22 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays (High-Quality & Cheap)

Antonio Usurelu 25/03/2024 | 14:04

If you’re a small-time musician, getting your work across the Internet is a challenge. With so many competing to be on top, how can you boost your presence without having to pay too much to promote?


One way is to buy Spotify plays, which can boost your music career in many ways. This post, we will look at the best sites for purchasing Spotify plays, as well as answer other questions:

  • SocialBoss – the best balance of price and quality
  • SocialsUp – the advanced way to develop your page
  • SocialsGrow – the flash-like customer support answer

1. Social Boss

What We Like About it

  • SocialBoss covers many other social media sites, not just Spotify
  • If you have questions, their 24/7 customer service can help you
  • They have five years of marketing experience across various sites

SocialBoss is the cream of the crop when it comes to marketing on Spotify and other social media platforms. The reason for this is because SocialBoss is so simple to use and navigate. Just go to their Spotify selection, pick their views packages, and then you can purchase Spotify plays according to your needs.

SocialBoss has a variety of packages for buying Spotify plays. You can select 100 plays for $1.99 to 100,000 plays for $369.99. This allows you to pick according to your budget and your needs. With a simple purchase, boosting your standing in the music industry has never been as easy.

Another great aspect of this site is their 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions about buying Spotify plays, or you have any other inquires, reaching out and getting a response has never been as easy.

Also, payment is simple as well. They accept several unique payment methods, letting you choose the payment that’s best for your situation. With secure servers, you do not have to worry about a payment not going through or worrying about the potential for your information to be stolen.

Finally, SocialBoss has been around since 2017. With that much experience, you can trust it much easier than some of these up and coming marketing websites.

Overall, we think SocialBoss is one of the best sites around if you’re thinking about buying Spotify plays. They not only work well for Spotify, but for other social media networks as well. As a musician, it is vital that you market across several different platforms, so consider that as you market.

2. SocialsUp

What’s Great About This Site

  • SocialsUp is one of the best sites for purchasing organic plays
  • It offers other platforms as well for marketing
  • It’s easy to navigate

SocialsUp is quite similar to SocialBoss if you’re looking to boost the presence of your Spotify songs. Like the previous entry, it has several different social media services for various sites, meaning that you can share music through several platforms and get yourself noticed.

While the design is not as sleek as SocialBoss, it’s still easy for you to navigate, and when you scroll down, you should be able to find their social media marketing packages for Spotify. Their profiles packages include, of course, plays, and their packages are more or less the same as SocialBoss, ranging from 100-100,000 and prices that are about the same.

SocialsUp also accepts various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google and Apple Pay, and other payment methods. You can also reach out to customer service if you have any questions about their plays packages or any other inquiries that you may have about what they can offer you.

So, when it comes to SocialsUp vs SocialBoss, we believe that the best site for ordering will ultimately depend on your personal tastes. Either one you choose, you can be able to purchase premium, quality plays for your account and get yourself noticed by the masses.

We would say to navigate it and see how it works for your Spotify account, as well as any other services you require. While it’s one of the best sites, you might like a different site better for your own music marketing campaign. After all, how you market can depend on audience, genre, and which sites work best for marketing.

3. SocialsGrow

SocialsGrow is one of the best sites if you’re in the UK, as their currency is pounds rather than US dollars. Like the previous two websites, SocialsGrow is a social media service provider that offers several different packages from different sites.

Their buy Spotify plays packages are a bit lacking compared to the previous two, only offering 250-10,000 plays. The prices range from £3.99 to £39.99, which is a simple price point to remember if you’re thinking about how many plays you should buy according to your budget.

SocialsGrow offers several payment methods if you want to purchase their high quality plays packages. These methods include the standard cards, alongside cryptocurrencies in the future. In fact, many of these website either accept Bitcoin or Ethereum or are working on it.

SocialsGrow also has customer service that is responsive and the ability for you to get your money back if you feel like their plays packages are a bit lacking. Overall, we rank this one as one of the best sites for improving yourself in the music streaming algorithm. With that said, there might be other sites you will want to check out. Let’s look at several other sites that are excellent for personal promotion.

4. Spotifystorm

Spotifystorm may intrigue some people who are reading this list, as it’s a site specifically for Spotify. If you need to improve your Spotify playlists’ numbers, boost your Spotify streams, you’ve come to the right website. What makes Spotifystorm one of the best sites for plays is that it has a diverse amount of play packages for a good price. You can even buy up to 250,000 plays if you want to boost your online music promotion campaign.

