19 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views (Cheap & Instant)

Antonio Usurelu 07/04/2024 | 17:11

Wanting to buy Instagram story views?

We tested, and found the best sites to buy views from!

The rate at which people know and connect through different social media platforms skyrockets every passing minute. These users are active in their engagements in liking pictures and viewing videos.

If there is a need to have many people find you on the explore page and frequently entertain with your content, it will be a great idea to purchase Instagram Story views. It will help you become viral, over-jumping the competitors in almost no time.

Engagement rates are critical to helping you grow your fanbase without having to buy instagram followers.

In comparison to Reels, Instagram Stories have more active engagements because people would instead view Stories of users whom they know than from viewing Reels or exploring pages all the time.

Meanwhile, this is heavily hinged on the kind of site that sells social signals. You need to get a reliable service that has a significant amount of credibility in providing paid views. For you, we have done our research, and here they are:

Best sites to buy Instagram story views in 2023

1. UseViral

UseViral - Instagram Story Views

One of the many advantages you enjoy when buying Instagram Story views from UseViral is their pricing. This social media service offers a range of 100-10,000 views from $1 to $20 dollars, and this is as low as one can get paid social signals. Their other advantage is using an SSL certificate to secure the transactions you make with them.

Although their delivery time is 1-12 hours, they have excellent customer service if you have any questions when ordering views from them. Buying story views is a great way to boost your engagement on Instagram, which can also help increase other engagement like helping you with Instagram comments.

Also, you can make an order easily on their website; all that is needed to be done is to choose the necessary package, enter the Instagram username, pay, and receive an email to confirm the payment. After this, wait for the ordered social signals.


  • High-quality views
  • Dedicated Account Support
  • 30 Day Refill
  • Real & Active


  • Don’t accept PayPal

Shop UseViral Instagram Story now


2. Sidesmedia

Sidesmedia buy instagram story views

Sidesmedia was launched in 2015, and not only do they sell Instagram Story views, but they also sell likes, followers, comments, and Reels. To a commendable extent, Sidesmedia has been credited for referring authentic views to their customers’ IG accounts through real people and not bots.

But this is not the only thing; the people they refer to your Instagram Stories engage by liking and commenting on your Stories.

Sidesmedia delivers between one to two hours after you make the purchase. Their service comes with low pricing because they wish to expand their market. They believe in the goal of actually helping people gain more views, especially on their Instagram Stories.

This website has been featured in blogs like HuffPost and Outlook India as the best site to buy Instagram story views.

On this website, you can also buy Instagram reels views.

Their pricing is dependent on the number of views you want, and they sell from 100-10,000 views.


  • Real Targeted Views
  • 24-7 Support
  • 30 Day Refill
  • Positive Reviews


  • Don’t accept Crypto

Shop Sidesmedia now


3. Growthoid.com

Growthoid is a popular social media service provider that sells 100-10,000 Story views, too, even at a cheaper rate of $0.99-$19.99. Still, they seem to be more recommended because of their instant delivery.

Once you buy Instagram Story views from them, you get the service immediately. Their other advantage over others is that they offer a warranty to authenticate their reliable services.

It will be a gain saying that when you intend to order the service, there will be no issue at all in the process. It’s not practical to rule out this tendency. There might be a problem with your password or even account, and knowing you get a warranty puts your mind at rest.

Growthoid has been featured as one of the best sites to Buy Instagram Reels Views in Outlook India.

(It’s been featured two years in a row in OutlookIndia.)


  • Only works on Instagram
  • 30 Day Refill
  • Fast Delivery


  • Only support on week-days

To buy Story views from Growthoid, you select the desired package, send them a link to your profile, pay, and receive a confirmation email.


4. Seeksocially.com

Buying Instagram Story views from InstaFollowers comes with its pecks, and these pecks are presented as the edge they have over others in the business. Unlike other sites that offer a maximum of 10 000 views, InstaFollowers offers as much as a hundred thousand, emphasizing their security and reliable services.

They have online live support, which pops up anytime you want to make a purchase, and they also conduct completely safe transactions which will never require asking for your Instagram password.

