Kinemetrics Delivers Latest Technologies and Trusted Services via Proven Solutions in Seismic Monitoring and Resilience

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 30/08/2022 | 15:45

The needs of businesses, nations, and other institutions for access to immediate information during a seismic event continues to grow over time. Rather than the raw seismic data required by researchers in the past, modern organizations require actionable information to support planning and even real-time emergency response procedures. Organizations need proven solutions that provide information to multiple categories of users in terms they understand and can rely upon for their decision-making process. Globally recognized, Kinemetrics is the most trusted and preferred partner for those who seek actionable solutions in support of improved seismic resilience.

Since 1969, Kinemetrics, its subsidiaries, and partners have been the global market leaders in designing technologies, products, and solutions for monitoring earthquakes and their effects on people and structures. The de facto world standards for many seismic applications are Kinemetrics products.

With offices in Switzerland and Pasadena, California, Kinemetrics is a global company, delivering everything from seismic instrumentation to national seismic networks, to structural monitoring solutions for civil structures such as dams, bridges, energy facilities, as well as other critical structures such as buildings. As a result the company has helped societies better understand these events on a global, regional and local scale, as this monitoring provides important information about the structures’ responses to natural or man-induced seismicity.

Kinemetrics is also a neighbor to the world’s cutting-edge earthquake research powerhouses such as the California Institute of Technology, UCSD’s Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. With a high level of innovative talent, Kinemetrics continually drives the cutting edge in developing innovative technologies and products to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

“For more than 50 years, Kinemetrics has produced the leading instruments that provide seismological data to scientists and supply engineers with valuable information enabling them to make buildings, dams and bridges safer. Kinemetrics’ instruments are used to monitor the seismic safety of many of the world’s most famous structures, including New York’s Statue of Liberty, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Egypt’s Sphinx, Athens’ Parthenon and India’s Taj Mahal. With NASA’s InSight Mission, Kinemetrics’ instrumentation reached Mars. The SEIS-SP component of the seismometer package uses Kinemetrics patented MEMS technology and electronics designed by Kinemetrics in collaboration with Imperial College and Oxford University in the UK. Our overall focus is on increasing the information available to the people responsible for managing seismic event response. Whether they be at a national level or the managers of a single building, our customers trust Kinemetrics to deliver the information they need every time”, explains Ogie Kuraica, CEO of Kinemetrics.

Kinemetrics delivers full-service systems within Europe and globally. Three elements make up the various Kinemetrics offerings: instrumentation, services, and solutions.

Many of the breakthrough moments in seismic monitoring have been predicated on Kinemetrics instrumentation. Beginning with the release of the first commercial strong motion accelerograph and the first digital strong motion accelerograph, to the release of Quanterra’s legendary Q330 digitizers, Kinemetrics and its subsidiaries have pushed the limits of quality and low cost of ownership in seismic instrumentation.

Kinemetrics continues to drive the advancement of seismic instrumentation, and provides a substantial assortment of instrumentation designed for virtually any situation, including digitizers, recorders, accelerographs, accelerometers, broadband sensors, and more. Ten of the world’s largest seismic networks were installed using Kinemetrics instrumentation. The company also operates more than one of those networks.

Kinemetrics also provides the services that meet the needs of the changing environment in seismic monitoring. Thousands of implementations have been performed all over the world. Kinemetrics also has the capability to operate and manage entire implementations for organizations that would rather assign their staff to working with the information, rather than managing the systems. The skill and depth of Kinemetrics is powerful when combined with its high-quality hardware, software, and solutions. Data return rates greater than 99% are regularly achieved by systems as large as national seismic networks managed by Kinemetrics.

Vertical solutions such as KMIDam, KMIBridge, KMI-LNG, OasisPlus, Aspen, and Condor are specialized systems that address clients’ structural health, earthquake monitoring and business continuity needs. They are designed to address the requirements of governments, civil infrastructure operators, engineers, researchers, emergency response managers, and operators of highly regulated facilities such as nuclear power plants or LNG facilities. In fact, Kinemetrics has instrumented approximately 85% of the world’s nuclear power plants.

“Organizations within varying industries have different requirements relating to data acquisition, data processing, alarm levels, reporting, tools, and the presentation of information. They also tend to have personnel with differing levels of technical understanding, roles, and responsibilities before, during and after an earthquake. A structural engineer or researcher may have a need for raw data from instrumentation monitoring the motion of a structure or the ground. Another stakeholder may be tasked with managing the emergency response for a given structure based upon pre-defined alert levels or even data associated with non-structural damage or occupant impact. In any case, the need for an appropriate level and category of situational awareness is paramount. Kinemetrics delivers solutions that provide the information required by each user presented in the format and terminology they require”, says Dr. Mathias Franke, Vice President of Kinemetrics’ Open Systems and Services division.

Since these solutions are platform-based, they are easily configured to meet the unique needs of any given organization. This minimizes the complexity and time required for a given implementation.

Dr. Lani Oncescu shared insight into how Kinemetrics has maintained the trust of customers over so many years: “We place a premium on developing a true partnership with our customers. We listen to customers to ensure that we fully understand their requirements and what they are trying to achieve. This has given us the ability to continue to advance our technology, while simplifying our solutions for the use of new kinds of users. Combining this with the 100,000+ instruments we have installed under differing conditions world-wide has given us insight into the changing needs of various industries. Our solutions are a direct result of this. Our objective is to continue to strengthen our existing customer partnerships, while developing solutions that can be used to support the needs of anyone involved in studying or responding to seismic events.”

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