5 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers (Instant & Real)

Antonio Usurelu 31/05/2024 | 17:30

Getting followers on Facebook is not easy.

 It takes a lot of work, dedication, and time.

However, most of the time, marketers don’t want to wait and give up. 

But is there anything you can do?

You can buy Facebook followers.

We used reputable sources to identify the best sites to buy Facebook followers such as Times of Israel, Forbes, Inc and Trustpilot.

I tried out 32 different services for purchasing Facebook followers and listed the top 10 best ones.

Well, let’s take a look!


5 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers

Here are the top sites you can trust to buy FB followers from.


1. UseViral

You can Buy Facebook Followers from UseViral

Score 9.8/10


UseViral emerges as the premier choice, boasting a remarkable score of 9.8/10. 

This company has been featured as the #1 BEST SITE to buy followers on Facebook in blogs like Dallas News and Times Standard.

What sets UseViral apart is its expansive network of genuine Facebook followers, a testament to its commitment to authentic engagement. 

Alongside buying followers from them, you can also buy Facebook likes from this provider.

UseViral allows for precision with targeted follower acquisition, tailoring your demographic reach. The flexibility in package offerings caters to diverse needs, ensuring an optimal fit. 

With UseViral, the advantages are clear: a swift surge in your Facebook follower count and an instant elevation of your social credibility. 

It’s not about the digital landscape; it’s about tangible, rapid growth and enhanced online authority.



  • Extensive network of real Facebook followers.
  • You can also buy Facebook Post shares for your new followers.
  • Targeted follower acquisition for specific demographics.
  • Diverse package options to suit varying needs.





  • Difficulty in Distinguishing Real vs. Fake Followers.



2. SidesMedia


Score 9.6/10


SidesMedia, the second-best platform for boosting your Facebook followers, stands out through its unwavering commitment to ethical practices that align seamlessly with Facebook’s policies. 

This principled approach ensures quantity and quality, fostering a genuine and engaged following. 

Timeliness is key in digital media, and SidesMedia excels by delivering more followers promptly, propelling your growth trajectory. 

What truly sets SidesMedia apart is its unwavering guarantee of retaining the followers you acquire, ensuring lasting connections.

In the ever-expansive landscape of Facebook, SidesMedia’s services to buy real Facebook followers unlock the potential for increased exposure, reaching a broader and more diverse audience.



  • Ethical practices complying with Facebook’s policies.
  • Timely delivery of more followers for rapid growth.
  • Guaranteed retention of acquired Facebook followers.



  • Increased Exposure to a Wider Audience.
  • Improved Perceived Influence and Authority.



  • Unpredictable Long-Term Effects on Page.




3. Growthoid


Score 9.4/10


Growthoid emerges as a formidable choice, securing its position as the third-best site for purchasing Facebook followers with a remarkable score of 9.4/10. 

Setting itself apart, Growthoid prioritizes customer support, offering around-the-clock assistance for inquiries and guidance. 

Elevating its game further, this platform leverages advanced data analytics, meticulously fine-tuning your follower acquisition campaigns for optimal results. 

Notably, Growthoid excels in personalization, crafting tailored strategies to nurture your follower base. 

These distinctive attributes, coupled with its high rating, establish Growthoid as a compelling option for those seeking to bolster their Facebook presence without resorting to clichéd digital methods.



  • 24/7 customer support for assistance and inquiries.
  • Advanced data analytics for campaign optimization.
  • Customized follower growth strategies are available.



  • Greater Likelihood of Attracting Organic Followers.
  • Time-Saving Solution for Building a Presence.



  • Increased Risk of Low-Quality Engagement.




4. Twesocial 


Score 9.1/10


Ranked fourth among the top platforms to acquire authentic Facebook followers, Twesocial stands out as a user-friendly solution for bolstering your social media presence.

Its intuitive platform simplifies the order process, making it accessible for all. 

Twesocial’s unwavering commitment to transparency sets it apart, offering clear insights into its follower acquisition methods. 