5. SocioBlend

SocioBlend has a massive selection of sites to choose from, all presented in a unique honeycomb design. At first, it can be a bit intimidating to navigate it, so if you’re searching for a simple website, you might want to look elsewhere. However, they do have some massive buy Spotify plays packages. For example, they include packages that offer up to 1 million plays on your Spotify music. It doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking to maximize your music streaming platform, look here.

6. SocialKing

SocialKing is not one of the best sites if you want to buy Spotify plays, as it currently does not offer them. However, it does offer some Spotify services, such as buying Spotify followers and improving your playlist numbers. When you’re marketing and trying to improve your social media presence, boosting all sides of your Spotify is vital. So consider SocialKing as part of your marketing campaign if you want to buy more plays.

7. Songlifty

Songlifty is in the same boat as SocialKing. In this case, they currently only offer plays on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. However, as they do focus on the music industry, they may add Spotify in the future. Because they specialize in music, you might want to look at them if you market your music on other platforms. Songlifty can help you with that, making it one of the best sites for music promotion.

8. Followers Packages

Like the previous two, Followers Packages has yet to offer Spotify profile promotion, but it does offer a variety of packages on other music streaming platforms. One of the music streaming apps they offer is SoundCloud, which can be a great way to promote your music. If you’re looking for more plays on your art, then Followers Packages might not be a bad selection. Of course, if you’re looking for more Spotify followers or to buy Spotify plays, look elsewhere.

9. SocialPros.io

Alright, let’s get back to websites that offer Spotify services, including the ability to buy Spotify plays. In the case of SocialPros, they offer several packages designed to improve your Spotify profile. They offer quite a bit, including genuine plays up to 500,000. It does cost quite a bit, but some might want to invest more to make it big in the music industry.

10. Views Expert

Views Expert has a sleek white design and some good Spotify packages. If you want to buy Spotify plays, they have up to 500,000 plays for you to choose from, meaning that you have a variety of packages to pick if you want to boost your music streaming capabilities.

11. Promosoundgroup

PromoSound is a website that offers several platforms, and they do allow you to buy Spotify plays. They do have deals regularly, including discounted plays. We say it’s worth checking out if you want to improve your presence on your  platforms.

12. Socialfansgeek

SocialFansGeek is a website that focuses more on boosting your presence. If you’re looking to improve your music streaming presence, you might want to check out what they have to offer. Their Spotify packages can help you to grow an organic audience who will love your work.

13. Buysocialtoday

BuySocialToday offers both premium and regular plays, making it great for an artist who wants to diversify what type of people visit their account. It also has an easygoing design that makes navigating it quite a breeze.

14. Artistbooster

Artistbooster is a site with the focus on the creator, and they have many Spotify packages to choose from. What makes them unique is that you can select between regular and premium plays. With that said, when we looked at their site, their buy Spotify plays packages said they were sold out. Perhaps soon, they will be able to offer plays again, so keep a lookout on this site.

15. Streamingfamous

Streamingfamous is a unique site, offering several plays packages. While not the best site on this list, what makes them unique is that they offer plays for a competitive rate. Another plus is that they make ordering a custom package easy.

16. Streambeet

Streambeet has a unique business model, in that it implements a continuous marketing campaign that goes on until you reach your goal. While the business model is slightly different, we would say to try it out if you want to reach social viral fame.

17. Getmusicplays

You can indeed get music plays here. What makes this site stand out is that they offer plays for all sides of Spotify, including premium. Take a look at this site and see what they have to offer, as there is a good chance you will come out finding a package that works for you.

18. SocialViral

SocialViral is a simple website to navigate, using basic navigation bars, and their packages are quite humble. While not the best site, we do have a soft spot for it due to its simplicity. We say that it’s well worth trying at least once.

19. SocialBar.net

SocialBar offers dozens of platforms, and it can be a bit difficult to find Spotify on there at first. However, once you do find them, it offers a unique way to purchase your plays. For example, you can slide the bar according to how many you want. It’s so simple, you might end up using this more than once.

20. StreamDigic

StreamDigic is a website with a neon design and several platform selections to choose from. What we like about this site is its buy Spotify plays list is short and sweet. Not only that, but it comes in affordable prices as well.

