10 Best sites to Buy TikTok Followers Pakistan (Real & Cheap)

Antonio Usurelu 18/05/2023 | 10:27



The best site to buy TikTok followers from Pakistan, according to my independent test, is UseViral.com.








Getting followers on TikTok from Pakistan is hard…

It can take years of hard work… and you might feel like giving up…

How do you fix this problem?

You can buy followers on TikTok.

I tested over 27 sites selling followers in Pakistan and listed the top 10 websites below.

Here are the 10 best sites to buy TikTok followers from Pakistan:



1. UseViral


Buy TikTok Followers from UseViral.com


You can buy real TikTok followers from Pakistan with UseViral.com.

On this website, you can purchase TikTok followers from Pakistan who are real users and who are active on the platform. These followers will engage with your account by following you, watching your videos, and sharing them with others. UseViral has been recognized by Forbes and HuffPost as the best site to buy TikTok followers.


  • Real TikTok followers from Pakistan
  • Active TikTok users
  • Refill Guarantee


For more information, visit UseViral.com.



2. SidesMedia


Buy TikTok Followers from SidesMedia.com


The next site on my list is SidesMedia.com.

The website offers authentic followers who are genuine individuals, enabling them like and share your videos. It has been recognized by ‘INC Magazine’ and ‘HuffPost’ as one of the top sites for purchasing social media marketing services.


  • Genuine followers from Pakistan (Real people)
  • Fast delivery
  • Refill Guarantee


For more information, visit SidesMedia.com.




3. Growing Social Media


The 3rd site on my list is GrowingSocialMedia.com.

It’s a social media marketing company that offers TikTok services, such as followers, views, and likes. Their focus is on customer satisfaction, and they provide a comprehensive range of services that can help you increase your followers and become popular on TikTok.


  • Get TikTok famous fast
  • Their services are available on various social media platforms.
  • Instant delivery


For more information, visit GrowingSocialMedia.com.



4. FastPromo



FastPromo provides a service for purchasing marketing help, which can aid in organic growth.

FastPromo offers high-quality services that cater to clients’ needs. Genuine accounts will engage with your videos, leading to greater shares and a natural audience growth.

FastPromo provides the opportunity to buy genuine users at affordable rates. $11.7 can get you 300 real followers, while $195 can get you 5,000 followers.

  • Buy TikTok followers instantly
  • Provide services on additional social media platforms.
  • You can buy followers for a small fee.
  • Limited payment options



5. ViralHQ


ViralHQ provides services for purchasing fans, including organic followers with immediate delivery. It may be worth considering their options if you are interested.

ViralHQ provides social media services at a competitive rate, making their solutions accessible to anyone seeking to enhance their social media presence.

At ViralHQ, customers have the option to purchase viewers The prices range from $12.3 for 300 followers to $205 for 5,000 followers.

  • Quality TikTok promotional services
  • Buy TikTok followers easily
  • Increase your visibility on social media.
  • It’s possible for your Tiktok account to gain followers without necessarily getting more likes.



6. Buzzoid


Buzzoid is a website that offers the purchase of admirers. They sell genuine followers at affordable rates for individuals seeking to enhance their social media presence and increase their likes, video views, and account metrics when buying TikTok followers on various social media platforms.

  • It is possible to quickly and easily purchase TikTok followers.
  • It is possible to acquire followers multiple times.
  • Your TikTok videos will be viewed on your TikTok account by them.
  • The fans are not currently active.



7. Rushmax


Rushmax is a social service provider that offers services to increase your follower count, TikTok views, and TikTok likes.

Using Rushmax’s social media marketing services can increase your TikTok engagement, which is important for reaching a larger audience.

Rushmax’s services can contribute to the growth of your TikTok profile by acquiring organic followers, views, and likes.

Rushmax provides followers packages ranging from 100 to 25,000 followers, with prices varying accordingly from $5 to $399.

  • Cheap TikTok followers
  • Acquire people who are active on the platform
  • Share links to various websites on different social media channels



8. TokMatik


TokMatik offers cost-effective and superior quality help to those seeking to increase their TikTok presence quickly, regardless of their financial resources.

TokMatik provides fast delivery and dependable services to help increase your number of admirers.

TokMatik provides customers with a range of tools, such as a secure payment gateway and a capable customer support team.

TokMatik offers ten subscription packages with varying prices, ranging from $4.99 for 100 subscribers to $99.99 for 10,000 subscribers.

  • Obtaining high quality followers on TikTok is important.
  • Ensuring the security of your TikTok profile and account.
  • Get more followers fast
  • There is limited interaction from the fans with your content.



9. TokRush


TokRush is a company that specializes in social media marketing services for TikTok pages. Its services include providing high-quality followers and likes to help increase TikTok popularity.

TokRush offers TikTok promotional services to help with follower growth and improving presence on the app, which can aid in attracting the TikTok algorithm on the tiktok app with no password required.

TokRush offers a range of follower packages for TikTok, starting at $1.49 for 20 fans, up to $89.89 for 10,000 followers.

  • Buy Tiktok followers instantly
  • Acquire authentic fans on Tiktok.
  • Increase your TikTok following.
  • Increasing your follower count may not necessarily lead to an increase in shares and likes.



10. TikFuel


TikFuel recognizes the significance of a robust social media presence, particularly with respect to the number of followers.

TikFuel provides a bot that delivers high-quality fans to improve visibility for user accounts with no password required.