Moreover, it provides secure payment options, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and brands seeking to boost their trustworthiness in the competitive landscape. 

Online credibility is paramount, and Twesocial offers a reliable path to enhancing your Facebook following without clichéd digital jargon.



  • User-friendly platform for easy order processing.
  • Transparent methods with clear acquisition processes.
  • Secure payment options for peace of mind.



  • Enhanced Trustworthiness for Businesses and Brands.
  • Opportunity to Promote Products or Services More Effectively.



  • Possible Decline in Post Relevance.



5. TokUpgrade


Score 8.7/10


TokUpgrade, ranking fifth among top providers to purchase Facebook followers, excels in delivering an 8.7/10 experience. 

Its standout feature is offering genuine followers, fostering authentic engagement for personal profiles. 

Beyond mere numbers, TokUpgrade prioritizes privacy, safeguarding customer information with the utmost confidentiality. Continuous monitoring ensures a consistent stream of quality followers. 

What sets TokUpgrade apart is its ability to enhance social proof for personal profiles, a critical aspect in today’s competitive social landscape. 

Without clichéd digital jargon, TokUpgrade stands as a reliable choice for those seeking real, engaged followers to boost their Facebook presence effectively.



  • Genuine followers for authentic engagement.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of customer information.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure quality followers.



  • Facilitation of Social Proof for Personal Profiles.
  • Easier Access to Facebook’s Algorithm Benefits.



  • Dependency on External Services for Growth.


6. Socialboom.io


Score 8.3/10



  • No password or login information is required.
  • Quick and hassle-free order placement.
  • Geo-targeting options for regional growth.



  • Strengthened Influence in Online Conversations.
  • Ability to Attract More User Engagement.



  • Challenges in Building Genuine Relationships.


7. Social Viral


Score 7.5/10


Socialboom.io, ranking as the sixth-best platform to buy cheap Facebook followers, offers a streamlined approach to bolstering your online presence. 

Their standout feature lies in their approach to order placement, ensuring it’s quick and straightforward without the need for sensitive login credentials. 

Moreover, Socialboom.io provides geo-targeting options, facilitating regional growth for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance their reach in specific areas. 

The platform excels in helping real Facebook users strengthen their influence in online conversations. 

With no cumbersome login requirements and an emphasis on regional expansion, Socialboom.io presents an efficient solution to fortify your Facebook following, all without the digital clichés of today’s landscape.



  • Social media experts with industry experience.
  • Verified and trustworthy follower acquisition techniques.
  • Assistance in crafting engaging content for followers.



  • Expansion of Networking Opportunities.
  • Confidence Boost in Your Social Media Journey.



  • Ptential for Unwanted oor Spammy Activity.



8. Stormlikes.net


Score 7.1/10


Stormlikes.net distinguishes itself with a paramount commitment to follower satisfaction and engagement. 

Their risk mitigation strategies fortify your Facebook following authentically, assuring a genuine digital community. 

Stormlikes.net’s flexible pricing options democratize access to a competitive social presence regardless of budget constraints. 

Yet, while it enhances competitiveness, pursuing followers can be a double-edged sword, potentially undermining trustworthiness in the eyes of discerning customers. 

Striking a balance between boosting visibility and safeguarding brand integrity becomes the challenge in today’s dynamic social landscape.



  • Assurance of follower satisfaction and engagement.
  • Risk mitigation strategies against fake followers.
  • Affordable pricing options for all budgets.



  • Greater Competitiveness in the Social Space.
  • Potential for Viral Content and Trending Topics.



  • Reduced Trustworthiness in the Eyes of Customers.



9. Twicsy.net

Score 6.4/10

Twicsy.net, with a score of 6.4/10, offers more than just numerical growth in Facebook followers. It’s about harnessing your social media influence for tangible marketing impact. 

Through monthly reporting on follower growth and engagement, Twicsy.net empowers you to track your progress effectively. 

It’s not just about the numbers but the amplified reach it brings to your marketing campaigns. 

However, it’s essential to note that Twicsy.net has its limitations, particularly in providing accurate audience insights and analytics. 