21. BuySocialToday

BuySocialToday has a fast delivery time and has several Spotify packages. What makes this website unique is the fact that you can choose between plays and higher quality plays. If you want to buy Spotify plays in quantity, they have this. However, if you are looking for quality, they have it as well.

22. FastLikes

Finally, we have FastLikes. While they have an Instagram focus, they still have many Spotify in their  platform list. You can choose to buy Spotify plays or Spotify followers. You can buy up to 500,000 plays, meaning you can get quite a lot for your buck.

With that, these are the top sites if you’re looking to add plays to your account. We like all of them, but we do believe that the top three are the best. With that said, do not hesitate to try all of them and see which works well for your situation. You might end up finding the right package for your marketing campaign.

Now, let’s go into more details about plays.

What Are Plays on Spotify and Why Are They Important?

On Spotify, a play consists of a person listening to your song. When it comes to Spotify streams, a play tends to consist of someone who listends to a song for more than 30 seconds. In other words, to be considered real Spotify plays, a listener should listen beyond 30 seconds. In addition, the person listening to it has to have their volume up.

So, why are premium plays important? In short, Spotify has a complicated algorithm that focuses on plays, follows, likes, and other stats. If a smaller artist has a large amount of plays that last longer than 30 seconds, Spotify will bump it up in their algorithm. What this means is that an artist will be exposed to a wider audience, helping more people see their art.

We should mention that Spotify does have a complex algorithm, and you need more than plays to reach your maximum potential. You should also look for Spotify playlist numbers, Spotify followers counts, and likes or dislikes as well. Using just one of the promotion services means you won’t be getting the most numbers.

Plays are also measured through real, verifiable accounts. Recently, Spotify has been cracking down on sites that use bots or fake accounts for their plays. When you’re purchasing plays from a site, be sure you’re doing so through a site that offers real, verifiable views that will listen to your content for more than 30 seconds.

Are Their Services That Let You Buy Spotify Plays That Are High-Quality and Affordable?

Yes. You can find websites that let you buy plays, and many of them will offer unique plays that go longer for 30 seconds. Remember, when you’re trying to invest in improving your Spotify account, you want premium plays, so searching for a service that will give you that is vital towards improving your standing on Spotify.

As for pricing, it can depend on the site. Many of the best sites will offer discounts, allowing you to get plays without having to invest too much. Always be on the search for unique deals that will let your presence in Spotify grow.

We say to look around the various sites that offer Spotify plays and look at the prices. You can find some good deals depending on the sites you’re looking at. Of course, it’s important for you to remember that some sites might offer deals that are too good to be true.

When You Buy Spotify Plays, What Are the Pros or Cons?

Just like anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing plays from Spotify. Let’s look at both the pros and cons as objectively as possible.


  • Purchasing plays can give your account a boost in the algorithm. The more reactions your songs have, the higher chance that Spotify bumps it up in their algorithm. This means that you have a chance to gain more Spotify followers and possibly go Spotify viral.
  • It depends on the package and the site, but buying music plays can be relatively cheap. Online marketing can cost you a lot of money, but some ways allow you to grow your profile without putting more money than you need down on it.
  • Many sites will offer high quality plays. What this means is that they will give you unique accounts that will listen to your music for more than 30 seconds. The better quality of the play, the better it stands in the algorithm.


  • You’re not guaranteed 100 percent to go Spotify viral, especially if you only buy plays. Quite often, you might need to invest in Spotify followers as well, and the other Spotify services that these promotion websites provide. Be careful with how you invest, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • While many websites are legitimate, there are some that aren’t. These sites may provide you with low-quality plays, bots, or not give you anything at all. When you want to buy Spotify plays, it’s therefore critical to buy them from a reputable website.
  • If you buy too many plays compared to how many followers you have, Spotify might find that suspicious. For example, if your profile has 10 Spotify followers, buying 1 million views might not be the smartest move.

When You Buy Spotify Plays, How Much Does it Cost?

Almost every site that offers Spotify services will have different packages that cost different amounts depending on which you buy. Obviously, smaller packages will cost less, and vice versa. A bigger package might be the better deal, but depending on your budget, going smaller works as well.

