Cognizant Softvision to Host 6th Annual Programmers’ Week

Mihai Cristea 11/09/2020 | 17:39

Cognizant Softvision will host its sixth annual Programmers Week, Sept.14-18, celebrating innovations and digital technology contributions of programmers, developers, and software engineers from Cognizant Softvision studios around the world. The virtual event will honor developers, code designers, quality assurance, and software engineers who bring invaluable expertise and insights to Cognizant Softvision.  


Keynote sessions will include presentations by:

  • Andres Angelani, CEO, Cognizant Softvision (Sept. 15)
  • Ben Pring, VP and Managing Director, Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work (Sept. 16)


“We have an incredible lineup of speakers who are ready to share their passion, expertise and commitment to software product engineering,” said Andres Angelani, CEO, Cognizant Softvision. “This is easily our most ambitious effort yet to celebrate programmers and all their contributions. While this year’s event is completely virtual, we’re confident Programmers’ Week 2020 will provide the education and inspiration that empowers software engineers to continue to deliver extraordinary software products.”


  • When: Sept. 14-18, 2020 – Events will cover time zones from studios in Argentina, Australia, India, Romania, Ukraine, Europe, and the U.S.
  • Where: This event is virtual. All sessions will be livestreamed on Zoom.
  • Who: The event is open to anyone. Follow discussions at #daretocode.
  • How: To register and learn more information, visit:


International Programmer’s Day, also known as The Day of the Programmer, honors the innovators who continue to change the world through programming. The Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year. The number 256 is well known to programmers, as it represents the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte; 256 equals two to the eighth power. The number 256 is the highest power of two that is less than 365. When translated to binary code, the day reads 1 0000 0000.

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