While it extends your reach, understanding your audience’s specifics may require supplementary tools. It’s a tool for expanding your presence, but comprehensive insights demand a multifaceted approach.



  • Monthly reporting on follower growth and engagement.
  • Gradual and organic follower increase for authenticity.
  • Compatibility with various Facebook page types.



  • Amplified Reach for Marketing Campaigns.
  • Better Opportunities for Collaboration and Partnerships.



  • Inaccurate Audience Insights and Analytics.



10. SocLikes


Score 5.7/10


SocLikes, a prominent player in Facebook follower acquisition, distinguishes itself through innovative features catering to resellers, agencies, and marketers. 

With a commendable score of 5.7/10, it thrives on its commitment to prompt customer service, promptly addressing inquiries and concerns. 

However, while it stands as a viable option for short-term follower boosts, it’s worth noting that SocLikes may have limitations when it comes to long-term Return on Investment (ROI). 

Thus, it serves as a dynamic solution for those seeking quick and responsive results but might warrant a more measured consideration for those with extended social media objectives.



  • Reseller programs for agencies and marketers.
  • Fast response to customer inquiries and concerns.
  • A long-term strategy for sustainable follower growth.



  • Fostering a Positive First Impression.
  • Higher Perceived Value for Content and Posts.



  • Limited Return on Investment (ROI) in the Long Run.




Is it illegal to Buy Followers on Facebook?

Buying followers on Facebook is not illegal. It’s a common practice employed by individuals, businesses, and influencers to boost their online presence. 

While purchasing followers is within the bounds of Facebook’s terms of service, it’s essential to ensure you acquire real and active followers from reputable providers.

The legality of purchasing Facebook followers primarily depends on the platform’s policies and the authenticity of the active Facebook followers. 

UseViral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, Twesocial, and TokUpgrade are the safest examples.

As long as you’re not engaging in fraudulent activities or violating Facebook’s guidelines, such as using bots or fake accounts, buying followers can be a legitimate way to increase your Facebook follower count.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and choose reliable providers who offer real, high-quality followers. 

Engaging in unethical practices or violating Facebook’s rules can lead to account suspension or other penalties. 

So, while buying followers can be legal, doing it responsibly and ethically is essential.

Does Buying Facebook Followers Work?

Yes, purchasing Facebook followers can work, but the effectiveness largely depends on your goals and your actions.

If done strategically and in moderation, purchasing followers on Facebook can benefit individuals and businesses.

Initial Boost

Buying Facebook followers provides a head start for your Facebook page. 

When you create a new page or want to revitalize an existing one, having a substantial follower count immediately grabs the attention of Facebook users who land on your page. 

It creates an impression of popularity and trustworthiness. 

This initial boost can be especially beneficial for businesses or content creators who are just starting and need to establish a social media presence quickly.

Social Proof 

The concept of social proof is rooted in human psychology. 

When people see that others have already liked and followed your page, it triggers a psychological response that makes them more likely to do the same. 

It’s akin to assuming the food is good when you see a crowded restaurant. 

Similarly, a large follower count signals potential Facebook followers that your content is valuable and worthy of attention. This social validation can significantly increase your page’s appeal.

Increased Visibility 

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to promote engaging content. 

When you buy Facebook followers, and those Facebook followers engage with your posts through likes, comments, and shares, it signals to Facebook that your content is relevant and exciting to Facebook users. 

Consequently, the algorithm will more likely display your posts in your Facebook followers’ newsfeeds and a broader audience. 

This increased visibility can lead to more organic engagement, further enhancing your page’s credibility and reach.

Brand Image

Your Facebook follower count is a powerful element of your brand’s image. Imagine it as the façade of a prestigious building; it immediately conveys authority and influence. 

A substantial follower count suggests your page is a prominent player in your niche or industry. 

This perception of authority can attract organic followers and partnerships and collaborations with other brands or influencers. 

It’s akin to being recognized as a reputable business in your community, where other companies want to associate with you, further enhancing your brand’s credibility and reach.

