#ESS2020 | Alice Nichita (ARAM): “Our keystone is represented by an efficient waste collection system, which would lead to a better rate of recycling”

Mihai Cristea 15/06/2020 | 16:26

The Environmental & Sustainability Summit held on World Environment Day (June 5), featured a very important speaker in the person of Alice Nichita, President of the Romanian Association for Packaging and Environment (ARAM).


ARAM, brings together 28 of the largest producers and importers of packed goods. “Reputable and responsible companies with ambitious sustainability goals,” as Alice Nichita says.

“Through ARAM, at a local level, but also on the European level through the EUROPEN association, we highlighted the need for a clear application methodology, unified at the European level, with well-defined implementation criteria, roles and responsibilities for all the involved actors.” Nichita continues.


“As far as we’re concerned, we are actively involved in maintaining a close collaboration with all the actors involved in the chain of packed goods, including public authorities, in order to identify and implement the best solutions for improving the existing waste collection and recycling systems.”


The ARAM President continued her speech by talking about the urgent need of adapting to the European priorities. “We need to adapt as fast as possible to the European priorities, but we also need to account for our goals and commitments mentioned in our national legislation.”


ARAM’s keystone

“Our keystone is represented by an efficient waste collection system, which would lead to a better rate of recycling. This could become the basis of a truly circular economy, but also a key driver for success in challenging climate change. In this context, the new plan to relaunch the economy, announced last week by the EU, will offer instant access to new financial tools which can be used to support new investments in the circular economy, allowing us to find long-term solutions for the whole packaging chain of value.” Alice Nichita explains.


The need of investing in efficient waste collection and recycling systems

“I am going back to the need of investments in the waste collection and recycling systems in Romania. How the waste management system in our country is dealing with the challenges, goals and trends of the past years? We have indeed witnessed a huge movement on this market, and we must admit we have made a few steps in the right direction. Legislation has also changed in previous years, which created a stable framework which can be applied successfully. It is true, we still have some deficiencies which we cannot ignore, especially in enforcing these laws. But we, as an association, are open to work closely with all the involved actors to improve the deployment of this legislation and to elaborate new guidelines which ca be appropriated by everyone. We are also in talks with the OIREP associations, the organizations which have assumed the responsibility of fulfilling these goals, and I hope we can have a constant and successful dialogue.” Nichita concludes.

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