How to Get More Instagram Followers In 2022

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 26/04/2022 | 00:42

Given Instagram has a user base of more than a billion people each month, businesses are very eager to gain a foothold on the platform. Opening an Instagram account may only take a few minutes, but building up a large following is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Businesses or influencers who are struggling to elevate their presence on Instagram may be seeking alternatives.


Below are five useful tips to boost your social media presence and get more Instagram followers for your account.


Tip 1: Buy Instagram Followers on Twicsy or Buzzoid

When you are hoping to get more Instagram followers, why not choose the easiest option for getting them? Twicsy and Buzzoid are one of the safest and most reliable platforms for buying Instagram followers, views, and likes.

In fact, both Twicsy and Buzzoid were voted the best sites to buy Instagram followers by the likes of US Magazine, Marinji, Men’s Journal, Atlanta Mag, Brooklyn Paper & Washington City Paper.

Perhaps you heard stories about people who had their accounts shut down because they were buying bot followers. Their mistake was using a disreputable site that sold fake followers and bots, which eventually disappeared and landed your account in trouble with the Instagram algorithm.


Using a reputable, safe website like Twicsy or Buzzoid carries no risk. You can see the various packages for high-quality and premium likes and followers, while the prices for all packages are very low.

Both Twicsy and Buzzoid makes it effortless for you to buy more Instagram followers. Most accounts only need to buy followers one or two times, as the impact of these purchases can be huge.



When you buy more followers, you are elevating your Instagram account immediately. Any posts you make will have more likes, while you will show up higher on search results pages within Instagram for related hashtags that you put on your posts.


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Tip 2: Have a Compelling Bio

There are countless businesses and influencers who work so hard on the quality of their Instagram posts, but do not pay attention to their bio. If someone clicks on your Instagram account through another website or because they see one of your posts, they should immediately know more about you.

Funny bios can work, depending on the nature of your business or work as an influencer. Most experts believe that keeping the biography section professional works best. You can convey the most information, and there is no ambiguity about what you are saying.

Keep in mind that you have limited space in the bio section, which means you will have to use your words carefully. Try to include at least one link to a website or other social media account, encouraging people to follow you across multiple channels.


Tip 3: Create a Branded Hashtag

Many business owners and influencers are finding that regular hashtags have a limit in their usefulness. While you should have relevant hashtags on all your posts, such a method of gaining followers can wear out quickly.

One way to stand out is to create a branded hashtag that is exclusive to your business or personal brand. When people see that hashtag, they will start to recognize it as yours.

Using the branded hashtag not only makes it easier for anyone to discover your posts, but also allows for anyone interested in what you have to say to add their own input to the conversation.

If you make a post about a particular topic or showcasing a new product, people can create their own posts using your hashtag to add their opinion. Eventually, you will notice that your branded hashtag has become commonplace in the community.


Tip 4: Participate in Relevant Conversations

Even though most people use Instagram to post photos or see what celebrities are doing on their time off, there are real conversations happening on the platform each day.

Between politics, racial justice, economic issues, gender conversations, and other topics, you are bound to find many relevant conversations happening among the people you follow.

Businesses and influencers are apprehensive about openly airing their views on particular topics, as they do not want to offend anyone within their following. Do not make that mistake.

Being vocal will gain you a lot more followers, even if your statements are not popular with everyone on the platform. Write out your statements on particular issues very carefully, and read any comments you are making on these topics a few times before you hit the send button.

As long as you are considerate with your words, compassionate in the way you talk, and knowledgeable about the issues, you should see significant gains in your Instagram following using this strategy.


Tip 5: Partner With Local Companies or Influencers

Small businesses that want to gain a wider audience on Instagram should partner with local influencers, while aspiring influencers should find suitable businesses for collaboration.

Two Instagram entities combining forces to produce content always yields great results. Both your target markets will have an interest in your posts, even if there is some overlap between those groups of people.

Partnering with a local business or influencer can also help you establish yourself as a significant presence on Instagram. People who see your collaboration will see that you are a person or business of importance and with clout.

These collaborations are also a fun way to get free products and services, if you are an influencer. Business owners do gain leverage, even if they may have to give some incentive to influencers to partner with them.

As a business owner, your products and services become legitimate when they are recommended by an influencer. People who may have heard about your brand, but want to know more, will now have a reason to buy what you are selling.


Enjoy Yourself on Instagram

By using the above methods, you can gain a lot more followers on your Instagram account. Having a large following means that you can use your account for commercial purposes, as you have a built-in audience of potential customers.

When you get more Instagram followers, you can also have more fun on the platform. Every photo you post or comment you make gains traction, as you are now an influential person within your niche on the platform.

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