You can also get a refund if they fail to deliver at the allotted time of expected delivery. Meanwhile, they have no fixed time for delivery as this can be attributed to the number you want. You get a time when you buy the service.

This website was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Outlook India.


5. HashtagsForLikes

HashtagsForLikes is an engagement accurate boost site with many customers that patronize them. They even offer 30% off impressions when you purchase Instagram likes. Unlike other sites, they sell Instagram Stories beginning from 500 to 15,000 Instagram Story views, and their sale starts from $3.

You can test their services by getting 100 free views to show their immense reliability. The dynamic side to HashtagsForLikes is that they even offer gender-based social signals depending on the kind of business you run or interest in a particular gender viewing.


6. Goread.io

Suppose there is one thing unique about Goread.io’s sale: instant delivery. When you buy Instagram Story views from them, they make sure they send you real people as long as you provide them with the necessary details.

Goread story views

Goread.io sells 100-5000 views from a pricing range of $1.22 to $12.99. This does not require giving them your IG password before you can get the service. They also have an easy-to-use website interface.


7. InstaSocials

InstaSocials offers as many as 50,000 Story views, and this is a unique advantage as other sites do not provide as much as these numbers. they offer unlimited social signals depending on what you want, and all you need is a PayPal account through which you’ll pay them.

Apart from this, the other two most significant advantages are that despite their total sale of IG views, they send genuine accounts and offer fast delivery once you have completed the order. If you are into social media marketing or you seriously intend to increase your trustworthy rate, InstaSocials is the go-to for you.

Although their pricing offer starts from 1000 views, they offer cheap packages to complement this. Their 1000 views go for $2.50, while their 50,000 go for $27.65. You can imagine the affordable pricing that comes with the other number of social signals that come in between.


8. BoostSocialMedia

BoostSocialMedia comes with considerable pricing. It offers 100 views for just $0.80, and they have a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 20,000.

There are lots of upsides when you buy the service from BoostSocialMedia. First, they send views from authentic accounts. The second most significant upside is that the number of views you buy reflects all of your Stories for that day.

This may not happen with other sites, but BoostSocialMedia promises this feature. This single feature proffers quality social signals to your IG Story.

The last upside is that they send the service within 20-30 minutes, which is highly commendable because Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours.


9. EarnViews

EarnViews has to be one of the cheapest social media providers when it comes to selling signals. They sell 1250 views for as low as $0.95, and you even get 100 for free when you consequently buy views from them.

EarnViews guarantee privacy when you buy the service, and they have a track record of numerous customers who make a purchase frequently. They even offer an auto service where you pay them to sell Story views anytime posting something new.

EarnViews is credited for being reliable because they don’t use bots. The most significant advantage when ordering from EarnViews is that the bigger the number you buy, the freer you get. Buying 2500 for a meager price of $1.75, you get 250 extra views. Ordering 5000 for a low price of $3.75, you get +500 views free.


10. BuyCheapestFollowers

BuyCheapestFollowers sells as much as 50,000 Story views. They boast of speedy delivery and have different platforms through which you can pay. This is an edgy feature among their competitors, considering that most sites that offer the same service use Paypal.

They sell 100 views for as low as $0.99, while their 50,000 package costs $81.49. It is a fair price if you want enough views on your Instagram Story.

BuyCheapestFollowers is credited for helping people grow their pages within a short time, and it means they have higher conversion rates in comparison to other sites.


11. QubeViews

QubeViews has enough ratings and reviews to certify its credibility as an Instagram Story views’ selling website. Although it does not exclusively specify in this service alone, it has excelled in its sale to its 10,000 plus customers.

They have an array of options to choose from, and they assure privacy to the data you provide when you order from them. They also guarantee that the number of views you get on the IG Story does not drop over time, of course, within the space of social signals you paid for.

On privacy, QubeViews does not need to log in or provide any sensitive details, like the password. They only ask for the username, and you get the specified number of views.


12. PlanYourGram

PlanYourGram allows you to buy up to 100,000 Story views. It is a great advantage and a chance of an effective boost. Social media marketing can help in owning a business or marketing your products.

