5 Websites Where I Can Pay Someone to Do my Assignment

Constantin Macri 20/07/2022 | 20:49

Obtaining assistance with academic work is becoming relatively common. It is sometimes hard to complete every assignment independently because of the demanding curriculum at learning institutions. Students are required to do a lot of assignments, with each instructor believing that their course is the most essential. Since the pupils should not drop out or fail to submit any of their assignments, they have a preferable alternative by seeking professional assistance from an online academic writing provider.


Where to hire someone to do your homework?

There is, of course, the question of which company to choose to pay someone to do my homework. The quality and cost of the writing services are among the most important factors to consider while picking a company to handle one’s assignment. Accordingly, students assess reviews of different academic writing companies to choose the one that suits them best. One may consider writing companies such as:

  1. CheapWritingService
  2. EssayHelp
  3. AcademicExperts
  4. CollegePaperWorld
  5. Write-Right

1. CheapWritingService.com – Best overall

CheapWritingService.com provides a platform for students to make orders for academic papers. The company’s website is well-designed and simple to use. There are four major categories on the website, including “FAQ,” “Testimonials,” “Pricing,” and “About our service.” Further, two tabs are available such as “Place Inquiry” and “Order Paper.”

The company prominently advertises good deals such as the “Best Price Guarantee” and clarifies that using Cheapwritingservice.com to obtain a paper would result in savings of between 30 and 50%. Regarding the Testimonials section, there are many customer reviews listed there. The company consistently receives many favorable comments on their official website. Consequently, the issue of consumer transparency and trust arises. Students must discern if the company may have intentionally posted fictitious good reviews to deceive and influence clients to pay for assignment help.

Options for pricing come in different forms. High school papers have a 14-day timeframe and cost that begins at $9 per page. One must pay extra if they want their work completed as soon as possible by shortening the deadline. For example, they would need to pay $29 per page for a four-hour deadline. Undergraduate year 1-2 orders cost as little as $11/page for a 14-day timeframe and as much as $32 per page for a 4-hour deadline. Furthermore, the minimum cost for Undergraduate year 3-4 orders is $15 per page, and the highest is $42 per page. The cheapest for graduate orders is $22 per page, while the highest is $52 per page. The minimum cost for PhD papers is $27 a page, and the highest is $67 per page.

The types of papers that one can get from this company include essays, analyses, annotated bibliography, movie or book reviews, blog posts, business plans, capstone projects, and case studies. The company serves a wide range of customers since it offers a variety of services. Taking on many types of assignments necessitates CheapWritingService to ensure that the orders completed are of good quality.

The company strives to provide its customers with high-quality academic papers by offering free services, including proper paper formatting, reference and title pages, live chat customer care available round-the-clock, unlimited revisions, and plagiarism detection software.

CheapWritingService offers its clients three options for choosing a writer:

  • a top 10 writer
  • an advanced writer
  • the best standard writer

Most customers go for the best available standard writer choice since the other writer options are considered relatively expensive. Equally, hiring a native speaker incurs additional costs. Although clients prefer settling for less-skilled writers due to limited budgets, it often leads to good-quality work and timely submissions.

To conclude, CheapWritingService is suitable for writing at all academic levels as long as their choice of writers corresponds with their budget. For instance, the best standard writer may not be suitable to graduate and PhD level students operating on a low budget because the order’s quality may fall short of expectations. Nonetheless, investing in the company’s best writers guarantees high-quality assignments.

2. EssayHelp.org – Runner up

EssayHelp.org offers assistance with all types of writing assignments such as dissertations, essays, book reports, and thesis. Students may access a vast database of skilled writers at EssayHelp who can help them with their projects. You can hire someone to do your homework by picking the writer you wish to work with based on their prior experience and field of specialty from the wide range of available writers.

Payment is only necessary when clients are content with the final product and can communicate directly with the writers. Customers may select their payment method for the services offered on this website. Although the company states that rates start at $7.50 per page, it does not provide any pricing systems. Clients may input their pricing when placing an order depending on their budget. This company’s flexible pricing scheme enables it to be among the most reasonably priced writing services available on the Internet.

EssayHelp.org also has various terms, including the money-back guarantee. Parts of long orders are divided, and writers are compensated per part. The existing regulations state that clients cannot cancel an order until the very end. This implies that customers may waste their money if the assignment’s quality is below the required standards. Any payments that have not yet been transferred to the writer can be refunded under this money-back guarantee.

Nevertheless, the quality of work clients obtain varies since the writers’ skills are dissimilar. Although order deadlines are met, any necessary modifications take several days, creating a challenge for students who demand complete, well-written assignments to be submitted on time. The services provided are generally of high standards compared to other websites, which confirms the website’s legitimacy.

EssayHelp does not perform plagiarism and proofreading checks. These issues are the client’s responsibility, which may result in significant delays if changes are needed. Besides, the absence of a live chat feature or phone number for help sometimes puts customers in difficult situations if they have urgent issues.

