does the installation cost for a zero energy house

Romanians prefer to use efficient and intelligent technologies for the almost total reduction of energy consumption, which include complete installations: photovoltaic panels, heat pumps that use thermal energy from the air, water or soil to heat and cool spaces, and advanced thermal insulation systems , which reduce the need for heating or cooling, keeping the interior temperature constant, according to NEXO Group.

The demand for this type of solutions is high for houses or villas in metropolitan areas such as Bucharest and Ilfov, but also in large and medium-sized cities and the suburban areas of Cluj, Iași or Timișoara. There is also an emerging interest in the rural environment in counties such as Bacău, Giurgiu, Ialomița, Prahova or Argeș, where low land costs allow greater investment in ecological technologies.

The costs for equipping homes with green energy installations vary depending on the amount of kilowatts chosen or the need for energy independence. For example, for an installation system of solar panels, heat pumps, batteries and labor, for a one-story house with an area of ​​200 sqm, the total cost varies from 20,000 euros (6 Kw) to cover consumption during the day at 35,000 euros for 10 Kw which covers the requirements for energy independence and, implicitly, zero energy consumption.

Romanians, increasingly eager to reduce dependence on traditional energy suppliers

By equipping homes with these complete systems, Romanians reduce their dependence on the national electricity and gas grid. Combining solar panels with air-water or ground-water heat pumps is a popular solution on the market both for Romanians who live in houses in the city and for those who live in the countryside because it maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes costs.

“Romanians want more and more energy independence, given the increased interest in energy storage batteries, with demand increasing by over 100% in the last two years compared to previous years. These batteries ensure total independence from the grid, providing protection against price fluctuations and ensuring a constant supply of energy. It is a clear sign of consumers’ desire to better manage their energy consumption and reduce dependence on traditional suppliers. The demand for heat pumps and energy storage solutions is particularly high in the residential sector, especially for individual houses and housing complexes. Heat pumps are extremely popular in newly built villas, where their percentage can reach 50%-70% of new constructions, being designed from the beginning with solutions to reduce energy consumption or zero energy consumption. Some of these will be located in Pipera, where we started the construction of the NEXO Nature project that integrates 14 villas with advanced technologies that transform them into smart and energy-independent houses, with a value of 10 million euros. We observe an accelerating trend for the development of energy-independent homes, as more and more owners and developers begin to adopt these innovative technologies”, explains Sorin Lăpădatu, founder of NEXO Group.

Another positive aspect of this increase in demand is the drop in equipment prices. As the adoption rate increases, manufacturing processes become more efficient, leading to lower costs. This makes energy independence technologies more accessible to a greater number of consumers and developers.

High interest in green energy and on the block of flats

At the same time, interest in installations that reduce energy consumption is also increasing on the part of Romanians who live in block apartments. In the case of already built blocks, a partial, but not total, reduction in energy consumption can be achieved by using heat pumps, but not solar panels and energy storage batteries. For example, for an apartment with a usable area of ​​60-80 sqm, the energy requirement can be covered with 6 kw thermal heat pumps, whose purchase and installation cost is around 6,000 euros.

Block dwellers have limited options due to spatial and architectural constraints, but in addition to installing heat pumps, they can opt for energy-efficient lighting systems, smart thermostats for better heat management, and replacing old windows with ones that provide insulation superior thermal.

“Currently, there are blocks in which heat pumps and energy efficiency technologies are implemented for energy consumption reduced by up to 50% compared to classic systems, constructions developed both by NEXO Group in the Timpuri Noi area of ​​Bucharest, and by other developer partners with whom we collaborate. Real estate developers are increasingly interested in incorporating modern technologies for green home construction. New apartment blocks and neighborhoods are often designed with energy-saving systems, attracting buyers conscious of the environmental impact and long-term benefits of energy efficiency. As energy costs continue to rise and legislation becomes more stringent on energy efficiency, so will the trend to develop new energy efficient blocks of flats or houses. Homeowners and property developers are investing in green technologies and sustainable building materials, both to provide energy-efficient homes and to help protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. This is not just a momentary trend, but a fundamental change in the way we think and build the homes of the future, for a sustainable and harmonious lifestyle”, adds Sorin Lăpădatu, founder of NEXO Group.

According to the company, the Romanian market is increasingly adopting ecological solutions and technologies for green houses. Thus, NEXO Group is one of the pioneers of the new wave of change in the real estate market by developing completely energy-independent housing complexes or individual green houses on demand. For their development, the company introduced to the market and uses modern solutions such as high-performance insulation systems, triple-glazed windows, solar panels, heat pumps, ventilation systems with heat recovery, ceiling cooling systems, but also the application of specialized techniques or materials to ensure the waterproofing or insulation of building elements against external factors such as water, air, wind, dust or noise. All this contributes to the creation of homes that are not only environmentally friendly, but also very energy efficient.


NEXO Group plans new investments to transform the real estate market in Romania through innovation and sustainability. The company continues to develop and implement advanced solutions that respond to current and future market requirements, so that more and more homes in Romania are prepared to avoid a future with higher electricity and gas bills, thus facing the legislative pressure to use more and more green energy for a cleaner environment.

NEXO Group is a leader in providing ecological solutions and technologies for the construction of green houses in Romania. With a diversified portfolio and a team of dedicated experts, NEXO Group is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the real estate market by offering high-quality products and services that promote energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Established in 2011, NEXO Group consists of NEXO Instalconstruct and NEXO Imobiliare, offering complete construction and installation solutions for houses with low running costs. The company specializes in complex real estate projects and individual homes, using modern technologies to ensure the energy independence of homes.

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