6 Best Sites to Order Essay Papers Online (Cheap and Custom)

Constantin Macri 03/06/2022 | 17:54

Are you struggling to meet your deadlines because there are just too many essay writing assignments on your plate? You might be staring at your computer screen for hours now, unable to get past the introduction of your essay because your creative slump has chosen this time to rear its ugly head. Been there. Done that.


Thankfully, it is now easier to find reliable essay writing services that will help you tick off the many things on your to-do list. An experienced writer can do all the work for you so you can sit back, take a breather and relieve some of the stress of college life.

But before you get overwhelmed with the many choices you have for paper writing services, stick around, read on and let us veer you in the right direction. Here is a brief overview of the best players on the market to help you hunt for the best writing service.

Best Sites to Order Essay Papers Online: In a Nutshell

  1. PaperHelp – Fastest Service
  2. GradeMiners – Flexible Options
  3. Studdit – Most Reliable
  4. Finest Essay – Affordable Services
  5. My Admission Essay – The best bet for Complex Writing Projects
  6. Master of Papers – Rapid Turnover



  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Writers use reliable sources
  • Has a revision and refund policy
  • Loyalty and referral programs


  • Sometimes, the rate changes depending on the writer
  • Plagiarism report can get expensive the more pages you need to check
  • Additional payment for soft copy of sources and Table of Contents

If longevity means reliability, then you can assume that PaperHelp is one of the most reliable essay writing services out there. With more than 14 years of essay writing experience, they have already established a solid reputation in the industry.

Their services are varied. If you need simple academic papers, they have professional essay writers to help you out. But in addition to that, they also have professional writers that specialize in more difficult research papers.

It’s a more affordable paper writing service with a starting price of $10. Their ordering system comes with a step-by-step guide on their website on how you can place your order. It’s as simple as ordering takeout from your phone. The process is hassle-free, and their website loads fast.

It offers flexible terms and the ability to personalize your order. You can customize your order depending on the level of writing you want to be done. The transparency of their writer profiles is also great. It’s easier to choose a college essay writer from their set fields of expertise. You should be able to compare the ratings left behind by their previous customers that showcase their writing skills.

While there are some issues when it comes to the promptness of their customer service, their services are fairly good. You can get a hold of a customer service personnel if you have issues with your order. They will also connect you with the professional writer you have chosen for the work so you can freely communicate what you want.

Grade Miners


  • Has a web feature that allows you to calculate the costs of your order
  • Original and well-written papers
  • They have a money-back guarantee
  • Impressive variety of academic services
  • Some services are free
  • Has a good referral policy


  • Some writers are non native English speakers
  • Some people complain about poor customer service

GradeMiners have been providing stellar essay writing services for more than 10 years now. They provide a fast turnaround of college papers and academic writing, thanks to their more than 3,000 writers. A simple essay can set you back by at least $14, but the prices can go as high as $50 for more complex writing needs. They also calculate the price depending on the urgency. You can get a price quote from them to get a better idea of how much it will cost you.

You can say that they are the best paper writing services because they can do revisions promptly. They accept multiple revisions without additional costs for two weeks after you receive the output. You will have to pay more if you need more things to be revised. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund. They can issue a refund to your Bonus Balance as well and use that for future transactions.

The referral policy is one way of earning extra money as well. If you know other people who also need writing services, they can open their account and use your referral.



  • Well-researched and well-written articles
  • More comprehensive writing services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Comes with a lot of free services
  • Ideal for folks on a tight budget


  • You can find some negative reports

Studdit is an essay writing service geared towards students. If you want essays, research papers, term papers, or dissertation writing done, this is one of the best essay writing services to go to. Among other essay writing services, their key feature is versatility in writing offers.

Their arsenal also extends to writing reviews and speeches. It’s one of the more in-depth sites out there for academic writing because they have a team of writers who are experienced in various topics.

This is one of those legit essay writing services with full customer service support and values your privacy. It’s quite easy to order from their site, thanks to their site’s intuitive design. It’s a straightforward process and easy to navigate, even for newbies. They also have a secure payment system and accept major credit cardholders.

In comparison with other essay writing services, Studdit brings more services free of cost, including a free plagiarism report, amendments, and formatting. In addition to that, they have a great set of packages, which could save a few dollars in your wallet. It’s definitely the best bet for budget-conscious folks.