Nevertheless, EssayHelp is a good service for students of all academic levels who need simple papers or assignments. Since clients can assess a writer’s prior experience and area of specialization and communicate with them directly, the company’s services may be recommended for most undergraduate or graduate students.

3. AcademicExperts.com – Best for finance and law papers

AcademicExperts.com is a high-quality writing service that employs working professionals in finance and law to help students who specialize in those fields. You should consider placing an order on this website if you want academic writing assistance in subjects like law or finance. Their customers have left some excellent reviews on the company’s website. Most of them are pleased with the company’s timely delivery of orders, pricing, and quality of assignments. Further, the company offers the option of getting a free sample paper, title page, and bibliography page.

AcademicExperts offers help in a limited number of fields. They believe that a specialty company is the best approach to provide its clients with top-notch services. This approach allows the team to concentrate just on a few disciplines, which assumes that each writer is fully committed to the assignment.

Furthermore, such an approach contributes to the availability of low-cost, high-quality services. Pricing has always been very important to students. Accordingly, access to a company that provides excellent services at fair prices is essential.

Additionally, AcademicExperts offers a variety of guarantees to its clients. Thus, customers feel protected and will likely order more services in the future. Clients have an opportunity to get a refund of their money. They may easily request a refund if they are unhappy with a paper’s quality and requesting a revision did not fix the issue. Moreover, the company guarantees to all of its clients that every assignment is original and done from scratch, ensuring the papers are devoid of plagiarism. Further, the company has a system for detecting plagiarism and checks all papers before delivering them to the customer.

Clients may also rest assured that the information they give AcademicExperts will not be disclosed to anybody. Overall, if customers order from the company, they obtain a high-quality sample from a working professional in the given field. Moreover, they pay a fair amount for an order, implying that they may save the additional funds. AcademicExperts is an excellent choice for students to pay someone to do my programming assignment.

4. CollegePaperWorld.com – Best for last-minute papers

CollegePaperWorld.com is a company that provides fast writing services with the goal of assisting students in completing their assignments more effectively and quickly. Their skilled writers cover a wide range of disciplines, such as psychology, biology, English 101, philosophy, and history.

Since this company has been providing writing help to students for nearly ten years, they are undoubtedly experienced in assisting them with challenging writing assignments. Each writer is a specialist in one or more disciplines. Consequently, using the company to receive writing help does not take much time. One of the best features of this company is that a client may communicate with the assigned writer throughout the writing process. This feature allows them to track progress and provide further information to their writer if necessary.

The final cost is determined by the deadline, academic level, pages, and type of paper requested. However, CollegePaperWorld is undoubtedly among the most reasonably priced services available to students. When a customer orders a high school paper and selects the 14-day deadline, the charges begin at $10 per page. When compared to what other companies charge, the cost is fair.

Furthermore, the writers at CollegePaperWorld are skilled enough to produce outstanding and original papers. The company does not condone plagiarism from its writers. It aims to show customers that delivering high-quality papers is still feasible even with limited time. CollegePaperWorld is definitely a website where I would pay someone to do my homework.

Write-Right.net – Best for dissertations and research papers

Write-Right.net provides high-quality online writing services in a timely manner. One may get assistance with assignments of any academic level and complexity. The company’s writers are specialists in a variety of disciplines, and a customer’s assignment is allocated to a writer with the required expertise in the field.

Additionally, this company features a quality assurance system that aids in tracking the accomplishments of the writers and establishing their rankings fairly. This ranking system allows clients to work with the best in the company while keeping the writers motivated.

The charges are relatively low, beginning at $10 for a high school level assignment. This approach is somewhat flexible and is based on an order’s urgency, type, length, and academic level. Thus, the sooner an order is placed, the less it will cost.

Moreover, the company offers a money-back guarantee for all its customers. The latter may request a refund if anything goes wrong with their paper and the company is unable to resolve the issue. This policy gives clients a sense of security when they use Write-Right.net.

The company exclusively works with professional writers, the majority of whom have degrees from institutions in Canada and the US. The writers adhere to all paper instructions and proofread their work for grammatical errors. They may also assist customers in generating and analyzing questionnaires for their primary research if required.

5. Write-Right.net is the best option for students seeking a customized approach and high-quality service. The company’s high standards would certainly compel me to pay someone to do my assignment.

