These 4 Facial Recognition Uses Will Be a Benefit to Your Business

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 23/05/2022 | 21:25

Discover the top 4 uses of facial recognition and how they can help your business.


Top 4 Uses of Facial Recognition in Business


Facial recognition is a technology we have seen expand into our everyday lives. We can use facial recognition to unlock our smartphones and enter buildings. Both are convenient tools that can save a lot of time. Facial recognition can also help for table games in casinos or for those dine and dash customers in restaurants. There are, however, a few more uses for facial recognition, but one thing we are sure of is that it is a benefit. Since it is used to find a person, facial recognition can be used in several ways to help businesses. Let’s take a look at how that can be done.


What is facial recognition?

In simple terms, facial recognition is used to find a person’s identity using their face. These systems can also be used to find people in pictures, videos, and in real-time. Facial recognition falls under the biometric security category and this category includes various other software tools such as voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, and eye retina or iris recognition. A major factor for using facial recognition is security. Now let’s look at how businesses can use the various facial recognition tools available. 



Probably the biggest reason for them all is security. If you are running a high-risk business or feel you need the extra layer of protection, then using facial recognition in your business is a no-brainer. Say if you own a casino and you’ve flagged suspicious people who are out to count cards. One way to combat this is to have facial recognition systems in your casino that will find the person or people you have flagged as suspicious. This way, your security can block these people from entering your premises. It is a great benefit to have and can save you time, money, and the unnecessary effort you would have to spend to remove these people from your property. However, it can also protect you in other ways. 

You can have facial recognition systems installed in your business in case, heaven forbid, one day you are a victim of a robbery. This way, you will have an image bank of people who have visited your business before. This allows you to show a timeline of the person or people who were first scouting the area to look for their targets and indicate their intent to rob your business. Facial recognition technology is not only for law enforcement, and that’s what makes it great; you can use it for your business or personal life. 

In marketing

You can use facial recognition to enhance your customer experiences, but how can this be done? A prime example was in 2017 when frozen pizza brand DiGiorno used it in a campaign. How it worked was that people’s expressions were analyzed during DiGiorno-themed parties to find out how they felt about pizza – genius! We’ve also seen media companies test audience reactions to move trailers, TV pilots, and promotional ads. 


Tracking attendance

In some workplaces, it becomes difficult to track if your employees are clocking in and out at the correct time, but it’s become a lot simpler with facial recognition. While this may be a little like Big Brother is watching you, it has some rewards, especially if your business faces a massive absenteeism problem. Not only that, it adds an extra layer of protection as your guests or service providers are also being scanned and documented for future use. 

For driving 

If your business makes use of drivers to do deliveries or other ad hoc duties, one way you can ensure that the authorized person is using the vehicle is through facial recognition. This can save you hours of your time trying to figure out who drove the company vehicle and can cut paper-based monitoring where your drivers must sign that they’ve used the vehicle. Another way to use facial recognition for driving is with your vehicle keys. While this is currently only being tested with no word on when it will be rolled out commercially, car companies have been testing the possibility of replacing your vehicle keys using facial recognition. What this will mean is that instead of having an actual key, your vehicle will recognize your face and allow you to access and start it. This is a game-changer for both motor businesses and individuals alike.

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