3 Business Tips For Aligning Sales And Marketing Efforts

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 20/06/2021 | 13:27

In the past, sales and marketing departments worked separately, having different heads, responsibilities, and objectives. For instance, the product promotion team may have been tasked with performing customer research, creating advertising material, and generating prospects. The sales group, on the other hand, ensured the conversion of leads into customers. They also were responsible for client retention and business growth. 


Today, this trend is gradually changing. Companies are now aligning sales and marketing contributions to enhance productivity and profitability. This means the two groups work together with improved communication, collaboration, transparency, and efficiency. Also, the objectives and goals of these two teams are similar. As one department, the overall mission is to capture more customers, retain them, and ensure more revenue is generated.  


Roles Of Marketing And Sales

Marketing and sales alignment could fail if proper measures aren’t considered. For instance, by not assigning responsibilities for each team, quarrels may be frequent. As a result, valuable resources like money and time could be wasted, and business opportunities may be lost. Additionally, if efficient collaboration isn’t ensured, each group may rely on themselves, which may not be productive. For instance, the marketing team may fail to consider data from the sales division. As a result, their promotion efforts may go wrong if they aren’t aware of what advertising methods may be generating more leads. 

On the other hand, the sales team may fail in their actions if they don’t consider data from the marketing group. For example, when selling a product, they may not know what customers truly want, and their efforts may be futile. Therefore, management must ensure appropriate measures are incorporated to enhance collaboration and productivity for these two divisions. 


Enhancing Sales And Marketing Alignment

To solve any existing issues between the groups, a leader must first isolate the problems and then handle them one at a time. By doing this, they can quickly identify what’s hindering growth and develop a valuable solution to help better the marketing team and improve sales performance.

If you’re looking to enhance productivity by aligning the efforts of these two teams, this article could be of great help. Below are three steps you could take:


  1. Ensure Both Share Similar Goals

The main goal for aligning sales and marketing groups for most companies may be revenue generation. Therefore, a leader must ensure the two groups are working towards this. That being so, a firm may have specific objectives for such a collaborative team. For example, the organisation may be looking to launch a new product in the market. Team leaders must communicate the expected outcomes and make sure all members work towards the same goals.  

In most cases, the two divisions may have varying views on different objectives. For example, if the company wants to debut a new product, the marketing team may aim to generate as many leads as possible. On the other hand, the sales groups may be looking to convert as many prospects as they can. 

Therefore, a leader must unify these objectives and come up with similar goals. Additionally, they must ensure all members understand these goals and work together towards achieving them. By doing this, collaboration can be enhanced and productivity could be increased.  


  1. Clarify The Roles 

If both groups don’t have clear roles, it may cause conflict and animosity between individuals. Therefore, team heads should see to it that each group knows their responsibilities in any project. To do this, a leader could first understand what needs to be done. After, they should identify the weaknesses and strengths of each team and determine which group fits what role. After establishing this, they can now assign tasks to each of them.

If everyone knows what to do, there may be fewer conflicts, and creativity can be enhanced as every person wants to do their job better. Apart from that, it can be easier for the teams to track progress. Additionally, if there’s an underachieving group, they can discuss what issues hinder productivity and identify how to improve their performance. Overall, greater results can be attained and it can be easier to accomplish the set goals.


  1. Have Regular Communication

Lack of communication is a significant factor causing sales and marketing misalignment. Therefore, consider regular meetings to discuss goals, review performance, and build rapport between the two groups.

To enhance communication between them, provide a channel where both can interact. This platform could be used to share information and also track progress on projects. 




Sales and marketing alignment can be quite beneficial to a company as it could help enhance productivity and profitability if proper measures are put into place. Some of the steps team leaders could take to ensure more excellent results are achieved through the collaboration of these two groups are outlined above. 

For instance, the heads could clarify roles for each team to ensure minimal conflicts. Also, the two could work towards similar goals to enhance collaboration. Lastly, regular communication should be guaranteed to track progress on projects and ensure the achievement of set goals.

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