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Business Review Awards Gala 2020


Over the previous 14 editions of the event, Business Review sets the spotlight on the achievements of the business community, thus awarding and celebrating the companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs that showed drive, initiative and who achieved the best results in their class of business.

Facts & Figures from the previous editions

  • 14 Editions of Business Review Awards
  • Over 120 Honorable Jury Members
  • Over 500 of Romania’s most inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, companies and initiatives in the spotlight
  • More than 2,000 representatives of Romania’s business elite
Why attend

Witness inspirational initiatives, programs and companies and meet the people behind these successful accomplishments


200+ influential top executives, active investors, successful entrepreneurs, officials and diplomats


A truly special evening in the company of like-minded individuals that aim to create value for businesses, for people, for Romania

Registration & Welcome Cocktail
Awards Gala & Celebratory Dinner
Networking Cocktail
1. CSR initiative of the year
Best CSR initiative category awards the CSR initiatives of both Romanian and foreign companies and recognizes their contribution to the community, by demonstrating their commitment to implementing medium and long term community development programs/projects with a high social and/or economic impact on the society.
  • Proven social impact of the business / initiative (community impact) in terms of number of direct beneficiaries, the impact on the community it is implemented in, the added value for the local CSR market / civil society scene;
  • Developing long term CSR programs or projects for local communities (long term commitment to the local community);
  • The initiatives must address a real need of the community (e.g. education, social intervention, health, environment, smart city);
  • Being transparent to the local community by publishing annual sustainability reports (GRI 4) is an advantage;
  • The initiative is part of a wider CSR strategy focused on a specific area of interest.
2. Community Development Project of the year
This category recognizes the efforts made by real estate developers and investors in coagulating the community around a real estate project / a mixed project in a major city. It also awards their social and economic impact in the community where they operate and build such projects.
  • The investment made in the project;
  • The economic impact of the project in the local community;
  • The social impact of the project in the local community (a pole of interaction and social effervescence);
  • The potential of the project to create a business district around it;
  • The complexity of the project (including size, facilities, its potential to become an anchor for the local community).
3. Law Firm of the Year
This category recognizes law firms that have implemented in 2019 initiatives to help grow and improve performance in all areas, including client service, community involvement, business improvement and staff development. It addresses law firms that have successfully managed to have an impact in a highly competitive and volatile business environment.
4. Innovator of the year
This award recognizes novel, innovative and research-driven strategies, developed in/for Romania. The category is meant to cover the many developments related to the introduction of new products, services or campaigns, as well as the roll-out of R&D oriented investments in order to bring their contribution to a better life.
  • Clear element/elements of innovation of the business/service;
  • The potential of the smart technology / solution to support the smart development of the society (including cities);
  • Financial support received for implementing the idea (which demonstrates its innovative potential);
  • The outcome/impact on the economy/society;
  • The potential to be scalable / to multiply to other communities / cities.
5. Employer of the year
This category recognizes the best employer branding strategies in the Romanian corporate sector, highlighting their impact on the local labor market in general and the specific sector they operate in. It also awards the strategies meant to attract and retain employees and thus, diminishing the turnover of human capital within a company / sector.
  • The main features of the employer branding strategy and its impact on the company’s workforce;
  • The differentiator which makes the company stand out in the crowd ;
  • The ways used to fish out the exceptional talents from the industry the company operates in;
  • How many of the following aspects are included in the company’s employer branding strategy: recruitment; inducting new employees; compensating and rewarding its employees; career development pathways; rewarding employee success; internal communications systems; the physical work environment; the organization’s mission, vision, values, and company culture; corporate social responsibility; leadership structures and styles,  including promotion opportunities; human resource management policies and procedures; performance management and appraisal systems; whether the organization is perceived as being innovative.
6. Acquisition of the year
This category acknowledges the most important business acquisitions of the previous year. It recognizes the acquisition that had the biggest impact and significance in 2019, in financial terms and in the development of the local economy, or of a particular industry. It looks at novel elements of the respective transaction, and how the deal stands out on the local or regional business scene.
  • Value of the transaction;
  • Impact within the industry/ local business scene and economy as a whole;
  • Novelty elements characteristic to the transaction;
  • The added value brought by the acquisition (both to the specific market/industry and to the customers);
  • The way the acquisition influenced the competition on the specific industry/market.
7. Executive of the year
This award has been developed to recognize innovation, excellence and results in a corporate setting. Our key goal is to recognize companies, firms and individuals who have demonstrated tangible successes across a number of industries and sectors. Plus, the award seeks to recognize remarkable achievements of business people that go above and beyond their daily roles and responsibilities as head of companies, local or international.
  • The company's growth in revenue and profit;
  • Innovation and transformational changes;
  • Impactful strategies;
  • Contribution to the nation's growth;
  • Activities / successes in the last 12 months when compared to industry peers;
  • Recognized industry expertise;
  • Innovation in company turnaround (where applicable);
  • Examples of company’s innovations that have ‘disrupted’ the industry status quo could be an advantage.
8. Excellence in business
This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of a local business over a longer period of time, looking at aspects such as innovative character, development achievements, market share and the overall relevance for the local business environment. In today’s hyper-fast world, excellence requires building flexible, nimble organizations that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing markets without losing sight of their vision of winning.
  • A bias for action;
  • Staying close to the customer;
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurship;
  • Clear and compelling organizational values;
  • Focusing on what they do best;
  • The strategy for development in the past years;
  • Unique endeavors to support the local business community;
  • Sustainable development strategy;
  • Top market position;
  • Exceptional business growth compared with peers;
  • Good retention of its personnel;
  • An ongoing employment processes;
  • A low level of the turnover of its workforce.
9. Sustainability Plan of the Year
This category highlights the most significant sustainable initiative taken by companies operating in Romania and awards large companies on their performance reducing carbon and waste, their gender diversity among leadership, revenues derived from clean products, and overall sustainability.
  • Implementing solutions to reduce the use of plastic and encouraging customers to adopt a responsible behavior towards the environment;
  • The targets set on a short to medium term (by 2021) to find solutions to encourage the separate waste collection;
  • Promoting and encouraging the gender diversity and empowering women;
  • Developing initiatives to protect the environment and empower citizens from large urban areas to contribute to this collective effort;
  • Depending on the industry the company operates, adopting as many as possible Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be an advantage if named;
  • Concrete directions of the sustainable development strategy of the company.
10. Jury award of the year | Vox Populi
We believe that role models and opinion leaders across all industries have a crucial role in shaping us and our well-being, therefore Business Review invites you to be a part of the voting process. This edition introduces a new category open for voting! Choose your favorite outstanding personality, who makes us proud to be Romanians, from the ones proposed by this edition’s jury members.
Nominate a candidate / project

