How to Increase YouTube Views and Start Monetization of Your Channel

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 29/09/2022 | 20:45

YouTube blogger is a real dream job of many Internet users today. A job that has no boundaries and no age limits is attracting more and more people. However, with great popularity comes great competition. 


With billions of active users on YT, it is really difficult to make your voice heard. How to make your audience watch your videos? How to boost your account? Get all these answers in this blog post!

You can also get a great boost on YouTube from 100 views that you can buy from a reputable service. This method works really effectively since all the hits come from real and active accounts. Getting that visibility has never been easier!

What do you need to start monetizing your YT content?

If you want to make money with your videos, you should know that having a channel and the desire to make some bucks is not enough. There are some policies regarding the channels that are eligible for monetization. Read them know to know how to act next:

  • You must be over 18 years old or have a legal adult guardian who will be in charge of your AdSense revenues.
  • Create content that is suitable for advertisers.
  • Have at least 10 thousand subscribers.

How exactly can you earn money on YouTube?

One of the reasons why everyone loves YouTube so much is the variety of earning options. Choose the one that suits your content the most:

  • You can get money from running an advertisement in your videos.
  • Your subscribers can buy a channel membership and get some benefits from you for a fee. Your task is to think about what can lure them into this venture.
  • You can sell merch (not necessarily yours). Your followers can see it on your account and just follow the link to make a payment.
  • Your audience can help you to earn by paying for Super Chat and Super Stickers features.
  •  Finally, one great way to monetize your channel is by joining the YouTube Partner Program.

Top ways to increase YT views

You definitely think that your channel is just one of the million others and that earning from your content is almost impossible. In fact, it is not true. Take a look at these tried-and-true methods of increasing views and monetizing your content.

Improve Your Content

This may seem too obvious to you, but in fact, it’s the most important thing that can make you popular or fall into oblivion. Every day, millions of videos are uploaded. You can find thousands of videos on the same topic as yours. What to do to draw attention to yours? Make it amazing! Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Take care of the quality of your content. This is about your equipment and lighting. Save some money and invest in a new camera and lamp, this is definitely worth your funds! Quality pictures always stand out from other less fancy vids.
  • Make eye-appealing thumbnails. This is the first thing that will be showcased to your potential viewers. Very often, it can be a decisive factor whether to watch a video or not. Always choose readable fonts and aesthetic colors (not acid green or yellow, they are tiring to the eyes).
  • Think of a catchy title. First of all, your video will be searched by certain keywords. Your task is to insert these words in your title. Secondly, it should be informative. However, do not share too much information, there should be a sort of intrigue left. Finally, keep it short and sweet for readers to catch the main idea fast.

Make Use of Appropriate Keywords

If you want to have many views, you should master SEO basics. There are some strategies you can adopt to make your videos more visible for search. And of the best ones is using keywords. You probably know that YT is a search engine and it works just like google.

Therefore, you need to use keywords related to your topic in your titles, descriptions, and so on. How would you know which words to choose? Well, it’s time to do little research and visit your competitors’ channels. You will definitely see some tendencies while comparing their content.

Boost Your Channel Working with Other YouTubers

First of all, it’s fun! It’s a chance to make new friends and become an indispensable part of the YouTube community. Look for bloggers who make content in the same sphere as you and contact them via any social media. However, make sure that there is no big discrepancy between your number of subscribers. Otherwise, do not get hurt that a creator with 10M of subs has left you on read.

Make Use of Advertisements

Of course, this method presupposes spending some money (and very often, more than justbuying some views). But it works! With ads, you can read new audiences and get more views. All you need to do is determine your budget and set a campaign right. Here’s how you do it:

  • Visit the Google ads page and create an account.
  • Click on a new campaign.
  • Select the goal of your campaign.
  • Select a video you want to promote.
  • Fill in all the details: budget, audience, final date, and so on.

Promote Yourself!

Sometimes working on YT audiences is not enough. You need to discover new horizons, and this is when platforms such as Instagram or Twitter step in. There is no such thing as too much promotion when you are only starting out. This is especially important if you are using this platform for business purposes.

Each time you post your new video, share it on other social media, and the more, the better. This technique increases your chances of getting visible and gaining a new audience. Perhaps your Twitter friends didn’t know about your channel, and they will be happy to subscribe!

Don’t Wait for Overnight Fame

How many bloggers who became popular immediately after posting their first video can you name on the spot? We bet that these are barely 2-3 people.

Virality is an amazing yet very fleeing phenomenon. Someone may be lucky enough to wake up famous in just a day, while others have to work for years to become renowned. Just be patient, do what you have to do, follow our advice, and you will see that you are closer to your dream each day!

Final thoughts

No one knows the exact recipe for YouTube success. But there are so many methods you can try to increase your popularity and start earning on YT. Monetizing your content can be a perfect way to get additional income doing things you really enjoy. If you stay true to yourself and work on your goals, you will definitely see the result.

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