Attracting Advertisers

If you want to monetize your Facebook page, having a large follower count is like owning prime real estate. 

Advertisers and sponsors are more likely to invest in your page because they see it as a valuable platform to promote their products or services. 

Your follower count is the digital equivalent of high foot traffic in a physical store; it attracts advertisers who want to leverage your audience’s attention. 

This opens up opportunities for sponsored posts, partnerships, and affiliate marketing collaborations. In essence, it transforms your Facebook page into a revenue-generating asset.

How to Buy Facebook Followers?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy Facebook followers:

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Before you start purchasing Facebook followers, it’s essential to determine your objectives. 

Are you looking to increase your follower count for social proof, attract advertisers, or promote a specific product or service? 

Understanding your goals will help you choose the right strategy and provider.

Step 2: Research Reputable Providers

Not all providers are equal, so research is crucial. Look for reputable companies that offer legitimate social media marketing services. 

Read reviews, check their website, and verify their authenticity. Some well-known providers include UseViral, BuyRealMarketing, and Famoid.

Step 3: Choose the Right Package

Providers typically offer different packages based on the number of followers you want to purchase. Select a package that aligns with your goals and budget. 

Remember that buying too many Facebook followers too quickly can raise suspicion, so consider a gradual approach.

Step 4: Provide Your Facebook Page URL

Once you choose a package, you must provide your URL to your page. This is where the Facebook followers will be added. 

Ensure your page settings allow for followers, as some business pages may have restrictions.

Step 5: Make the Payment

Proceed to the payment section and complete the transaction. 

Reputable providers offer secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other trusted methods.

Ensure that the payment process is secure before sharing any personal information.

Step 6: Sit Back and Wait

After the payment is processed, the provider will deliver followers to your Facebook page. The time it takes for delivery varies depending on the package and provider. 

Be patient during this phase.

Step 7: Engage With Your New Followers

Once you’ve gained new followers, engage with them by posting quality content regularly. Interaction with your audience is key to organically retaining and growing your follower base. Respond to comments, ask questions, and encourage discussions.

Step 8: Monitor Your Progress

Regularly monitor your page’s performance and Facebook follower count. Ensure that the followers you’ve acquired are engaging with your content. 

If you notice any issues or a significant drop in followers, contact the provider or consider adjusting your content strategy.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Followers?

Purchasing Facebook followers can be a strategy with several potential benefits, depending on your specific goals and needs. 

Here are some reasons why you might consider purchasing Facebook followers.

Instant Boost

When you buy Facebook followers, you jump-start your page’s growth. It’s like giving your Facebook presence a turbocharged kickstart. 

In social media, numbers matter, and a sudden increase in your Facebook follower count grabs attention. It’s akin to opening a new store with a line of eager customers waiting outside. 

This initial boost can be especially advantageous for new businesses, aspiring influencers, or anyone looking to quickly establish a strong online presence.

Enhanced Credibility

The psychological aspect of social media plays a significant role. 

When potential followers or visitors land on your Facebook page and see a substantial Facbook follower count, it triggers a positive perception. 

It conveys the message that your content is not only interesting but also valued by many. 

People tend to follow the crowd, and a large follower count suggests that your page is worth following. 

This boost in credibility can be pivotal in encouraging users to engage with your content and become part of your online community.

Attracting Organic Followers

The beauty of buying followers is that it can have a domino effect. 

Once you’ve bolstered your follower count, it becomes easier to attract organic followers. 

When real users visit your page and see that others have already taken an interest in your content, they’re more likely to hit the follow button themselves. 

It’s a bit like a snowball rolling downhill, gathering momentum. 

The key is to provide valuable and engaging content to retain and further attract these organic followers, turning your initial investment into a sustainable, thriving online community.

Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people tend to follow the actions of others when they are uncertain about what to do. 

In the context of Facebook, a high follower count is a powerful form of social proof. 

When a potential follower visits your page and sees that it already has a substantial following, it signals that your content is valuable and worth following. 

