Romanian constructions sector down by 1.5 pct in Q1, residential buildings up by 77.2 pct

Georgiana Bendre | 12/05/2017 | 15:13

The volume of constructions works in Romania went down by 1.5 percent in the first quarter of the tear, while the residential buildings went up by 77.2 percent. On structure elements, there were decreases in the maintenance and common repairs by 15.3 percent and for the major repairs by 10.2 percent. The new constructions works went up by 5 percent.

Decreases were recorded on engineering constructions and on non-residential buildings, by 22.5 percent, respectively 10.6 percent. On adjusted series according to the working days and seasons, the constructions works volume dropped overall by 6.4 percent. On structure elements, decreases were recorded on maintenance works and current constructions and on major constructions by 16.8 percent, respectively 15.7 percent.

The new construction works went up by 3.8 percent. The volume of construction works went down on engineering constructions by 19.6 percent and on non-residential buildings by 12.4 percent. The construction works volume went up on residential buildings by 52.8 percent.

The construction works volume increased on gross series by 37.9 percent, a growth more visible in the major restorations by 191.7 percent, maintenance works and current restorations by 36.5 percent and new constructions by 25.1 percent in March compared with February. There were increases in engineering constructions (77 percent), non-residential buildings (35.2 percent) and residential buildings (3 percent). On adjusted series according to working days and seasons, the construction works decreased overall by 0.1 percent, a drop more visible in new constructions, by 6.9 percent.

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