The remarkable thing is that you can have the Instagram Story featured on the explore page, having even more social signals and grow organically. There is also a high probability of attracting more organic followers through this.

Let us even pretend that there might be a low level of genuine fans; you can get more followers ordering the service, people who are genuinely interested in what you do.

PlanYourGram also promises fast delivery after the purchase, and if you’re not satisfied with their service, there is a 100% guarantee to get money back.


13. LeoBoost

LeoBoost’s prices may look high, but they offer quality services that complement the Story views you get. The transaction is safe when you purchase from them because they use PCI technology, ReCAPTCHA, and SSL certificate.

The more Instagram Story views you buy from them, the more discounts you get. Ordering 2500 views, you get 10% off. They never ask for your password and have a standby 24/7 customer service.


14. InstaImpressions

To buy Instagram Story views from InstaImpressions, you need PayPal. While this may seem like a downside, there is the benefit of uploading a maximum of 20 Stories and still having the same views on all of them.

instaimpressions website

InstaImpressions sells 100-30,000 Instagram Story views from a range of $1.50 to $50. You don’t need to register on the page before buying, and they have two different packages: cheap IG Stories views and real Instagram Stories views.

The prices mentioned above fall under the cheap IG Stories category, while real Instagram Story views have a different array of prices.


 15. BuyViewsLikes

The sincere thing about BuyViewsLikes is how cheap and effective their services come, which can cause a real boost. You can get 3000 Instagram Story views as low as $2 and 80,000 for $45. That is really mind-blowing!

While it may seem too good to be true, BuyViewsLikes sends real people to your Instagram Story. To buy the service, all you need is the URL to your IG account, and they deliver the views between 1-10 hours.


16. SubscriberZ

SubscriberZ has excellent reviews to back up its reliable service. They send social signals to your IG Story as fast as possible; this appears to be their most substantial advantage, but it is not.

SubscriberZ doesn’t just leave you when you’ve placed your orders, and they ensure that each view is delivered and asks you how you’ve enjoyed their service. This shows a tremendous amount of trustworthiness.

Unlike other sites, SubscriberZ does not accept payments through PayPal alone or a credit or debit card. The nice thing is that they accept Crypto payments, and this is dynamic and convenient for you to buy Instagram Story views.


17. SnapHappen

SnapHappen has a reliable profile of being cheap and delivering the service to your Instagram Story as fast as possible. They always run a special promotion sale for their many benefits, especially when buying Instagram Story views. You can get this promotion sale even paying $0.95 for 100 views.

SnapHappen has a unique advantage over all other sites because their delivery starts 15 minutes after you order.


18. SocialBar

Because SocialBar is a versatile all-inclusive website, its services are recommended. They sell Instagram Story views and followers, and meanwhile, this is not restricted to Instagram alone, and they sell views and likes on other platforms, even on LinkedIn.

SocialBar also offers a refill guarantee to prove the extent of their reliable services. The downside is that you’ll have to create an account with SocialBar before you can buy Instagram Story views.


 19. Viralyft

Viralyft is a top-rated site, and it boasts of being the source of traffic, for now, popular Instagram influencers. It means that when you buy Instagram Story views from Viralyft, there is not only a high chance of conversion, and there will be impactful engagements resulting from the social signals on your IG Story.

Suppose you are very interested in getting more views, establishing a social media presence, and reaching a global audience. In that case, Viralyft can help you with this, and this can affect a real boost in your business when you buy views from them.

Surprisingly, their range of services also comes with affordable pricing as 500 Instagram Story views sell for $1.99 while 50,000 sell for $59.99.


What Are IG Story Views? Why Are They So Crucial?

If people can improve their businesses or spend a lot of money trying to look good, then why not buy views which will do some good for your online promotion, making you stand out of the crowd on the explore page.

When you buy IG views, you have a great shot at people discovering your Instagram account, and then you start getting some organic followers consequently. It’s like you are killing two birds with one stone. Before you know it, the more engagement you get, the more views your Story has, and then, you get that blue tick!

Instagram Story Views Guide

Instagram Story views are the views you get from Instagram Story, a feature added by the platform on December 2, 2016. This feature allows you to share pictures and videos of your activities on Instagram without necessarily retaining them on your profile.