Choosing the best service to pay for assignment help

A student’s wish to find inexpensive writing help online is totally natural, but because there are so many assignment writing services to pick from, they cannot base their decision on price alone. Considering price alone risks obtaining a cheap paper that is either hardly usable, delivered later than expected, or has several pages missing. Students may employ various approaches to choose the best essay writing service:

  1. Search for assignment writing service reviews. A review is crucial in guiding students toward the best option and ensuring that the writing company they choose will not let them down. Nevertheless, clients must be wary of fake reviews from writing companies that may mislead them.
  2. Examine the scope of available services. There are only two possible interpretations when an assignment writing service focuses only on a single academic level or paper type. First, the company excels in one type of paper, but it is unlikely to offer low-cost writing services. Second, it is a very small company with maybe only a few writers, which means it will struggle to compete with more prominent, well-known companies. A company that is not well-established means that its services may also be below par.
  3. Identify proficient writers. A student can only expect high-quality work if the person working on the order is an excellent writer. Most assignment writing companies pay close attention to the caliber of writers it employs, despite the low-cost services they may be offering.
  4. Verify the writing style used by the writing company. The ability to replicate the client’s writing style indicates a quality writing company. This objective is only attainable if the writer is skilled enough to adapt a customer’s writing style and produce generally good work. Additionally, a writer should be good at writing at all academic levels.
  5. Evaluate the company’s communication. A trustworthy yet affordable writing company would always welcome feedback from clients. The company should readily communicate with the customer throughout the order process and after it has been completed. A client must be able to contact a customer service agent at any time to inquire about the status of their order, make an inquiry, or lodge a complaint.
  6. Discover whether the company offers guarantees. All writing companies will use various strategies to draw in and keep clients, such as loyalty programs, bonuses, and free pages. There are assurances that a client should be able to get at every company, but they might vary from site to site. The money-back guarantee ensures that a client will get a refund if many revisions fail to adequately address the paper’s instructions. The free revision guarantee enables customers to have their orders edited for free if they fail to meet the paper requirements.

How to find genuine essay writing services reviews?

Students looking for reviews of assignment writing companies have no actual means of knowing if the critiques they are viewing are genuine or not. Nonetheless, they can find legitimate reviews of assignment writing services written by real people from review websites, social media, or writing websites.

  • Review websites. Examples of well-known review websites are Trustpilot and Scamfighter. These online platforms allow anybody to post a review of any writing service. Therefore, there are innumerable evaluations of assignment writing services. Students can assess certain companies’ legitimacy by rating scores and how often they respond to complaints.
  • Social media sites. People may openly express their thoughts on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, without being manipulated by the writing companies. Students only need to locate relevant groups since former customers often chat online and share their thoughts regarding writing services.
  • Writing websites. The majority of writing companies feature a section on their websites devoted to client feedback. Students should keep in mind that a company may manipulate its reputation by only publishing positive ratings since those evaluations may seem extremely genuine. However, these reviews sometimes come in video form. By doing so, a student may even get in touch with the reviewer to confirm the validity of their comments.

Frequently asked questions

Will my assignment be original?

Writing companies strive to ensure that each personalized assignment is written from scratch, has original arguments, and has an engaging writing style. Most of them utilize various originality-checking software to ensure that every order is free of duplicated material. In addition, writers cite a variety of sources while doing an assignment. They use external sources to support the arguments they have developed in their paper.

The writers also have the skill of paraphrasing. They skillfully rephrase their work to avoid being detected for plagiarism. The writers modify the whole sentence since altering only one or two words would be copy-pasting.

Every student must be careful since plagiarism is a serious offense when it comes to academic writing tasks. Academic writing companies are effective in helping students avoid plagiarism.

Are assignment writing services legal?

Yes, assignment writing services operate legally and in compliance with the law. They have headquarters and registration documents. The companies also pay taxes and sign paperwork. They follow the law and declare their earnings to the government. Students can certainly rely on the assistance of writing companies.

Further, these companies offer services similar to advisor assistance or tutoring. Assignment writing services also include proofreading and editing assistance, which are extremely popular among professors, journalists, writers, and students.

On the other hand, students must watch out for scammers. Several questionable companies are available online due to the rising need for academic writing services. They pop up everywhere, every day, and imitate reputable companies. It might be difficult for students to discern whether they are visiting a genuine website or not. Scammers typically steal money from clients and either deliver substandard papers or never deliver them.

The following are the main indicators of a company’s fraud:

  • Fake reviews
  •  Lack of regular pricing policy
  •  Lack of registration information

Students will be safe if they stay away from such companies.

What is an assignment writing service?

An assignment writing service offers knowledgeable support and a broad range of expertise and abilities to aid students in completing any writing task more quickly and effectively than they could do it themselves.

Students may save time and enhance academic achievement by having a paper written for them. Even if the students comprehend the course materials, assignment writing services prevent poor writers from being penalized for their writing abilities. Students who use these services may be confident that their paper will reflect well on their understanding of concepts and assist them in achieving academic success.

The writing companies are aware of how discouraging it may be for students to have their talent or knowledge overlooked in favor of writing and formatting prowess. They ensure that students no longer need to worry about such assignments.

Assignment writing services are provided by teams of experienced academic writers—mostly Master’s or PhD holders—that have a lot of research expertise and produce original, correctly cited, properly formatted, and well-researched work for students enrolled in various academic programs and levels.


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