Sites might offer packages that range from $3 to $300. Some offer packages that cost thousands. Not only that, but there are some sites that will offer packages at a discount. If you see a package you want to buy, but it’s not in your budget, one thing to consider is to wait for a discount.

We should mention that some websites will charge other currencies than USD. Keep that into account before you make a purchase.

If you have a low budget, we would recommend you try the smaller packages, and then upgrade should you have money to buy the bigger ones.

What Are Some Other Ways That You Can Get Activity?

Besides buying plays, what are some other ways to get more activity? Here are some of our favorite ways.

Make Good Music

First, the key is to make music that is good. Of course, this is subjective. There are many genres of music, tastes people have, and other factors that can make music “good.” In general, you will want to make music that will appeal to a certain audience that you have in mind, or make music from the heart. With that said, there are some objective rules, such as having good recording equipment.

Market it Before Its Release

Another way to get plays is to market your music before your release day. You can publish it on your Facebook or Twitter, music forums, or start an ad campaign. Perhaps you should give people a sample of what they will hear before it officially comes out. If you have a budget, maybe make a music video.

When promoting, you might want to promote your entire Spotify playlist rather than just one song. This way, you can get more Spotify streams across your entire profile.

Use Only Spotify

This can be a double-edged sword. If you only use Spotify, then you can miss out on people who might use other social media platforms to listen to their music. For example, some people only use YouTube. However, if you can build enough momentum, you can attract a bigger audience who will want to play your music.

Alternatively, you can use other social media platforms, but you could also make certain songs specific to only Spotify, or have a limited exclusivity on Spotify before moving them to other sites. There are many ways you can go about this, and not all of them are incorrect.

Give Your Profile a Makeover if it Needs it

If your profile has a bare bio, lacks the right keywords, or the images need improvement, don’t hesitate to make your profile better. Look at the profiles of bigger artists for inspiration. You’ll want a profile that tells your story without being too indulgent and long to read. Consider hiring a professional bio writer if you feel like you have writers’ block.

Sadly, your music can be amazing and no one will give it a listen if your profile does not seem interesting. So make a profile that will wow your potential listeners and keep them coming back for more.

Use Spotify for Artists

Finally, we should mention how important it is to use Spotify’s own tools to help you grow. Spotify has their own Spotify for Artists dashboard, which can help you grow your profile in many ways. For one, you can use your music for advertisements or advertise your own music. You can learn the many ways to tool your profile to market for your audience. Not only that, but there are ways for you to read analytics to learn more about who you’re marketing to and what types of music they like.

In conclusion, it is quite possible for you to grow your Spotify account and add more plays. It’s a mixture between making music that appeals to people and being able to market it to the public. After all, you could be the next big artist when it comes to talent, but without the right marketing tools, you’re going to disappear into obscurity.

Many sites have something similar to this, and taking advantage of it can help you grow.

When You’re Buying Spotify Services from These Websites, How Do You Do So?

Buying services, including plays, followers, likes, and other Spotify needs, is quite easy. It will depend on which site you’re using, but it will usually follow a formula that goes something like this:

  • First, search for Spotify on the website. Some sites will have it in plain site, while others will have it under “other services” or a similar tab.
  • Select their plays packages.
  • Look at what packages they have to offer and add one package to your cart according to your needs.
  • Afterward, you might need to enter your Spotify URL and what song or songs you want your plays to go to.
  • Enter your payment information and then submit the payment.
  • Once it goes through, you should receive confirmation. After you do that, sit back and wait for the plays to come. If you have any questions about how long it will take, contact customer service.

Why Should You Choose Spotify Out of the Other Sites?

As you probably know, there are multiple platforms you can try if you want to show your music to the world. However, Spotify is a platform that you might want to prioritize if you’re a serious artist.

First, Spotify has a subscription base. What this means is that you will see more revenue compared to other sites that are free.

Spotify also has a curated playlist that can recommend people who like other artists your music. As long as you have the right algorithm attractions, your song might go from obscure to a social viral sensation.

Spotify also has many on-site tools that allow you to grow and promote your website. In our opinion, they do it better than some of our competitors.

Another reason why Spotify is so good for an artist is because the website focuses on music and only music. Sure, YouTube is a good place for bands, but there are many other pieces of content on that site. While TikTok has a bigger focus on music, it’s still not as much as Spotify.

