7 reasons to visit Timisoara

Newsroom | 07/07/2017 | 07:30

While Bucharest is the most visited city in Romania, here are 7 reasons why you should visit Timisoara instead. With its vibrant cultural scene, the former Capital of Culture is an up-and-coming destination worthy to be discovered.

Timisoara is European Capital of Culture for 2021

Chosen the Capital of Culture for 2021, Timisoara will host numerous cultural events with a European dimension for one calendar year. But don’t wait until then to visit the city, as plenty of concerts, exhibitions and fairs will be held in the city in the period prior to that.

Timisoara is the capital of the Banat region

Timisoara is the biggest city in the region of Banat. An area with its own particular cultural landscape, it is also a region rich in culture and natural and cultural attractions. Here you can sample sarmale banatene, smoked bone pork with beans (ciolan cu fasole), pork stew with polenta (tocanita de porc cu mamaliga), sausages with cabbage and bulz made according to a traditional recipe.

Timisoara has mild weather year-round

Timisoara has a mild Marine West Coast Climate, which gives it mild weather year-round. In summer, temperatures are lower than those of the Romanian Plain, where Bucharest is also located, while in winter the temperatures do not drop sharply.


Timisoara has 4 theatres

The city has a lively cultural scene. It boasts not less than four theatres, namely the Mihai Eminescu National Theatre, the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre, the German State Theatre and the Merlin Pupper Theatre. In addition, Timisoara also has an Opera and a Philarmonic.

Timisoara has plenty of museums

Timisoara has many museums that are worthy of a visit. From the Art Museum of Timisoara, to the Museum of Banat, hosted in the Huniade castle, and to the that dedicated to the communist consumer, it offers something to everyone. Do not miss the Art Collection of the Serbian Episcopacy.


Timisoara is the place where the 1989 Revolution started

The 1989 Revolution was started in Timisoara, when people took to the streets to ask for freedom. The 1989 Revolution Museum will tell you the story of the uprising that triggered the fall of the communist museum, so make sure to pay a visit.

Timisoara has a Botanical Park and a Zoo

The Botanical Park of Timisoara, covering approximately 9 hectares, has a great variety of trees and plants. Equally beautiful, the Park of the Roses, with around 500 species on display, is also well worth a visit. At the city’s Zoo, near the Green Forest, you will see species of animals from all continents.

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