5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing The Future Of Business

Constantin Macri 07/05/2023 | 17:35

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in countless ways across the world. Companies and businesses are able to use enhanced AI systems to help make their services run smoother, quicker and a lot more efficient. And as time passes, AI is only going to grow more and more advances — and companies will enjoy more rapid success than ever before.


Take a look at the sports betting world in the United States, especially in world leaders of the industry like Illinois. For example, some of the sportsbooks and Illinois betting sites are exploring AI-driven innovation to improve user experience across websites and apps. By improving their customer service and the efficiency of their apps, sportsbooks across the U.S. are greatly benefiting from super-powered AI systems. With that said, let’s dive into five ways on how artificial intelligence is changing the future of business.


Social Media Usage Marketing

Social media is used by billions of people across the world. So of course, just about any successful company will spend valuable time and resources building up strong social media followings to help promote their products.

Artificial intelligence is also widely used for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By using AI systems, business owners and managers can effortlessly promote their own products.

For example, Cloohawk is a helpful service that many companies use for social media activity. Cloohawk allows customers to have social media posts scheduled for specific times, and then they’ll be shared automatically.

Through Cloohawk, your social media accounts can automatically follow/unfollow related accounts and even “like” certain posts.

FollowLiker, a highly popular app used for social media accounts, is also perfect for helping businesses expand their SM pages. FollowLiker will automatically detect similar accounts and start following them, thus saving humans from individually having to like them alone.

For example, let’s say you run a restaurant business in New York. FollowLiker can help you implement certain settings and find accounts that may be interested in following your business.

Let’s say you want to find other restaurants in New York or food-related accounts in the area that use hashtags like #NewYorkFood #NewYorkMeals. FollowLiker will do all the hard work for you and help grow your social media audience.


Customer Support

Almost any major company offers chat support through artificial intelligence.

Many companies have (and some still do) employed workers to serve as customer support agents through phones and computers. But businesses these days can use an efficient system, in which the AI communicates like a human to help customers.

Let’s say you have a question about using a popular streaming service, or that you ordered something online and had a question about the delivery. Companies can use AI to communicate with customers and provide them the quickest and most efficient possible service.

Using proper artificial intelligence can help companies ensure that their customers are getting the best possible support. It also helps businesses save valuable time and money regarding the always-important value of quality customer service.



ChatGPT, an extremely popular artificial intelligence chatbot, just launched this past November.

ChatGPT is a high-tech AI system that gives you detailed answers for anything you need in the snap of a finger. You can simply ask ChatGPT for “A quality chocolate chip recipe”, and you’ll get it within seconds.

The ChatGPT system is also widely popular for detailed writing pieces such as essays, announcements, speeches, company memos and more. You can put in the key words/lines you want in your writing piece, and ChatBot will quickly come up with the answer.



As much as the internet helps us with day-to-day life, there are always risks of having personal information hacked and obtained by cyberthieves.

Top companies are always going great lengths to ensure that their customers and their private information (birth date, credit card numbers, banking details, etc.) are kept safe and secure.

Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity is stronger than ever in today’s technology-dominated world. AI systems are able to quickly detect suspicious behavior (let’s say a stolen credit card has been used for a plethora of hefty purchases), and then they’ll alert bank companies right away.

AI systems are programmed to quickly counter any suspicious or cybertheft-like behavior before criminals can gain access to one’s confidential information.



Elon Musk’s Tesla company has emerged as a pioneer in the world of self-driving vehicles.

Perhaps in the next decade or so, the majority of drivers will be happily using fully efficient self-driving vehicles. The AI for self-driving vehicles will be programmed to act much quicker and safer than a human — so quicker reactions and maneuvering to avoid potential collisions will be a game-changer in our world.

At workplaces, AI machines will be used a lot more in the future for jobs that leave human workers at risk of injury.

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