  • Experienced company
  • Friendly support staff
  • Fast delivery
  • Relatively new company


Frequently Asked Questions About Buying TikTok Followers for your TikTok videos:

The following are the most common inquiries about purchasing TikTok followers.


What are some options for purchasing TikTok followers?

This is the source for purchasing TikTok followers.

  • UseViral.com
  • SidesMedia.com
  • StormLikes


What is the process for purchasing TikTok followers?

The process for purchasing TikTok followers is as follows:

  • Select a site that offers the option to purchase followers.
  • Choose a follower package
  • Please provide your TikTok username during the checkout process.
  • Payment options include credit card or Paypal.
  • Please wait for the arrival of new followers.


May I ask about the cost?

The cost of purchasing followers on TikTok is outlined below.

  • 20 cost $1.98
  • 50 cost $2.98
  • 100 cost $6.98
  • 200 cost $9.98
  • 500 cost $15.98
  • 1000 cost $25.98
  • 2000 cost $45.98
  • 5000 (5k) cost $75.98
  • 10000 (10k) cost $95.98
  • The cost of 1 Million (1M) is $1995.98.


You can also buy some from Nigeria and in Malaysia.



Find more information below…



A guide on purchasing followers for TikTok.

Instructions for purchasing followers on TikTok are as follows:

  • Locate a site that offers TikTok followers for purchase.
  • Select a package for increasing your number of followers.
  • When completing your purchase, please provide your TikTok username.
  • You have the option to pay using Paypal or your credit card.
  • Please wait for the delivery of the followers.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment methods including Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin, and Apple Pay.


Is it possible to purchase subscribers at a lower price point, such as for $1 or with a free trial, and is it allowed on Reddit?

There are options available to purchase viewers for a low cost, including a free trial, from various social media marketing companies. These companies may also offer promotion on other platforms.


Can you provide information about the delivery process, including the expected speed and frequency?

Many TikTok service websites provide prompt delivery of followers to increase your follower count.


Which type of fan is more effective: authentic or imitation? (App Review)

There are various websites that offer the service of purchasing TikTok views and fans, which can help increase your social media popularity and growth. The followers you receive from these purchases are real TikTok users and can lead to organic growth and potential fame on multiple social media platforms. Instant delivery is also available for purchased followers.

You can use social media growth services and services that sell followers for your TikTok account. These services can get you more TikTok likes and views from purchased followers. Having more followers on TikTok is crucial for your account’s growth. The best sites for buying TikTok followers online offer real followers packages at competitive prices. Social Viral, Use Viral, and SidesMedia are good options for getting more real followers and likes on TikTok. These social media services can boost your social media growth and give you real, active followers.

Can you explain the distinctions between subscribers that are genuine, fake, active, real, legit, permanent, safe, organic, non-drop, automatic, auto, and instant?

It is not recommended to purchase low-cost or fake fans when seeking to increase your following.




Frequently, these questions are also inquired.


What is the significance of having followers?

Increasing your number of followers on TikTok can positively impact your credibility and relevance on the platform, potentially resulting in higher user trust and engagement with your content in Pakistan.

Engagement with content on TikTok can increase the engagement rate and expand the reach to a wider audience. Gaining a significant number of followers can contribute to organic growth and enhance your brand image and social media presence. Consider purchasing TikTok services for further growth.


What are the benefits of purchasing followers?

Acquiring TikTok likes and followers can be beneficial for both the platform and social media.

A high rate on TikTok has the potential to draw in new followers. If they find your content interesting, you may see an uptick in views and likes. Consider purchasing TikTok to boost your presence.

When purchasing followers on TikTok, it is recommended to invest in high-quality followers with instant delivery. This can potentially increase your organic growth on other platforms.

What are the safety measures in place when I buy TikTok followers for my tiktok videos and how is the protection of my account ensured?

If you want to buy TikTok followers safely, choose dependable and secure sources. The process should be risk-free if you purchase from safe providers. It’s best to select businesses that offer authentic followers sourced from genuine users. Avoid services that use bots or fake followers.

when you buy real TikTok followers in Pakistan, this can increase your follower count and improve your overall TikTok presence, resulting in more authentic replies on your TikTok page.


What is the process for purchasing genuine fans?

When considering purchasing followers, it’s essential to choose reputable social media marketing firms. Nonetheless, due to the abundance of options available, it can be challenging to make a well-informed decision.



Online providers offer a process for purchasing viewers, with two types of order systems available for buying real viewers with no password required in Pakistan.

A good secure solution for your family business to get noticed and get more fans which makes a difference is to buy tiktok followers and gain a benefit for your money on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and more to beat your competitors after you create videos.

The benefit will be an improvement in quality when you get more likes for your Tiktok username or Tiktok page or Tiktok account to get more fame after you use a social media marketing comapany to get more comments that you deserve, which will make a difference in the world when a large number of other users will give you the attention you deserve and help you beat your competitors and make more money with your username after millions of fans will like your page in Pakistan.

Getting a large number of fans of premium quality and users and comments will make a difference and you’ll get to message each fans one by one and get more comments frmo your fans on your videos without a password required to get more tiktok shares after you buy tiktok likes to get more users or thousands of users, which is a large number.

This could help you get the millions of fans that you deserve and help you get your message out there, because getting your message out there is important for your message if you want to get more comments without having to buy comments, which will make a difference for your videos in Pakistan on this secure app and you’ll get more inquiries as a benefit and a solution after you create nice videos for your family business.



About the Author: Antonio Usurelu is an online marketing expert who helped thousands of businesses grow their presence on social networks.


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