EuroIMM platform launches to provide support for Romanian entrepreneurs 

Anca Alexe 03/10/2018 | 14:12

Starting today, Romanian entrepreneurs can access EuroIMM, the first integrated support platform for the development of Romanian businesses, connected to the European planning, execution and performance standards. The investment into the platform, made by entrepreneur Cristian Onetiu and associates of the company CITR Resources, totalled EUR 200,000.

The platform’s launch takes place after a 12-month period during which the project’s team, including entrepreneurs, consultants and specialists, analysed the European entrepreneurial ecosystem and identified the resources available for founders in the EU. Conclusions were then transposed into 30 specialised sections offering 100 exclusive video courses and 100 premium resources, personal digital tools for business management and support for business plan development. Furthermore, EuroIMM brings together 20 mentors and experts to guide the founders in the community in the process of changing their entrepreneurial attitude towards a process of growing businesses according to European standards.

The project was initiated by Cristian Onetiu, an entrepreneur, investor and consultant for Scale-Up companies, who also attracted specialists from related industries.

The European entrepreneurial ecosystem was the main factor that inspired Cristian Onetiu to build the EuroIMM platform: “In the past 20 years, I’ve interacted with thousands of European entrepreneurs, suppliers, clients and business partners, and saw what these ‘Europreneurs’ were doing differently. These interactions determined me to start something similar in Romania, so that every entrepreneur gets an equal chance to get informed and educated and is able to access modern working tools,” Onetiu said.

Over the past 12 months, a team of over 10 specialists have researched the European entrepreneurial ecosystem and have contributed to the implementation of the idea, keeping in mind who the current Romanian entrepreneurs are, as well as their needs and the challenges they face.

Over half of entrepreneurs need support in developing their business plan, and the EuroIMM platform responds to this need by offering digital instruments for the projection and development of their business. At the same time, the platform responds to the need for digitalization of domestic businesses, offering mobility to entrepreneurs, while the administrative features make human and material resources easier to manage and streamline the whole business management process.

“Romania is on the last place in Europe when it comes to financial education and is one of the top three countries with the fewest business plans, with a rate of just 25 percent. Through its learning resources and the Business Plan section, the EuroIMM platform will change entrepreneurs’ attitudes and will address those Romanian entrepreneurs who are eager to grow their business to European standards, so that Romania becomes more entrepreneurial,” said Claudiu Vrinceanu, communication and entrepreneurship expert, one of the specialists who helped analyse the business ecosystem in Europe.

Specifically, the EuroIMM platform contains the 7 key elements European entrepreneurs need to perform better:

  1. Learning (courses, premium resources, podcasts, etc.)
  2. Business planning (competition analysis, business canvas, business plan, performance indicators)
  3. Integrated electronic system (project management, CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence)
  4. Networking
  5. Financing
  6. Mentors and specialists
  7. Marketplace

“Our objective is to show local entrepreneurs how to do business like it’s done abroad, as well as to conduct an ‘attitude upgrate’, improve skills and provide management tools for business growth. Those who are starting out will be able to find inspiration and relevant information to build a viable business model, while those who started their business a while ago will be able to optimize their internal processes and increase the added value they bring to the market. As for the ‘Europreneurs’ who are in the growth stage, they will be able to manage their business without being involved in the operational area, while they increase their market share and profitability at the same time,” Onetiu added.

The team is aiming to attract 100,000 Romanian entrepreneurs to directly interact with the platform through events, mentorships, ‘Europreneurs’ meetings, access to the platform and its learning and planning benefits, webinars, financing and daily support.

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