Companies can enter the competition until February 14, taking into account the judging criteria for each category. Please drop us a line if you need details, here: 

previous edition Jury
Ilinca Păun
CEO | The Entrepreneurship Academy
Oana Gheorghiu
Co-founder | Daruieste Viata
Carmen Uscatu
Co-founder | Daruieste Viata
Dragoș Gheban
Managing Partner | Catalyst Solutions
Șerban Roman
Vice President, Country Director Romania | Enterprise Investors
Cristian Nacu
Senior Country Officer | International Finance Corporation
Franz Weiler
CEO, Uniqa Asigurări | President, Foreign Investors Council
Dan Balotescu
Managing Partner | Media Investment
Florian Nițu
Managing Partner | Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații
Horațiu Florescu
CEO | Knight Frank Ro
Dragoș Tuță
Founder & General Manager | The CSR Agency
Judging Procedure

The Jury:

  • Consists of top senior professionals representing the business community
  • Is to apply qualitative & quantitative assessments for each candidate based on the information they are given
  • Is assembled to nominate and vote the best representative for each category
  • Members of the jury cannot be nominated (as individuals)

The president of the jury, voted at the first Jury Meeting, will:

  • Cast the deciding vote in case of a tie
  • Have full access to all information submitted by the nominees (directly into the online platform)
  • Supervise the final voting process and scores

Judging process

  • Will consist of two stages (two Jury meetings and an online vote) as follows: a nomination stage – First Jury Meeting (January 21, 2020) and a review stage (short listing – online vote on the eve of the Second Jury Meeting when the final vote is cast – February 25, 2020)
  • Each member of the jury is responsible for their proposals and should nominate candidates which meet the eligibility requirements

The nomination stage:

  • The jury will assemble once for the nomination stage. For each category every member of the jury can propose up to 3 candidates. After the jury meeting, the proposed candidates will receive a standard form to fill in and submit before the second round of the judging process
  • In case a jury member is representing a company that has been nominated for one or more categories he will not take part at the vote for that specific category (categories)
  • Any company who fits the eligibility requirements can submit an application (self-nomination) on the Business Review Awards event page or at until February 14

Eligibility requirements:

  • Have at least one-year performance history through to December 31st, 2019;
  • Have consistent and positive investment objectives over the past year in accordance with the judging criteria of the specific category they are applying for.

Shortlisting and final voting stage

All candidates will fill-in and submit a standard online form. These standard forms will be the support for the decision taken by the jury during the online vote and the second meeting. If there are more than 3 nominees in one category, the jury will short list the top 3-5 by a ranking system previous agreed on, or simply using qualitative assessments.


All information regarding the nominees is confidential and shall not be disclosed by the jury to the public or any other third party.


Jury award of the year

We believe that role models and opinion leaders across all industries have a crucial role in shaping us and our well-being, therefore Business Review invites you to be a part of the voting process. 

This edition introduces a new category open for voting! 

Choose your favorite outstanding personality, who makes us proud to be Romanians, from the ones proposed by this edition’s jury members.  The winner will be announced at the Business Review Awards Gala, on March 2.

Thank you for voting by February 28, 6 pm (GMT 4 pm).

Nomination process

Step 1: Choose the category/categories that best fit/s your achievements or the company’s accomplishments.
*you can fill-in multiple online forms in different categories and the nomination process is free of charge

Step 2: Business Review team sends you an email describing the judging process and criteria and attaches the online as well as Word versions of the form for each of the selected categories. Submit your nomination, in English, and enter the competition by February 14!

Step 3: The Jury evaluates all submitted forms and makes a shortlist including 3 to 5 nominees that are the most successful in complying with the requirements. The short list will be announced on the website on February 28.

Step 4: The shortlisted nominees receive a VIP invitation to Business Review Awards Gala.

Step 5: The winners are awarded their prizes at the Gala in March 2, in the presence of more than 200 business leaders, officials, leading foreign investors, diplomats and entrepreneurs.

At its 15th edition, the Awards will celebrate 2019’s pacesetters in an intense competition evaluated by an independent jury which ensures the integrity and transparency of the judging process. The nominees for each category will undergo a judging process and the winners will be publicly announced and presented with their awards during the Gala ceremony on March 2, in the presence of Romania’s 200 top business community representatives.

Registration Packages Individual Ticket - EUR 190 + VAT

Table of 10 - EUR 1500 + VAT

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I agree with the storage and handling of my data by

If you are unable to attend the event for any reason, we require at least 7 days’ prior written notice – letter, or email or you may make a substitution at no extra charge but we would appreciate prior notice.

No refund or credit will be offered on cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the start date and any outstanding payment will be required in full (this also applies to delegates who do not attend on the day).

Attendance fees will not be refunded (irrespective of the date of booking) in the event of circumstances outside of the organizer’s control.

By filling out this form you understand and agree that your personal information will be entered in our database and that you may occasionally receive updates from BUSINESS REVIEW and its partners through any available communication method (print, by phone, e-mail, sms).


Working Romania

November 12 | Courtyard by Marriott Bucharest Floreasca 



Business Review's Working Romania continues the conversation on the new trends that challenge the leading local human resources industry.

We uncover ways of navigating the changes affecting the way people work and best recruitment practices in order to attract and retain top talent.

Companies seeking highly qualified employees are developing sophisticated strategies that help them meet the needs and expectations of young employees - customizing office space, offering unique benefits, high salaries and flexible schedules or integrating new technologies that can improve employee experience.

with +150 professionals, developments experts and business leaders and grow your professional network
and recharge with senior leaders who have a major role in helping businesses anticipate and adapt to the changing workforce needs.
practical case studies and research solutions from inspiring speakers from across all industries and sectors, all under one roof.

In a daring attempt to cover the Romanian recruiting phenomenon, from the basics - work skills and ethics that are or should be nurtured in school - to the digital processes that empower recruiters to perfectly match talents with employer brands as well as data and marketing strategies to understand future employees, Business Review is proud to welcome guest speakers who will share opinions, trends, as well as behind-the-scene insights.