This perception of popularity and trustworthiness can significantly influence their decision to hit the “Follow” button. 

Your existing followers act as brand ambassadors, validating your page’s credibility and attracting new followers who want to be part of a popular community.

Increase in Engagement

Higher follower numbers often correlate with increased engagement on your posts. 

More followers mean your content has a larger potential audience, so you may receive more likes, comments, and shares. 

This engagement boosts your posts’ visibility within users’ feeds and fosters a sense of community around your content. 

When followers see that others actively engage with your posts, they are more likely to join the conversation, further amplifying your reach and impact. 

It’s a snowball effect where a higher follower count leads to more engagement, attracting even more followers and interaction.

Things to Consider When Buying Facebook Followers

When considering the purchase of Facebook followers, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure a successful and meaningful engagement strategy.

Provider Reputation

Selecting a reputable provider is akin to laying a solid foundation. It involves researching the track record of potential providers. 

Seek out platforms with a well-established history of delivering real and active followers. 

Customer reviews and testimonials become your compass, guiding you through the digital landscape. 

They offer insights into the provider’s credibility and ability to fulfill promises. 

An impeccable reputation is not just a badge of honor; it guarantees that your investment will yield meaningful results.

Target Audience

Understanding your audience is akin to knowing the lay of the land before embarking on a journey. 

Define your audience meticulously, considering demographics, interests, and location. 

The followers you acquire should be a reflection of your niche or industry. 

It’s not merely about accumulating numbers; it’s about amassing a community that resonates with your content. 

Aligning your acquired followers with your audience sets the stage for genuine engagement and long-term success.

Engagement Quality

Numbers alone won’t cut it in the realm of social media influence. 

The quality of engagement reigns supreme. 

Seek providers that can deliver real, engaged followers who actively participate in your content. 

Authentic interactions are the lifeblood of sustained success. 

The goal isn’t just to have followers; it’s to foster a vibrant community that genuinely connects with your brand or message. 

Prioritizing engagement quality ensures that your journey isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about creating a lasting impact on your audience.

Customer Support

Responsive and helpful customer support is a lifeline throughout your follower acquisition journey. 

Issues and concerns may arise, from technical glitches to inquiries about the process. 

A reliable customer support team should be easily accessible and ready to assist you promptly. 

Their assistance can be invaluable in resolving any hiccups and ensuring the smooth execution of your strategy. 

Additionally, excellent customer support reflects the provider’s commitment to customer satisfaction and can instill confidence in their services. 

When evaluating providers, consider their responsiveness and willingness to address your needs as part of your decision-making process.



The decision to buy Facebook followers can be a strategic one, offering numerous potential benefits for individuals and businesses. 

It instantly boosts credibility, attracts organic followers, leverages social proof, and boosts engagement. 

However, carefully considering the provider’s reputation, alignment with your audience, engagement quality, and responsive customer support availability is essential. 

Purchasing Facebook can be valuable for growing your online presence and influence when approached thoughtfully and ethically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions:


Do the bought quality Facebook followers engage with my content?

The engagement level can vary. Some bought followers may engage, but engagement quality might not be as high as organic followers. It’s crucial to focus on attracting genuine engagement.

How do I choose a reputable provider?

Research is key. Look for providers with a strong track record, positive customer reviews, and transparent practices. Recommendations from trusted sources can also help.

What are the potential benefits of purchasing Facebook followers?

Benefits include an initial boost in Facebook follower count, enhanced credibility, the potential to attract organic followers, leveraging social proof, and increased engagement.

Can purchasing Facebook followers lead to account suspension?

If you engage in fraudulent activities or violate Facebook’s guidelines, such as using bots or fake accounts, your account can be suspended or penalized.

How do I ensure the followers I buy are real and active?

Choose providers with a reputation for delivering genuine followers. Look for those who offer engagement guarantees or provide profiles that resemble real users.

Should I buy a large number of followers all at once?

It’s generally better to buy Facebook followers gradually to avoid raising suspicion. A sudden, massive increase in followers can look unnatural.


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