  • Instagram Stories help to improve the engagements you get on your Instagram account and can help you go social viral, becoming more noticeable on the explore page.
  • The fantastic thing is that you can buy views instantly. Some of these sites have instant delivery of not more than 15 minutes. Because of the nature of IG Stories (they disappear after 24 hours), there is the need that the Story views you get from any site are provided as quickly as possible.
  • You can get organic social signals on Instagram video when you’ve purchased more views from Instagram Story views sellers. Like it was mentioned, you get more organic traffic when you are discovered, and the best way to be learned is when you buy Instagram Story views.

We’ve identified that you intend to get more views on your IG Story, and we have listed 19 sites from which you can get this service. But the big question now becomes choosing a particular place to get more views for your Instagram Story.

The truth is, recommending a specific site for you to get Instagram Story views will be too limiting. The advisable thing is to visit each of these sites and examine which one works for you. The sites have different budgets, and you must compare the prices and see which one goes best for your Instagram Story.

Choose a service for your Instagram Story views based on convenience

You might find any of these services shortcomings your expectations in making the order. But you can easily cancel the order and place an order for more views from another service provider.

If you are picky, you can choose to buy Instagram Stories from a particular site because of their web interface:

  • Some of these sites might have a web interface that jumbles the amounts of the Story views together and makes it hard for you to choose.
  • Read through the content of each website, check if they have an assured refill guarantee, and carefully examine their package policies.
  • You can also ask friends, or in a group, if they’ve used any of these services to get more views on their Instagram Story from authentic accounts.

The reason for this is not far-fetched, and it is easy to buy reviews and ratings online.


Is it illegal to buy Instagram Story views?

No, it is very legal to use paid views, and Instagram will not penalize you or ban you because you bought Instagram Story views as long as they are not from bots, which is exactly why we’ve lined up the best 19 sites to curb any of such occurrences.

How will it grow my Instagram Story views?

You can grow your numbers when you buy Instagram Story views consistently, and this will help bring more organic traffic to your Instagram account and even more followers through those who are sent to your Instagram Story.

That way, you have a 100% chance of getting more views.

How many social signals do you need to get verified?

Instagram verifies you based on your rankings. The more engagements you get with your Instagram Story views, the higher your chance of getting confirmed.

Is it safe to buy Instagram Story views?

To this effect, we have mentioned some sites that use SSL certificates, PCI technology, and reCAPTCHA. This will help ensure secure transactions when you buy Instagram Story views. Besides, 98% of these sites do not ask for your IG password, and in the rare event that they do, it is safer to go to another site.

Where to buy Instagram Story views?

We have listed 19 best sites above to buy Instagram Story views: UseViral, Sidesmedia, Instagrowing, FollowersID, BuyTopLikes, InstaFollowers, PaySocialMedia, Goread, InstaSocials, BoostSocialMedia, EarnViews, BuyCheapestFollowers, QubeViews, PlanYourGram, LeoBoost, InstaImpressions, BuyViewsLikes, SubscriberZ, SnapHappen, SocialBar, and Viralyft.

Why should you buy Instagram Story views?

Objectively, it would help if you used paid signals because of their capability in increasing your social media presence and helping you affect a real boost with more views.

If you run a business, you should buy Instagram Story views as a means of social media marketing to increase your business’s online visibility and overall patronage, or would you buy instagram views for more traditional videos instead of stories?

Even if you don’t run a business, you can help yourself grow organically when you buy more views to your Instagram Story. There is also a high chance that your IG Stories get featured on the explore page.


Main Thoughts

  1. You can buy Instagram Story views through a trustworthy provider.
  2. Your choice of what site to buy Instagram Story views from should depend on your budget, how secure the place is, and the site’s content. It will help make your transaction completely safe.
  3. Instagram Stories can bring more organic followers to your account.
  4. Do not share your Instagram password with any site.
  5. The influence of your organic followers on Instagram through your Instagram Story views can help you have more followers on other social media platforms.



About the Author: Antonio Usurelu is an online marketing expert who helped thousands of businesses grow their presence on social networks.


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