Giant tech companies, state-of-the-art co-working spaces or start-ups working their way up the career ladder, they all find it highly challenging to find smart, innovative and educated employees. #WorkingRomania brings together the highly-skilled and successful HR professionals who find the best jobs for the talented, but scarce and picky labor force.

Join us and major stakeholders in the HR sector, including state officials and representatives of major companies, on November 12, at Courtyard by Marriott Bucharest Floreasca.

Registration and Welcome Coffee
Panel Discussion: The future of the Romanian labor environment

• Developing education systems and learning to be up-to-date with a rapidly-changing work landscape. Is the re-establishment of vocational schools an answer?
• The foreign worker quota has risen to new record figures. Does this solve the scarcity of labor in construction, hospitality or agriculture? How does it affect the local economy in the long term?
• Can we expect a migration of workers from state companies and institutions to the private sector in the current political and economic contexts?
• Should the labor market become a national priority and what we can do about it?

Oana Motoi | Cromwell Evan Global
Sorina Donisa | APT Resources & Services
Oana Munteanu | PwC Romania
Anca Hociota | The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (AHK)
Presentation: The Rise of Digital Challengers · How digitization can become the next growth engine for Central and Eastern Europe · Perspective on Romania
Daniel Spiridon | McKinsey & Company
Networking, Coffee and Refreshments
Presentation: Harnessing HR Tech World - Oracle HR Solutions
Catalin Chitu | Oracle Romania
Panel discussion: Recruiting 2.0 - Candidate Centric Brand

Finding possible answers to such issues as diversity hiring, extensive use of new technologies as AI or data analytics, increased focus on candidate skills rather than academic results and the local leveraging of trending elements redefining talent acquisition globally.     

• Digital transformation in HR – Using data to understand candidates     
• Sophisticated HR strategies that change the recruitment and retention of top-talents     
• Marketing meets Recruiting: new trends in attracting talents     
• Redesigning work and workplace design: what exactly will the workplace of the future look like?     
• High-end medical benefits take center stage in attracting and retaining top talent      
• Legal boundaries in meeting the candidate requirements

Ramona Predescu | IWG Romania ( Spaces & Regus brands)
Roxana Abrasu | NNDKP
Dan Puica | BestJobs
Ana Maria Marian | Intermedicas
Doru Dima | Great People Inside
Presentation: Flexible benefits trends & best practices on Romanian market
Presentation: Why they work for Bookster or about eMpower
Ioana Oprea | Bookster
Lunch & Networking
Presentation: Inovantage Autumn 2019 · Sustainable Workforce: Driving Eco – Friendly Growth
Sandhya Sabapathy | Adecco Group
Panel discussion: Business Performance as a result of outstanding HR proficiency

There is a simple and straightforward explanation for why HR offices are often right next door to the CEO’s. Productive people make businesses perform well and it is the task of HR professionals to understand, recruit, train and keep employees happy and efficient, even when they have to drive organizational, structural and operational changes.

• Talent and Performance Management: the art inside HR departments
• Payroll, compensations and benefits beyond Excel books. Fostering mental and physical wellbeing takes workers and teams to unexpected performance
• The power of company culture and employer branding nowadays
• Acquiring new skills is quintessential for thriving in the future workplace. Is that an issue for the employer or the employee?
• The Mirror Question for every HR professional: “Why do you want to work for us?”. Can you answer it?

Alina Vesca | Vodafone Romania
Lorena Furtuna | Oracle Romania
Vasilica Zuld | Cognizant Softvision
Nevenca Doca | Banca Transilvania
Gabriela Dinu | NNDKP
Diana Neagu | Vernon David & Associates
Doru Dima | Great People Inside
Drawing the winners of the prizes offered by BestJobs and PwC's Academy
Alina Vesca
L&D and Talent Manager | Vodafone Romania
Lorena Furtuna
Senior Human Resources Manager | Oracle Corporation
Vasilica Zuld
HR Director | Cognizant Softvision
Nevenca Doca
HR Executive Director | Banca Transilvania
Ramona Predescu
Country Manager | IWG Romania ( Spaces & Regus brands)
Roxana Abrașu
Managing Associate, Employment Practice | NNDKP
Oana Motoi
Managing Partner | Cromwell Evan Global
Diana Neagu
Partner | Vernon David & Associates
Daniel Spiridon
Gabriela Dinu
Managing Associate, Employment Practice | NNDKP
Sorina Donisa
CEO | APT Resources & Services
Doru Dima, PhD
CEO Romania; CPO International | Great People Inside
Catalin Chitu
Human Capital Management Solution Engineer | Oracle Romania
Ioana Oprea
Stelian Bogza
Commercial Director & Co-Founder | BenefitOnline
Sandhya Sabapathy
Regional Brand and Innovation Manager – Eastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa Adecco Group
Ana Maria Marian
CEO | Intermedicas
Oana Munteanu
Senior Manager, Senior Manager People & Organisation | PwC Romania
Dan Puica
CEO | BestJobs
Anca Hociota


Early bird 2019
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We generate top quality leads, business exclusive and inspiring professional events that attract the right people and top-level audience by welcoming high-impact speakers and leaders together with powerful public officials, around the hottest and most relevant topics of debate.

Become our partner through sponsorship opportunities or just come and meet us, to find out more about Business Review.

Drop us a line at: or

Address: 58 Stirbei Voda Street, 3rd Floor, District 1, Bucharest

Rising cities. Smart future


With Rising Cities. Smart Future, Business Review wishes to support and highlight the evolution of the urban space, with everything encompassed by it: from technology, transportation, digital transformation, communities, architecture, to sustainability, passionate leadership and culture.

Rising Cities. Smart Future proposes greener, smarter and more connected future cities through panel discussions, debates and predictions about public–private collaborations, innovative and inspiring projects and ways of integrating new technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (The internet of things) in the everyday life.

