6 Ways To Simplify Difficult Data On Your Site

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 01/11/2021 | 15:37

Are you worried about how you can present your data in a more precise, simpler, and easier way?  The thing is that when you’re presenting data for your site, you have to make sure that it’s as straightforward as possible for the sake of your audience because they’re more likely to leave your site if they find your data difficult to comprehend. 


The online world is full of numbers, data, and statistics. If your site uses any sort of statistical information, it’s going to be a pain in the neck to find a way to simplify it. But, your site won’t be much good if all of your audience leaves because they can’t understand the stuff you’re trying to say. So, if you’re looking for ways to present your data in the most precise way so that you capture your audience’s attention, then this article is certainly for you

This article will discuss six effective ways you can simplify your data so that the information on your site would be much easier and more convenient for your audience to read and absorb.



  • Use The Right Types Of Graphs For Your Data


In cases wherein your data involves some statistics and numbers, you could simplify your data by using the best type of graph for it. For example, bar graphs are useful to display how much something varies in different groups, while line graphs are good when you’re interested in the changes over time. 

The use of graphs in online writing is far more popular than it has ever been before, primarily due to the fact that people reading blogs are, generally, on their phones or tablets, rather than on computers, wherein, sometimes, accessibility could be an issue. Because of this definite reason, you can now use a WordPress table plugin on any device to create tables, charts, and graphs to help you make a clear presentation of your data.


  • Use Icons 


People love pictures, and that’s for a good reason. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Right?  Take advantage of that and use some cute little icons to represent your data. Have a bar graph with five categories?  Why not just use five individual bars instead?  This will certainly make your data easy to read.


  • Keep It Short 


Keep your information short and precise. Nobody wants to read a novel on the Internet, so don’t write one. Being online is all about skimming and scanning until someone finds something that piques their interest, enough for them to read it more closely. If possible, try breaking up really large chunks of text into smaller paragraphs using line breaks. This is because once information is presented in large chunks of text, deciphering its significance becomes difficult. 


  • Remove Unneeded Words 


This tip sounds like it would make sense, right?  But, you’d be surprised at how many people add too much information when they could easily get away with fewer words!

Unnecessary words include superlatives (best, worst), adverbs (quickly, slowly), and even articles (the, a, an) when they wouldn’t be needed. 


  • Use Lists 


Does this sound familiar?  You’re writing a blog post, and you feel like everything flows naturally until you get to one of your points. You try to write more on that topic, but it feels unnatural because the rest of your post is structured differently!  This is when you should use lists.

Lists are perfect for breaking up large blocks of information into small chunks that readers can digest easily and naturally.


  • Simplify Using Real-Life Analogies 


Analogies may not be ‘exact,’ but they’re exactly what your audience needs to understand statistical data because people live by analogy.

For instance, if you’re trying to explain how big an earthquake has been since the last time someone felt it, instead of saying 5.0 or higher on the Richter scale, liken it to the strength of opening your front door. Analogies help people understand how significant certain numbers are, and this will make them more likely to pay attention.



So, there you go—six simple ways you can simplify your statistical data so that everyone can read them with much ease and convenience, thereby improving user satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to try them out, see what works for you, and keep in mind that if something doesn’t work, never hesitate to try something else!  Always remember that the way you write shouldn’t hinder the amount of traffic heading toward your site; rather, it should encourage it.

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