Rabla for Appliances started the 2019 edition

Aurel Dragan 27/05/2019 | 11:52

Altex is participating this year also in the Rabla Program for Appliances, funded by the Environment Ministry through the Environment Fund Administration, supporting the replacement of worn-out electrical and electronic equipment with some more energy efficient ones. Flanco is also a part of the program among other retailers.

Altex enables customers to buy their preferred high energy performance products included in the program (TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, refrigerators, freezers, freezers, dishwashers and air conditioners, including portable air-conditioners), benefiting from offers and at the same time lowering the final value of the voucher program:

“For example, with only RON 299.9, customers can buy Altex Vectex LEDs with 81 cm diagonal A+, within the available stock, benefiting from our promotions and voucher under the Program,” explains Edvin Abdulachim, Altex Commercial Director Romania.

Eligible customers according to the Program Guide who have entered correctly in the IT application will receive a confirmation message, a unique registration number, and a unique access code for sign-up to be sent to the store’s representative when purchasing the appliance.

“Although sign-up to the program is simple and at the fingertips of any customer in the IT application, our store consultants will support customers who need it by providing access to the Program guide and clarification so that customers correctly insert the required information into the application,” adds Abdulachim.

Customers enrolled in the program will benefit from Altex bids, lowering the value of the voucher from the final price in the invoice of the merchandise price to VAT in exchange for handing over of an equivalent used equipment. Take-over of used equipment is free of charge, with a 1: 1 exchange in the same product category, except for dishwashers for which any other appliance in the program can be handed over. Чтобы в Вулкан 24 казино играть на видеослотах с выводом денег, нужно не забывать о прибыльных стратегиях и надеяться на свое чутье. Даже зная параметры вероятности, коэффициенты или показатели волатильности невозможно получить стопроцентный результат. Только Удача помогает выигрывать.

Products included in the Program

Vouchers are granted by the Ministry of Environment through the Environmental Fund Administration for the purchase of energy-efficient household and electrical household appliances ranging from 200 to 400 lei, depending on the type of appliance purchased:

  • 200 lei for A++ energy-efficient washing machines and for energy efficient TV sets A;
  • 300 lei for A+++ energy-efficient washing machines, A++ energy-efficient dishwashers and for the A++ refrigerators / freezers / freezer / freezers with energy efficiency;
  • 400 lei for A+++ energy-efficient dishwashers for air conditioners including portable air-conditioning units with energy-efficient cooling (A+++ / A++) and for refrigerators / refrigerators / freezers / freezers with efficiency energy A+++ and A+++ and A+++ energy-efficient TV sets.

The vouchers are valid for 15 days from the issue and can be used at Altex stores at any time. The energy efficiency of approved equipment can only be changed from a higher energy class to a lower energy class, until the voucher is used, with the corresponding change in values.

In order to help and guide clients, Altex provides a Program Guide on its website www.altex.ro, where all the necessary steps are available to benefit from the discount voucher.

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