Reasons to attend
Find out how to accelerate the adoption of smart technology solutions, aid in problem solving, and amplify city resources for the change for the better of cities, communities, and their citizens
Connect with a thoughtful community of decision-makers that empower smart cities at all stages of growth and benefit from new ideas & inspiration
Discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships, while keeping up with what the industry is all about
Ramona Predescu
Country Manager | IWG Romania (Spaces & Regus brands)
Roxana Dudau
Head of Real Estate & Construction, Associated Partner | NOERR
Valentin Zaharia
Network Optimization Manager | Apa Nova Bucuresti - Veolia
Lara Tassan Zanin
Head of Office | European Investment Bank
Laurentiu Manea
Office Buildings Manager | Iulius Town Timisoara
Edy Chereji
Head of Marketing & Communication | UNTOLD & NEVERSEA
Dan Cristian Popescu
Deputy Mayor | Bucharest District 2 City Hall
Dragos Nedelea
Director Of Business Development - Smart City | Electrogrup
Alex Skouras
Managing Partner | Alesonor Real Estate Development
Dan Vatajelu
President | ARI (Asociatia Romana pentru Iluminat)
Luca Mateescu
Operations Manager | Lime
Laurentiu Uzum
Customer Experience Solutions Leader | Oracle
Eduard Dumitrascu
President | Asociatia Romana Pentru Smart City
Ioan Gaf-Deac
City Manager | Bucharest District 4 City Hall
Eduard Uzunov
President | Regatta
Catalin Neagoe
Director of Fixed Telephony and Mobile Communications Division Digi | RCS & RDS
Nicolae Ivan
General Manager | UTI Grup
Andrei Botis
President | Romania Green Building Council
Laura Dumea-Bencze
Account Director Retail | CBRE
Adina Florea
Senior Adviser | Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
Registration & Welcome coffee
Smart realities in Romania | How are municipalities and local communities approaching urban development

• Cities of tomorrow facing economic realities – how are authorities funding investments in smart development
• Maximizing the potential of technology for city management
• New paths for collaboration between public and private players on development
• Gauging the smart potential of the existing real estate stock in Romania and investment trends
• Initiatives of public authorities to raise awareness on smart solutions implementation – how inhabitants of cities can get involved

Alex Skouras | Alesonor Real Estate Development
Ioan Gaf-Deac | Bucharest District 4 City Hall
Lara Tassan Zanin | European Investment Bank
Andrei Botis | Romania Green Building Council
Adina Florea | Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
Moderator: Eduard Dumitrascu | Asociatia Romana Pentru Smart City
Coffee break & Networking
Enhancing the smart link between cities and technology

• Smart technologies and platforms that support smart development
• Will 5G implementation generate a new wave of innovation and development for smart cities?
• Improving the efficiency of public utility services in Romanian cities – from energy to water and waste management
• How are innovative mobility solutions influencing the development of urban infrastructure
• PropTech emerging in Romania – how are property developers and entrepreneurs boosting the technology side of projects

Valentin Zaharia | Apa Nova București - Veolia
Dan Vatajelu | ARI (Asociatia Romana pentru Iluminat)
Dan Cristian Popescu | Bucharest District 2 City Hall
Dragos Nedelea | Electrogrup
Laurentiu Uzum | Oracle
Catalin Neagoe | RCS & RDS
Nicolae Ivan | UTI Grup
Moderator: Eduard Dumitrascu | Asociatia Romana Pentru Smart City
Building smart communities | The pivotal role of property developers

• IWG as smart solutions provider, growing business communities through co-working spaces
• Integrating office projects in the social fabric of cities – the transformative role of developers in the life of local communities
• Meeting the emerging needs of cities – trends on work, living, shopping, entertainment. What do consumers want from place?
• Crossing the digital border – the central role of iconic places and human interaction in urban areas

Ramona Predescu | IWG Romania ( Spaces & Regus brands)
Laurentiu Manea | Iulius Town Timisoara
Eduard Uzunov | Regatta
Roxana Dudau | NOERR
Edy Chereji | UNTOLD & Neversea
Luca Mateescu | Lime
Moderator: Laura Dumea-Bencze | CBRE
Lunch & Networking


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re:Focus on Retail and Logistics


re:FOCUS on Retail & Logistics is a one day event, committed to revealing the latest trends and predicting the future ones, while offering solutions to nowadays challenges of retail & logistics.

Join industry experts, retailers and entrepreneurs along the entire retail sector and its supply chain and learn how to adjust your business in terms of delivery times, small delivery sizes and large production ranges, return systems and instant product availability, as well as new trends in AI and automation.

Everybody shops, the difference is where how. As the market continues its permanent growth, retail and logistics sectors must evolve at the same pace and embrace new trends in AI and automation.

Local and foreign players, developers and industry experts come together for a series of panel discussions, keynote speeches and case studies from entrepreneurs choosing online or brick-and-mortar businesses, providing know-how and unique opportunities.

Learn more about automation technologies that can improve operations of your organization and make processes more repeatable and change your ecommerce strategy from being traditional to being data and customer centric.
Network with professionals in the sector that lead their companies’ retail & logistics strategy, in order to learn valuable insights and form deep lasting business relationships.
Discover how to be hands on your platform for web commerce, product management and supply chain automation.

Transformation in the retail & logistics industry: moving beyond the “online vs. brick and mortar” debate and delivering on customers’ expectations.

January 29
Registration & Welcome coffee
Panel discussion | How did the world change and what really matters today

• Global trends and local approaches. What defines the Romanian market and local customers?
• Building and understanding the consumer needs: adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Machine Learning as effective marketing tools
• E-commerce growth drive: reaching operational excellence through logistics and data usage
• Innovation as future profit generator: from delivery drones to warehouse robots. What works in Romania?
• The transformation of physical retail centers in experience and entertainment platforms: balancing shopping and leisure facilities
• Mapping the development of the local retail scene – growth drivers and unexplored areas
• Omnichannel marketing: giving consumers the best experience whenever and wherever they want it

Fireside chat | Omnichannel strategies: bridging the gap between digital and physical during the customer journey
Coffee break & Networking
Panel discussion | Horizontal and vertical development: opportunities for the logistics sector

• The key role of warehouses in maximizing retail productivity – trends in demand and investments
• Unexplored areas with significant potential for industrial and logistics investments
• Same day delivery drives results: managing transport and logistics networks efficiently
• Technologies that can disrupt the logistics operations and unlock new markets. Is blockchain the next big thing?
• Assessing investment in digitalization and automation – the experience of local logistics players

Lunch & Networking
Fireside chat, powered by FEPRA | The big awakening. New generations of shoppers and retailers became aware of environmental protection

• Adopting coherent waste management and recycling policies, in line with the latest EU rules
• Implementing sustainable and green solutions across retailer’s chains
• Shifting marketing strategies towards a more sustainable future

Panel discussion | How do we innovate & keep up with the increasing pressures of this new world?