Finest Essay


  • Affordable essay writing service and offers discounts
  • Reliable customer support
  • Money back guarantee
  • An expansive range of writing services
  • Unlimited revisions


  • Generic writing, no specialists
  • No social media pages to reach out to them

If you are looking for an essay writing service that will not break the bank, you might like Finest Essay. On your first order, you can get up to 15% discount. Ordering from them is easy, thanks to their website’s easy and user-friendly design. This is one of those essay writing companies that have customer support on standby in case you need emergency writing services. They are always available for a chat if you have questions.

Are you in need of a specialized form of writing? It can be hard to find one that will write more complex topics, which is why you might want to try their writing services. Customers say it’s much easier to find writers who can do more in-depth writing, such as thesis and dissertations.

Need admission essays and research papers done? No worries because they also have professional writers that specialize in these writing services. You can say that they have a more varied pool of writers since they can also cater to simple and regular essays and term papers.

Another plus point is their unlimited editing offer. If the article needs to be tweaked to your satisfaction, it can be done and addressed quickly.

Prices for their college essay writing service or high school essay start at $11.75. It’s fairly affordable compared to other players on the market. Most of their customers seem to be satisfied with the quality of their work, but if you are not, you can always take advantage of their revision policy.

My Admission Essay


  • Accepts urgent requests
  • Speedy service and fast customer service
  • Affordable packages


  • Some say the quality of the essays are not as good as the others
  • Might be hard to get the money back guarantee

What many people like about My Admissions Essays is their wider range of services. They don’t have just a team of writers that can do college papers. They also have people who can assist you with other types of work, such as making a PowerPoint presentation. Even business people are welcome to try their services.

But just like their name, they specialize in admission essays. Those who have tried their services say that their writers have done a great job with the essays. In addition to that, many people are also happy with their academic writing services.

Need someone who can do business writing? They don’t disappoint. Their pool of writers seems to be flexible and well-versed in different forms of writing.

You can get an estimate on the costs of your order from their website. It’s easy to navigate, and you can send in your orders plus your instructions quickly. Their ordering process is succinct but detailed, allowing you to put your specifications on what you want and what you expect.

Prices are competitive. For simple essay writing, prices start at $11, but more difficult writing work can set you back by over $102.

If you have problems with the output, you can contact their customer service. They seem to reply promptly to queries and requests for edits.

Master of Papers


  • Discount for newbies
  • Impressive selection of services
  • Easy ordering process
  • Prices are competitive


  • Some are not satisfied with the output they got
  • No unlimited revisions
  • Refunds are only credited on store account

Add Master of Papers to the list of your options. Having been around for a long time, they have established quite a reputation when it comes to the best essay writing services. They act as a bridge so you can connect to the suitable essay writer who will produce the top-notch papers you are looking for.

They mainly specialize in college paper writing services. But aside from that, they also are able to write decent academic paper for you. Their college paper writing services have a good turnover rate and are offered at a reasonable price range.

As for their research paper writing, the writers seem to do a thorough job researching the topics and including sources.

Their starting rate of $13.86 is a bit more expensive than other academic writing services. However, this essay writing site can still be a good choice for people on a tight budget because of their 15% discount offer, which is available for first-time customers. All in all, the price is reasonable considering the additional services that you can get.

Unlike other services, their plagiarism report is an add-on. You would have to shell out $15 for the service. It’s also a letdown that they aren’t offering unlimited revisions. If you want something changed, you need to get it done within two weeks after getting the output. Otherwise, they will charge you for additional changes.

How to Choose the Right Essay Writing Services

Primary Pros and Cons of Buying Essay Online

Writing doesn’t come easily to many of us. College students, for instance, are swamped with so many things to do that college essay might be the last brick in this Jenga that will cause it to fall. When you buy essay online and take advantage of a college paper writing service, you can accomplish more things and submit your work on time.

You are also taking advantage of the expertise of native English speakers. These essay writers will do all the work for you – from researching the topic to delivering high-quality papers. It basically frees up more time so you can devote that time to doing other tasks. You are also tapping on the talent and expertise of writers who are more well-versed in specific academic fields.

The downside to getting essay writing services is that you have no control over the output. Sure, you can communicate with the essay writers and tell them what you want, but you won’t know until you get the output if they got it right. You just need to be more skeptical when hunting for essay writing sites. Be more discerning when choosing essay writers who will work on your orders.

Check out the reviews of their previous customers so you can determine if they are the best fit for your needs. This will ensure that you get as closer to college-level writing.