Finally, Spotify is quite easy to use. It’s friendly for the mobile streaming generation and is easy for artist to upload their music to.

We are not saying you should abandon all other websites. Having another service provider can help. But by focusing on Spotify, which is one of the best sites for music, it can put you above and beyond the competition.

When You’re Looking for More Spotify Streams, Which Sites Are Reputable?

As we’ve said, there are many websites with a service that lets you buy Spotify plays. However, not all of them are created equal. Some are there to sell you cheap plays, or no plays at all, for a price that is robbery.

So, how can you find reputable websites? Here are some ways you can do so.

  • Look for a website that has been around for years. Usually, a website that is a scam will not last long. However, if a website has been around for a while, it means they are providing a service that people are satisfied with and that they will come back to again and again.
  • The website has good reviews and testimonials. Whether it’s on another site or on the site itself, the reviews will speak for themselves. When you look at reviews, you can usually tell if they are genuine, or if they are cheaply written paid reviews.
  • The website charges a fair amount for their Spotify streams. Usually, it goes between being dirt cheap and being much too expensive. If you see a website with a price too good to be true, it probably is. However, if they are charging you more than what is to be expected, that could also be a red flag.
  • The site has a variety of payment methods that are secure. A suspicious site may only offer one way to pay that is not secure. This is because they will take the money and run. Meanwhile, a good website will offer payment methods you can trust and that you won’t be afraid to use.

While all these sites on this page are legit, be sure to have caution when using other sites you might encounter. There are many that will take advantage of someone who wants to grow their presence, so be aware.

Should You Buy Spotify Plays or Use a Growth Service?

When you want to get more Spotify streams, you might wonder which website you want to use. There are two main types: sites that let you buy a certain amount of plays that work instantly, and a growth service, which lets you grow over time.

Buying plays can work well, as you can jumpstart your account. With that said, a growth service can deliver slow growth to your profile in an organic way. Usually, we would recommend a combination of both. Use a play package website for the now, and an organic service provider in the future. Usually, the best of both worlds is just what you need.

After all, you do not want to throw your eggs in one basket. You might need a combination of many different marketing websites if you want to reach your goals of being a Spotify star.

Is it Possible for Spotify to Claim My Plays as Fake?

Spotify has been cracking down on fake plays as of recently. After all, many artists will use bots or dead accounts to bring their numbers up, in hopes they can get some more attention to their music and more revenue. Because Spotify does not want fake plays hurting other artists, they’ve begun withholding money from suspected accounts, and will punish any account caught making fake plays.

However, you can still buy Spotify plays and not be accused of being illegitimate. One way is to look for a service provider that has a reputation that’s well respected. These websites tend to use real people to view your music and will deliver worldwide plays.

These websites also disperse your plays in a natural way. For example, if you purchase 100,000 plays, a reputable website is not going to drop them all at once. Rather, they will drop them gradually. What this means is that Spotify will see your profile as legitimate and allow you to reach your fullest potential.

What Types of People Buy Spotify Plays?

There are many people who will buy Spotify plays. They usually boil down to one type of person, however: a music artist, or a podcast artist, who wants to get their work noticed.

Spotify plays are valuable for the algorithm. Therefore, someone who buys them will hope that doing so will bump them up in people’s recommendations. When someone sees their work, they are more likely to listen and spread it to their friends. The hope is that they become social viral and their music becomes the next sensation. Being social viral opens the door to become rich and reach potential fame and notoriety. In the age of the Internet, everyone is looking for that slice of the fame pie, and you can be able to get it as well.


How Do I Make Money On Spotify?

Spotify is a website with a simple monetization method: the more plays, or streams, you have on Spotify, the more you earn. Making original music and using the correct promotion tools can allow you to make as much money as possible as a music artist.

When I Buy Spotify Plays, How Long Until They’re Delivered?

Most sites will have an instant delivery start when you order. In other words, they will begin dispensing the plays as soon as possible. With that said, it can take longer if you order a larger package. The site will need to distribute the plays slowly so that Spotify does not raise suspicion on your account. Some

Will These Be Real Accounts?

When you buy Spotify plays, a reputable site will send real accounts your way. There will be no bot or hijacked accounts, meaning you get real plays from real people. Not only does having bot accounts contribute nothing to your fanbase, but Spotify is cracking down on fake plays and fake Spotify followers. Therefore, having real plays is a plus.