• The evolution of omnichannel retail and the hybrid approach of consumers. Online & offline power play – how can these two channels work best together?
• Leveraging your data through cutting edge software platforms to offer a better consumer experience leads to efficiency
• Identifying and understanding the differences in the new generations of customers and employees through technologies
• Trends on payment solutions and platforms (mobile, smartwatches, neobanks). Innovative solutions that streamline operations of retailers and delivery firms


More speakers will soon follow, stay tuned!

Liviu Rogojinaru
State Secretary | Ministry for Economy, Trade, Industry and the Business Environment
Andrei Jerca
Head of Industrial Services | CBRE Romania
Alex Matei
Information Technology & Digital Transformation Director | Carrefour Romania
Mircea Vlah
CEO | Dumagas
Geanina-Mihaela Ungureanu
Senior Leasing and Asset Manager Retail | IMMOFINANZ
Ana Dumitrache
Country Head | CTP Romania
Robert Berza
General Manager | Fashion Days
Sinziana Pardhan
Managing Director Romania | P3 Logistic Parks
Adriana Palasan
President & ELA representation | ARILOG
Florinel Ioan Chis
Executive Director | ARMO - Asociatia Romana a Magazinelor Online
Andrei Cosuleanu
Founder | Act for Tomorrow


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1 person - 89 Euro + VAT 2 persons - 150 Euro + VAT 3 persons - 210Euro + VAT
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Reach power buyers as our attendees are responsible for making commercial decisions for their organizations.

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Connect on a strategic level, while powering best practices by means of real life examples, vivid and insightful panel conversations, Q&A sessions and workshops to an audience formed by professionals.

Score high ROI, shorter deal cycles and bigger deals.

Our events are never boring.

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Foreign Investors Summit – 6th edition


As of last year Poland became a full member of the group of the most developed nations in the world, thus creating a path for Romania to join this elite group before long. Recent economic, political and social developments in our country, steady economic growth, a highly regarded Presidency of the Council of the European Union, reinforcement of the state policies through elections, have altogether created an ideal context for a new brighter perspective on the future.

• Is there a real evolution in Romania’s development and how we are to benefit from the new global positioning of our country?
• Is a spike in FDI rate to be expected after two years of stagnation?
• Have the local markets reached maturity, especially those with a traditional appeal to foreign investors: energy, IT, real-estate, services, banking and agriculture?

Answers to these important questions and many more will be debated during a comprehensive analysis of the market and of the foreign investors’ perception of Romania in the years to come.

Business Review proudly presents the 6th edition of the Foreign Investors Summit, the most awaited event that brings together foreign business communities, state authorities and diplomats. Join us, professionals across the main industries, an exceptional line-up of speakers and representatives of major FDIs in our country, for a discussion on leadership and ways to build a brighter and more sustainable future for Romania.

Reasons to attend
Attend the most complex B2B event dedicated to Romania’s competitiveness. Be part of a summit full of powerful topics and macro level perspectives, investment opportunities, global inspiration and many more!
Be part of the leading business community in Romania. Join the team of high-level executives, entrepreneurs and investors from the strongest foreign communities and the top industries in Romania.
Meet top local and international speakers. Government officials, strategy experts, leading executives of multinational companies, forward-thinkers and actors
Share knowledge and get informed. More than 5 industries will be featured in discussion panels, workshops and key notes.
Get inspired by global leaders and innovators. We’ll bring you hands-on case studies, share success stories and best practices.
Day 1
Registration and networking coffee
Opening Keynote Speech
Ionut Simion, Country Managing Partner | PwC Romania; President | AmCham
Opening Panel Discussion | Is Romania ready to enter the developed countries’ club?

Poland recently attained the developed economy status, thus creating a precedent for other Eastern European peers to follow. When should we expect Romania to go from an emerging to a developed market and what should be done for that purpose?

Ionut Simion | PwC Romania | AmCham
Lara Tassan Zanin | European Investment Bank
Ramona Jurubita | Foreign Investors Council
Sebastian Metz | The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce
Prof. Dr. Jörg K. Menzer | NOERR
Networking coffee break
Panel Discussion | Investments in the real estate sector

•2019 has been a record-breaking year for M&A on the Romanian real-estate market, with multiple transactions above EUR 100 million. Does this mean that we can talk about a mature market, at least in the office sector?
•What are the main factors that could push up the current slightly lower yields and thus attract new investors?
• Bucharest, with its above EU average net income per capita and high concentration of businesses and institutions, is far from being a saturated market for foreign investments. Foreign investors have generally focused on the office sector, leaving most residential development to local players. Can we expect a change?
• When will underdevelopment cease to be an investment opportunity?
• Will the hotel market in Romania attract further investments?

Antoniu Panait | Vastint
Vlad Tanase | NNDKP
Frank Reul | AccorHotels; Orbis
Florian Nitu | Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii
Gijs Klomp | CBRE Romania
Didier Balcaen | Speedwell
Andreea Cotiga | Immofinanz
Andreea Paun | Griffes
Lunch & networking
Panel Discussion | Investments in IT, Tech & Telecom

• Innovation should be the key word for Romania’s IT & technology sector
• Moving from an outsourcing country to an innovation hub
• Workforce issues in the IT sector: are they pushing away new potential foreign investors?

Elisabeta Moraru | Google Romania
Philippe Beucher | Accenture
Florin Popa | Orange Romania
Serban Roman | Enterprise Investors
Vlad Nicolae Doicaru | Huawei Romania
Mircea Bozga | PwC Romania
Andrei Georgescu | Suciu Popa si Asociatii
Claudiu Vrinceanu
Panel Discussion | Investments in Energy

• Black Sea resources are a great opportunity for both Romanian economy and local energy sector and should spark an explosion on the whole domain.
• Investments in renewable energy sources have stalled. Is there any way to revive the sector?

Sebastian Enache | Monsson Operation; BZEE Association
Carla Parnica | Tinmar Energy
Johan Meyer | Franklin Templeton Investments
Witold Urbanowski | CIECH Soda Romania
Saniya Melnicenco | ROPEPCA
Alexandra Posea | Romgaz
Daniela Serban | Romanian Investor Relations Association
Day 2
Registration and networking coffee
Opening speech
HE Michèle Ramis, Ambassador | Embassy of France in Romania
Panel Discussion | Investments in the banking and insurance sectors

• Is there a reverse in trends on the local banking market?
• Does Romania still provide opportunities for investments in the banking sector? How appealing is the rural sector with its big chunk of non-bankable population? What about the fintech sector?
• Home and life insurance are still heavily underdeveloped. Why are foreign companies playing it safe when it comes to investing in these sectors?