Plagiarized Work – Is This Going to Be a Concern When Availing Essay Writing Service?

One thing you should know about the best essay writing services is that you can always expect them to deliver plagiarism-free research papers. If they have been around for a long time, it means that they are credible enough to deliver the best academic papers.

However, it’s still important to be extra discriminating. Make sure you go over your choices and see which ones have an unquestionable reputation. Their services are not always the same. You can ask for recommendations from other people who have already used this service.

The best essay writing services offer plagiarism report to bring you more peace of mind. Some companies will offer this for free, while others might charge you extra for the service. You can also do your own plagiarism check. There are some free tools that you can use to run over the documents you want to check.

How Much Does It Generally Cost to Hire Essay Writing Service?

In general, most essay writing sites start at a little over $10, but it depends on the type of expertise you seek. The more words and pages you need, the more price will increase.

It also depends on the level of expertise you seek. If it requires more research, such as in the case of academic papers and business reports, it will cost you more.

If it’s an urgent request and you need it an hour or two after submitting your request, you might have to spend more. This is why it’s better if you take advantage of the best paper writing services early so you can get discounts.

Most essay services have a feature on their website that allows you to calculate the costs of your order. That way, you can determine how much their custom essay writing service will cost you before you send in your order.

Use their referral programs as well. You can earn money from referring other clients. Use the credits you earned on your next orders.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Essay Done?

Again, this depends on the complexity of the project. The more complex it is, the longer it will take. The best essay writing service will have various options on turnover time. Writing essays for hundreds of clients simultaneously is impossible, so to prioritise your college essays, you can choose the level of urgency.

A good writing company should be able to turn over the output as fast as 6 hours after you send your order.

Quality of Writing Style When Buying Essays Online

The wast majority of trustworthy essay services will offer high-quality service. However, some services might stumble with technical, business, and academic assignments. You will have to look for a college paper service that offers professional writing assistance.

There are also many sites that offer free revisions. You can contact their support team or have a chat with the college essay writers to discuss the revisions you want to be made and get as close to the output that you are happy with.

Will You Be Able to Contact Customer Service?

The best essay writing service comes with a 24/7 customer support team. You can contact them any time and through different modes of communication such as on-site chat, phone, or email. Most people who needed free revisions for their output have gotten what they liked from their essay writer service. You can also find an essay service that has a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied at all with your college essay, you can contact them, and they can issue a refund.


How Long Does It Take to Write My Essay Paper?

It depends on a lot of factors, such as the level of difficulty and the availability of the writers. Most of the companies that offer essay service have an average turnover time of 6 hours. Even cheap essays will still take some time to accomplish. It’s better to give them a head start and order your essay a few hours before.

For more difficult writing projects that usually require more research, expect them to take longer to write. It’s also possible to find college essay companies that have special emergency services. If your deadline is coming up and you need that essay pronto, just look for an emergency college essay service.

Who Will Write My Paper?

A trusted essay writing service will have hundreds or thousands of writers under them. These are usually native college essay writers. The best paper writing service always ensures that they have in their arsenal experts in various academic fields for more demanding work such as academic papers or research paper.

There are also companies with ESL writers. They might not be native speakers, but they can write close to the native level.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With The Quality of My Essay Paper?

If you are not happy with the output, you can have a writer direct communication where you will be directed to the person who wrote your essay and then have it revised. The best writing service will offer time for revisions. Some even offer them for free, especially if you are under a loyalty program. If, after the revisions, you are still unhappy with the results, you can get a refund.

Is There Any Customer Support?

Yes. You can contact customer support at any time for these sites. They have 24/7 customer service assistance, so in case you need to get a hold of the writer who wrote your essay urgently, they can connect you to them.

How to Remain Confidential and Avoid the Danger of Being Caught?

Don’t worry because when you buy essays, everything will be done anonymously. One way to make sure it still sounds like you are the one writing it is to send them your previous works and get them to match your tone and writing style.

It’s also important to choose the best college essay writers that will take your needs and preferences into account. They should be able to listen to your specifications so they can create an output that best fits your needs.

In Conclusion

If you need additional help with your school load, don’t hesitate to get these services. Check for both negative and positive reviews, so you know if you are dealing with a good and reputable writing company.

You should have a clear idea of the writing direction of the essay and provide clear and complete details to the writers. If you already have resources, don’t hesitate to include that as well so that the writers will know what to include.

Go for those with a solid reputation in this industry. That way, you know that you will be able to get the output you are looking for.

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