Will My Account Need to Be Public to Receive the Plays?

A private account means that no one will be able to access their music unless they’re verified Spotify followers. Since you are only purchasing a play package, you will need your account to be public if you want to get the plays. Be sure your account is available to the public before you purchase.

When I Buy Spotify Plays, is it Safe and Legit?

Yes! A reputable site will send real accounts your way and do it in an organic matter, meaning you will not be flagged by Spotify. When you purchase plays, the website uses secure payment methods through a secure server. What this means is that you will not have to worry about any payment information being stolen.

How Do Plays Benefit Me?

When you buy Spotify plays, they come with many benefits. We have summarized them before, but to summarize again, here are their benefits.

  • Plays boost your presence in Spotify’s algorithm. When people are listening to your song, Spotify pushes it to more people. What this means is that you have the potential to gain more followers and have a higher position as a great artist.
  • Plays are also good for ad revenue. The more people stream your music, the more money it is possible for you to earn. While buying plays won’t make you rich, there can be a bit of a return on investment if the people like your music.
  • Buying plays is something that many reputable artists use to gain more attention on Spotify. When you buy plays, you have the potential to be among the greats. While it does require you to have good music and a good marketing campaign, playing your cards right can allow you to gain the followers you deserve.

How Do I Get Free Plays?

Currently, none of these websites offer free trials. Luckily, there are ways to get reactions on your Spotify music without paying a cent. Here are some ways you can do so:

  • Promote your work for free. Post your music on forums, on your Twitter or Facebook pages, or ask to collaborate with other artists. This way, you can earn some free plays while also building up another artist.
  • Ask your friends, family, and other people you know to listen to your music. It won’t be much, but any play does help towards boosting it in the algorithm.
  • Use Spotify’s own tools to promote your work. Spotify For Artists can connect you with ways to tinker your page and be able to promote your work even further.

With any online promotion, there are ways for you to promote your work, but they are limited. You tend to have to pay something to get your work boosted. However, many packages you will find are quite affordable, and you might end up using them regardless.

Before I Purchase Plays From Spotify, What Should I Look For?

Like anything, you will want to shop carefully and have all your research ready before you make a post. Here are some ways you can purchase in a smart manner:

Money-Back Guarantee

Paying for plays can be a big investment, particularly if you are spending money on a bigger package. What happens if you do not get the views you paid for, or you feel like they’re low quality.

A reputable site will offer a money back guarantee. Usually, it’s 30 days. Considering most sites will deliver the plays within 48 hours, this is enough time for you to speak with someone in the event that you need support.

Most sites will try to make it right at first. For example, if you are losing plays, they may replenish them. However, each site does work differently. It’s vital for you to do your research and see how they will handle you if you have an issue.

Customer Service

A website that has excellent customer service is a good sign. A site having bad customer service tends to equal them lacking a good way to contact them. They might have phone numbers that do not work or emails that don’t respond.

Meanwhile, a good site might have a chat box that makes it easy to send a message and get a prompt response. One way to test a site’s customer service is to send them a message before purchasing. If you get a prompt response, then you know that it is a reputable site.

Lots of Payment Methods

Nowadays, most of us are using more than one way to pay. Some sites might use debit or credit cards, while others will use cryptocurrencies. A site that is a bit suspicious will lack many payment methods. On the other hand, a website that is trustworthy will have plenty to choose from.

Good Reviews

Finally, the best sign of a good website is looking at its reviews. Good websites will have reviews from real customers who will go into detail about their experiences. They will be objective, telling the pros, cons, and other things to look out for when you purchase a package from them.

Like any site, it’s vital for you to do your research before you end up making a purchase. When you find the service that works best for your situation, you’ll find that it’s easy for you to gain the plays you need.


On Spotify, it’s possible to make it big as a musician. However, music is a career where it’s possible for you to be drowned among the sea of other musicians who are looking to stand out. To grow as an artist on Spotify, you need to feed the algorithm with plays, followers, and likes. However, how can you get people to like your stuff? It can be a tough cycle to break.

One way is through purchasing plays. Many sites offer packages that can boost your plays, and they also other services that can help you stand out on Spotify. Many of them are safe and allow you to grow using real accounts.

This page was a list of 22 of the best sites to build your Spotify account. Check some of them out and see if they are for you. We hope your Spotify account flourishes.

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