Alina Radu | NNDKP
François Bloch | BRD
Oana Motoi | Cromwell Evan Global
Florin Danescu | Romanian Banking Association
Cristian Nacu | International Finance Corporation
Networking coffee break
Panel Discussion | Investments in automotive components and auto industry

• Romania is already a hallmark of the European car making industry, thus creating a context of logistics networks and suppliers, especially in the western part of the country. Should we expect new big foreign investments from other global car makers?
• The horizontal auto industry - automotive components - is now one of the biggest employers in Romania, with no signs of slowing down. Is there room for new investments considering the scarcity of workforce in the sector?
• As one of the main budget contributors, does the auto industry not have a rightful claim to better infrastructure?

Christophe Dridi | Dacia and Groupe Renault Romania
Andreas Lier | BASF
Miruna Suciu | Suciu Popa si Asociatii
Marian Orzu | Dunwell Industrial Brokerage
Panel Discussion | Investments in agriculture

• Time for some hard decisions! What is the path to follow: consolidating farmers’ business and increase productivity or stay on traditional farming and benefit from bio and organic agricultural production?
• How to promote Romania’s agricultural interests and strategy at the European Commission and how to promote local brands abroad

Florian Ciolacu | Romanian Farmers Club for Performant Agriculture
Lara Tassan Zanin | European Investment Bank
Ioan Chiper | DLA Piper Dinu
Jean Valvis | Valvis Holding
Cristian Preotu | Le Manoir
Lunch & networking
Key presentation | Creating the present. Looking to the future
Liu Kai | Huawei Romania
Concluding Panel Discussion | Is the road from emerging to developed country a threat to FDIs?

• While Romania’s said to be the most stable country in the SEE region, its foreign investment levels are declining. Is this a temporary phenomenon or is it a trend? And why is this happening?
• What does Romania look like in the eyes of local vs. foreign investors?
• Romanian companies should start investing in other markets, which would be a signal that our country has reached the level of a developed economy. What keeps our local business champions from expanding abroad and what can be done?

Rozalia Pal | European Investment Bank
Serghei Bulgac | RCS&RDS
Istvan Jakab | Representation of the European Commission in Romania
Loredana Chitu | Dentons
Charles Vernon | Vernon | David
Closing remarks
Ionut Simion
Country Managing Partner | PwC Romania; President | AmCham
HE Michèle Ramis
Ambassador | Embassy of France in Romania
Lara Tassan Zanin
Head of Office | European Investment Bank
Istvan Jakab
Economic Adviser | Representation of the European Commission in Romania
Rozalia Pal
Country and Financial Sector Analysis, Economics Department | EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK
Andreea Cotiga
Senior Leasing Manager Office | IMMOFINANZ
Antoniu Panait
Managing Director | VASTINT Romania
Florian Nitu
Managing Partner | Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii
Prof. Dr. Jörg K. Menzer
Head CEE Offices | NOERR
Alina Radu
Partner, Head of Banking & Finance | NNDKP
Vlad Tanase
Partner | NNDKP
Serban Roman
Vice President | Enterprise Investors
Miruna Suciu
Managing Partner | Suciu Popa si Asociatii
Oana Motoi
Managing Partner | Cromwell Evan Global
Andrei Georgescu
Partner | Suciu Popa si Asociatii
Vlad Nicolae Doicaru
Vicepresident | Huawei Romania
Charles Vernon
Managing Partner | Vernon, David & Associates
Ramona Jurubita
President | Foreign Investors Council
Philippe Beucher
Managing Director | Accenture
François Bloch
Christophe Dridi
Liu Kai
Vicepresident | Huawei Romania
Florian Ciolacu
Executive Director | Romanian Farmers Club for Performant Agriculture
Elisabeta Moraru
Country Manager | Google Romania
Frank Reul
Head of Development | Orbis - Accorhotels Eastern Europe
Andreea Paun
Managing Partner | Griffes
Carla Parnica
Marketing & Corporate Communication Manager | Tinmar Energy
Claudiu Vrinceanu
Entrepreneurship & Communication Expert
Sebastian Enache
Business Development Manager | Monsson Operation and Board Member | BZEE Association
Sebastian Metz
General Manager and Board Member | The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (AHK)
Florin Popa
Business to Business Director | Orange Romania
Serghei Bulgac
Cristian Preotu
Owner | Le Manoir
Gijs Klomp
Head of Investment Properties | CBRE Romania
Cristian Nacu
Senior Country Officer for Romania and Moldova | International Finance Corporation
Johan Meyer
CEO | Franklin Templeton Investments
Didier Balcaen
General Manager | Speedwell
Loredana Chitu
Partner and head of the Capital Markets group Bucharest | Dentons
Andreas Lier
Saniya Melnicenco
President | ROPEPCA
Witold Urbanowski
CEO | CIECH Soda Romania
Daniela Serban
President & Co-Founder | Romanian Investor Relations Association
Mircea Bozga
Partner, Risk Assurance Services | PwC Romania
Florin Danescu
Executive President | Romanian Banking Association
Ioan Chiper
Head of Finance, Projects & Restructuring | DLA Piper Dinu
Marian Orzu
Managing Partner | Dunwell Industrial Brokerage
Jean Valvis
CEO | Valvis Holding
Alexandra Posea
Investor Relations | Romgaz

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Energy in Focus


After years of robust growth in Romania’s energy sector, businesses are facing major challenges in 2019 mainly because of regulatory changes. Substantial changes were introduced in the sector: a tax of two percent of turnover, gas price capping, among others.

Representatives from Government & regulatory bodies, leading energy corporations and professional organizations meet at Energy in Focus to talk about the first effects the regulatory changes have on local businesses, on investment & business plans, on market structure and on the perspectives of the energy sector in Romania.

Reasons to attend

Companies and consultants in the energy industry searching for the best ways to adapt to new regulations, understand the current trends, look for the possible answers on new regulations in energy, prepare for future challenges and find possible ways to transform challenges into business opportunities.

