European Diversity Month: DIGI launches the campaign ”Together we are DIGI. #DigiPeople”

Mihai Cristea 22/05/2021 | 12:39

DIGI Group joined the signatories of the Diversity Charter and the European Commission’s “Diversity Month” campaign through a series of actions to raise public awareness among and employee`s adhesion to social inclusion and equal opportunities vision, under the motto “Together we are DIGI. #DigiPeople”.


DIGI promotes among clients, employees, partners the values of an organizational culture based on respect, empathy, professionalism, and encourages pro-diversity behaviors through communication, training and information actions through its own media division.

The working environment at DIGI is inclusive and multicultural, according to the informations disclosed by the Group, in the non-financial section of the 2020 annual report. Diversity of gender, age, nationality, origin, religion, working capacity etc. is encouraged in all territories and teams. The company’s human resources consist of women (31%) and men (69%), young people starting their career (19-20 years) and older people who chose to work even after retirement age, but also 50 disabled people *.

“The telecommunications industry offers one of the most alert and competitive working environments. Therefore, the competition to take up a position in this sector of activity is commensurate. Through the campaign launched to mark the Diversity Month, we want to highlight the concern we have for our most important resource, #DigiPeople, but also the fairly and non-discriminatoryly treatment in both in the recruitment process and throughout the professional course, within our company. The DIGI Group has more than 14,600 professionals in Romania and nearly 5,500 in Hungary, Spain and Italy, recruited exclusively according to professional criteria. The working environment is one characterized by diversity and collaboration, and this is possible thanks to #DigiPeople which values equality, respect, professionalism and empathy.

By building together professional success stories at Digi, we offer more than just a job. According to the Group’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) strategy, diversity contributes to building sustainable working relationships and increases a sense of belonging. Our experience in human resources management, in our nearly 28 years of existence, shows us that diversity remains an element of attractiveness for young candidates, who choose to start their career at DIGI, as well as a guarantee of a solid professional path for the company’s talents,” said Camelia MARIA, Head of Human Resources Department at Digi Group.


Together we are DIGI. #DigiPeople

The campaign brings to the fore the success stories of the employees who illustrate the idea of diversity, and thus, DIGI Group presents a series of their “portraits”, converting into reality the principles of internal policies and the management team’s efforts to recognize, respect and create a safe working environment for each employee.

As part of the campaign, a mini-series of employee portraits, highlighting the idea of diversity of origin, ethnicity, gender, age or ability to work, will be available by the end of May on the company’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

In the almost 28 years of the company’s existence, thousands of graduates from technical schools and faculties in Romania have embraced a career in IT&C, thanks to the trust shown by DIGI and the transformative projects the company has made available to them. The company enjoys a good retention rate of #DigiPeople well above the market average, as at DIGI, professional development opportunities are varied, given the very broad and heterogeneous structure of the group. Thus, DIGI integrates jobs in telecommunications, civil construction, information technology or software development, commercial activities or customer relations, as well as jobs specific to the production of audio-video and online content, from radio and TV production and reporting to live broadcasting and streaming. Through this diversity of activities, DIGI contributes to the development of the jobs of the future in electronic communications, IT&C and media.

Broadcasts, interviews, debates on diversity and in the group’s media division

As the complex world of diversity is present in every area of activity, the DIGI Group’s media division supports and is actively involved in this campaign. Special editions of several programmes will be broadcast to discuss access to performance sport for people with disabilities, including with Mr. Carol-Eduard Novak, Minister for Youth and Sport (on May 24, 2021 at 15:00 on Digi Sport 1).

On Digi24, the producers of the programme Behind the Wheel (La Volan) will present a range of cars specially adapted for driving by people with disabilities (on May 29, 2021 at 12:30). Digi24 will also broadcast an exclusive interview with Mrs. Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, on gender equality and the impact of the pandemic on it. Other topics presented by Digi24 reporter Andreea Popa in conversation with the European Commissioner for Equality will be: the EU strategy for 2020 – 2025, the role of employers in promoting gender equality and the issue of the gender pay gap at EU level.

Dedicated training and presentations on inclusion and diversity topics

Training and education is an important layer of promoting inclusion and equity within the company. Through dedicated webinars, the principles set out in the Diversity Charter, to which the Group signed up in 2019, will be reminded to it’s employees.

As part of the same campaign, a group of selected managers will follow a training module focusing on intergenerational diversity and cooperation, conducted by the Learning and Performance Management team of the company’s Human Resources Department.

As a signatory of the Diversity Charter in Romania, DIGI Group will contribute to the Forum “Diversity Management in Organizations – Realities, Practices and Challenges” with a presentation on “Diversity of Human Resources within DIGI Group”.


*key figure available for Romania

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