Anton Anton
Minister of Energy
Andrei Bobar
CFO | Romgaz
Timur-Vasile Chis
General Manager | Conpet
Razvan Nicolescu, Partner | Deloitte Romania; Central Europe leader for gas, oil and chemicals sector | Deloitte
Daniel Apostol
External Affairs Director | The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation (FPPG)
Saniya Melnicenco
President | ROPEPCA
Viorel Lefter
President | PATRES
Dinu Drog
Founder | Cooperativa de energie
Silvia Vlasceanu
General Manager | ACUE Federation
Iulian Angheluta
Founder | Free Miorita Association
Adrian Dumitriu
CFO | Nuclearelectrica
Matei Neagu
Commercial Director | Alaska Energies Romania
Gabriela Moroianu, Owner | Focus energetic
July 17, 2019
Registration, networking and welcome coffee
Panel discussion | Electricity & Renewables

· Trend change: Romania has become an electricity importer during the first months of 2019. How Romania could avoid becoming an electricity importer
· How businesses in energy adapt to new regulation changes in 2019
· Waiting for the new wave in renewable energy in Romania: prosumers, solar, wind or other energy sources
· The role of nuclear power in the energy mix: perspectives & needs

Silvia Vlasceanu | ACUE (Federation of Associations of Energy Utilities)
Matei Neagu | Alaska Energies Romania
Dinu Drog | Cooperativa de energie
Iulian Angheluta | Free Mioriţa Association
Adrian Dumitriu | Nuclearelectrica
Martin Moise | PATRES
Gabriela Moroianu | Focus energetic
Coffee break & Networking
Panel discussion | Oil & Gas

· Does the Romanian energy sector still attract investors?
· Trends: Changes in gas/fuel prices businesses and households should expect in the short, medium and long term; Electric cars - threat or business opportunity?
· First effects of business & regulatory changes: Q1 2019 results of energy groups in Romania compared to Q1 2018
· Romania’s offshore gas production threatened by new regulations?

Anton Anton, Minister of Energy
Timur-Vasile Chis | Conpet
Andrei Bobar | Romgaz
Saniya Melnicenco | ROPEPCA
Daniel Apostol | The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation (FPPG)
Răzvan Nicolescu | Deloitte
Networking cocktails


Regular 1 person - 140 Euro + VAT 2 persons - 190 Euro + VAT 3 persons - 250 Euro + VAT

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Start-ups vs. Scale-ups


Business Review teamed up with Schoenherr in order to offer start-ups and scale-ups communities legal and funding advice, as well as success stories from local entrepreneurs, so that they can reach their business goals.

The meeting is meant to bring international know-how and good practices to Romanian start-ups and scale-ups, from legal experts, investment funds and successful start-uppers and scale-uppers.

Reasons to attend

Register and get free entry at our event (valid only with prior confirmation from our team. Only 40 seats available!) and find out what makes start-ups and scale-ups succeed!

Madalina Neagu
Partner | Schoenherr Romania
Thomas Kulnigg
Partner and Head of Technology & Digitalisation | Schoenherr Attorneys
Ciprian Nicolae
Principal responsible for CEE investments | Credit Value Investments
Cosmin Mihai Marinescu
Managing Partner & Business Strategy & Development | Lummetry.AI
Cristian Logofatu
Co-founder & CFO | Bittnet Group
Laurentiu Ciocirlan
Managing Partner | Equiliant Capital
Moderator: Alex Glod
Senior Trainer, Online Instructor & TEDx Speaker
June 13 | 58 Stirbei Voda Street, 5th floor
9 am - 11.30 am
What to consider when you’re looking to raise funds
Tips and tricks for start-ups & scale-ups in protecting copyrights, patents, and trademarks
Be ready for an exit
Employee incentive programs
Legal pitfalls for start-ups & scale-ups
Venture capital transactions
Corporate venture capital
Shareholding schemes
Free registration

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Working Romania

May 7, 2019 | ARCUB | BUCHAREST


Business Review's Working Romania Event looks at the new trends that challenge the leading local human resources industry to uncover how they navigate the changes affecting the manner in which we work, as well as at the ways companies and human resources executives are changing their recruitment practices in order to attract and retain top talents.

The conference this year will focus on the two major trends on the local labour market:

  • Romania is becoming the biggest importer of workforce in South-East Europe in an attempt to cover the workforce crisis in sectors like constructions, HORECA or services, and
  • Companies seeking highly qualified employees are developing sophisticated strategies that help them meet the needs and expectations of young employees - customizing office space, offering unique benefits, high salaries and flexible schedules or integrating new technologies that can improve employee experience.
with +150 professionals, developments experts and business leaders and grow your professional network
and recharge with senior leaders who have a major role in helping businesses anticipate and adapt to the changing workforce needs.
practical case studies and research solutions from inspiring speakers from across all industries and sectors, all under one roof.
Registration & welcome coffee
Panel discussion | Importing workforce: Romania en route to becoming the biggest workforce importer in SEE

Major industries like HORECA, construction and services are importing workforce, mainly from Asia,
in order to keep up with demand and mitigate the workforce deficit on the Romanian market | An open debate between Government top level officials and national authorities in dialogue with representatives of major players from different industries and sectors.

• How local businesses are trying to bring back Romanians working abroad
• Supply and demand on the Romanian market
• Retention of “brains” in a globalized workforce environment

Marius-Constantin Budai | Minister of Labour and Social Justice
Dragos Anastasiu | Eurolines Group
Cristian Erbasu | Constructii Erbasu
Mircea-Catalin Roman | Noerr
Lecturer Dr. Andrei Tinu | National Citizenship Authority
Vlad Nastase | Concilium Consulting & Turnaround Management Association, the Romania Subsidiary
Andreea Cretulescu | Journalist
Presentation | HR technologies from the future
Mihai Gavan | TotalSoft
Coffee break & networking
Presentation | How important and how “imported” employees are in Romania
Dan Puica | BestJobs
Panel discussion | The future of work

• How do corporations prepare for the new generation of workers?
• Generation Z and challenges for HR professionals
• Millennials’ expectations and how organizations meet their professional needs
• Recruiting talent in the “age of millennials”
• Embracing future tech – is your workforce agile enough?
• Gamify your recruitment to engage candidates and attract the best talent
• Core practices for future work habits: how will the future workplace look like and how AI will change the way we work?

Smarandita Schnel | TELEKOM
Dan Puica | BestJobs
Alina Dumitru | Zepter Romania
Mihaela Cretulescu | Immofinanz Romania
Oana Datki | C Team Romania
Presentation | Innovative HR trends and solutions embracing the future and changing the HR practices
Miruna Stoica | Oracle Romania
Employer branding for the #futureofwork

• Standing out in a competitive job market – enhancing your brand in the age of instant social media reviews
• Innovative HR trends and solutions that change recruitment & retention practices
• The power of employer branding in attracting talent
• Gender equality policies - an engine for economic competitiveness
• Empowering employees: favorite extra-salary benefits

Madalina Racovitan | KPMG Romania
Monica Oltean | Wellington
Oana Datki | C Team Romania
Adelina Dabu | Concordia Employers Confederation
Lunch & networking

*Stay tuned! More top speakers to be announced soon.

Marius-Constantin Budai
Minister of Labour and Social Justice
Dan Puica
CEO | BestJobs
Oana Datki
SEE Managing Partner | C Team Romania
Mihaela Cretulescu
HR Business Partner | IMMOFINANZ Romania
Alina Dumitru
General Manager | Zepter International Romania
Dragos Anastasiu
Owner | Eurolines Group
Cristian Erbasu
CEO | Constructii Erbasu
Mircea-Catalin Roman
Senior Associate | Noerr
Miruna Stoica
PreSales Cloud Solution Consultant | Oracle
Smarandita Schnel
HR BPO Director | Telekom
Lecturer Univ. Dr. Andrei Tinu
President | National Citizenship Authority (ANC)
Madalina Racovitan
Partner | KPMG Romania
Mihai Gavan
HCM Global Sales Director | TotalSoft
Vlad Nastase
CEO | Concilium Consulting & President | Turnaround Management Association, the Romania Subsidiary
Monica Oltean
Health & Wellness Director | Wellington
Adelina Dabu
Public Policy & International Relations Senior Adviser | Concordia Employers Confederation
Andreea Cretulescu


I am a HR professional | Free Pass Non HR Professional 1 person | 140 Euro + VAT Non HR Professional 2 persons | 190 Euro+VAT

All professionals working in HR departments benefit from free attendance at the event.

Just register filling-in HR2019 in the “I have a discount code” field.

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Join us

We generate top quality leads, business exclusive and inspiring professional events that attract the right people and top-level audience by welcoming high-impact speakers and leaders together with powerful public officials, around the hottest and most relevant topics of debate.

Become our partner through sponsorship opportunities or just come and meet us, to find out more about Business Review.

Drop us a line at: or

Address: 58 Stirbei Voda Street, 3rd Floor, District 1, Bucharest

REALTY Forum 2019


As Business Review hosts the 18th edition of REALTY Forum, its flagship event for the Romanian real estate market, this significant milestone will underpin the concept of this year’s conference. Business Review has been covering the impressive growth of the property sector in the last 18 years and the challenges stemming from economic headwinds and shifting trends of consumers.

In this period, the image of Bucharest and other regional cities has changed significantly due to the development activity that has evenly covered the whole market segments.

The real estate sector continues to progress as more Romanian entrepreneurs and large foreign funds are developing quality projects that can compete with similar ones in other international cities.

REALTY Forum will review the development of the sector in the past 18 years and will also start a conversation about the future of real estate and its innovation potential driven by technology.

with +150 real estate key decision makers, professionals and influencers
the latest market demands, legal updates and innovative business solutions
from top level leaders, the latest industry trends and evolution
up-to-date forecasts and reports brought to you by relevant industry players

Stay tuned for further updates!

Antoniu Panait
Managing Partner | Vastint
Laurentiu Manea
Manager for Office Buildings Openville Timişoara
Andreea Cotiga
Senior Leasing Manager | Immofinanz
Florin Furdui
Country Manager | Portland Trust
Dorel Nita
Managing Partner |
Marian Orzu
Managing Partner | Dunwell Industrial Brokerage
Alex Skouras
Managing Partner | Alesonor
Ivan Lokere
CEO | Alinso Group
Mihai Zaharia
Director of Investments and Capital Markets | Globalworth
Razvan Ionescu
Marketing Director | Impact Developer & Contractor
Sebastian Dragomir
Head of Office Advisory and Member of the Board | Colliers International
Tim Wilkinson
Partner | Cushman & Wakefield Echinox
Andrei Jerca
Account Director in Industrial&Logistics | CBRE
Dan Borbely
Partner | Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii
Adrian Cionca
General Manager | RPC Group
May 15, 2019

The 18th edition of Business Review’s REALTY Forum continues to reflect the growing contribution of the property sector in the Romanian economy. As the leading real estate event on the Romanian market, the REALTY Forum hosts a series of key panel discussions on the outlook of the industry and its investment potential.

Registration, networking and welcome coffee
Panel discussion | Building the Romanian real-estate from the early 2000s to present day and forward

➱ The biggest players on the Romanian real-estate market who have been here from the beginning analyze the market evolution and how they adapted and enriched their portfolios in an ever changing business environment to stay ahead of the game.
➱ Discussion on trends of the future.

Florin Furdui | Portland Trust
Tim Wilkinson | Cushman & Wakefield Echinox
Sebastian Dragomir | Colliers International
Alex Skouras | Alesonor
Ivan Lokere | Alinso Group
Mihai Zaharia | GLOBALWORTH
Dan Borbely | Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii
Coffee break & Networking
Panel discussion | New trends in Office | Residential | Industrial

➱ The delivery pipeline of new office projects: expected stock in 2019 in primary and secondary cities
➱ The delivery pipeline of new residential projects: expected stock in 2019 in primary and secondary cities
➱ The investment strategies of leading players in the industrial and logistics industry | Trends to consider
➱ How the right work space can support retention and recruitment of skilled employees
➱ Can technology make tenants happy? Building Information Modelling (BIM), PropTech. Can robots replace agents?
➱ Space as service & culture of collaboration: co-working, flexible space, wellness

Antoniu Panait | Vastint
Andreea Cotiga | Immofinanz
Dorel Nita | Analize Imobiliare
Razvan Ionescu | Impact Developer & Contractor
Marian Orzu | Dunwell
Andrei Jerca | CBRE
Adrian Cionca | RPC Group
REALTY’s 18th anniversary cocktails


Regular 1 person - 140 Euro + VAT 2 persons - 190 Euro + VAT 3 persons - 250 Euro + VAT

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