Interview. Adrian Enache (OmniPerform): ”The key part is to find the right team and then the right investors, if needed”

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Adrian Enache left The Masterplan Agency, the digital media and performance marketing agency which he co-founded, and launched OmniPerform, which focuses on omni-channel consultancy, processes and algorithms of neuro-marketing and digital campaigns. The initial investment in the technology and agency is estimated at around EUR 100,000.

Romanita Oprea

What drove you to make this change in your career and why now?

Through almost ten years of experience, three (successful, I can say) entrepreneurial iterations and a lot of corporate experience (mainly in digital, media and building omni-channel ecosystems), I had the opportunity to identify a way to build something that could positively impact the media and digital campaigns very rapidly. Therefore, the project to build innovative proprietary technology while developing experienced people in advertising could be done only in a fully-aligned environment of technology, strategy, creative and media services.

This is what I continue building: a tech-oriented environment that aligns all the specialties needed to deliver great results in digital and omni-channel campaigns, driven by a media and analytics mindset.

How did you chose the area of activity and why omni-channel consultancy, processes and algorithms of neuro-marketing?

First and foremost, because I had the chance to interact with these trends some years before they became buzzwords and to be in contact with a lot of international markets that had to evolve faster in order to meet their users’ expectations.

Second, because it is the nature of what we do and what we love to do: come up with the business strategy, create the ecosystem in a user-centric manner and focus on building our best digital and media campaigns.

Taking into consideration that many studies confirm that a vast majority of our decisions are mostly subconscious, we became extremely passionate about this part of human behavior and we started applying this in advertising and marketing campaigns.

How hard was it to find the right investors and how long did it take from the idea to the official launch?

In a very ambitious process, I managed to build the initial version in a few months, but with a high workload and contracted resources. We’re talking about more than a year of business, strategy and neuro-marketing analysis and just six months to develop the technology in its first version. Development is already planned for the coming years with a large number of integrations and versions. The key part is to find the right team, not investors. And even more: finding the right partners (from CEOs to neuro-marketing specialists and psychologists) to confirm that the direction and the approach we are building are right.

Do you believe you have any competition on the Romanian market and, if so, who is it and how do you position yourself towards it?

I believe there are a lot of good technologies locally and all must prove their worth. Many of them still generate pop-ups, even if 95 percent of users practically shout in all the studies that they hate them. I believe the current tools are still trying continuously to give potential buyers reasons to choose only in a rational way, instead of focusing on what the user feels when interacting with the digital business (an asset like a website, e-commerce, mobile app or any other way).

Our vision is bold; I will quote the goal on our website which we want to stick to and continue proving: “adding a layer of excellence in all digital marketing campaigns by using neuroscience algorithms combined with proprietary innovative technology solutions that aim to match our partners’ campaigns with their customers’ needs by adapting the right message through the entire communication process.”

How has your professional experience helped you with this phase of your career?

I believe that the role of entrepreneur requires a lot of experience in processes (that appear usually in the corporate domain), financial education and great leadership and/or management skills.

I am thankful that I was lucky enough to develop professional maturity and interact with or help businesses at all levels (building from zero, start-ups, companies that needed growth to become corporations), but I will always be in the position of learning every day about digital and nurturing leadership skills in order to build the best teams that I have the courage to consider family.

What is the best advice you’ve received so far in your career and whom gave it to you?

I always wanted to surround myself with people that have healthy concepts about how to live your life and strive for being better every day. In one of the discussions I had with a CEO in an FMCG industry he managed to put in words something that I applied subconsciously:

”When you ask for integrity and their evolution, the same type of people will join in the healthiest and most fulfilling team that you will ever be able to build”.

In the press release you said your company proposes to train at least 2,000 specialists, managers and future employees. In what period of time do you intend to achieve this objective and what will this represent in terms of resources, couches, etc?

In 2017 we, as a team, will manage to train students, marketers and business managers in our own program and other digital, strategy, omni-channel and media training programs to help as much as we can the industry.

Some of them will have to be in a paid format, but we also focus on giving back to the community and industry. We have the opportunity, the resources and we want to do it.

What are your criteria for choosing your employees and external collaborators?

Some of them were mentioned above: integrity, respect, ambition, reliability and velocity in adopting the new trends.

But most I appreciate integrity and ambition.

What is your main goal for the business in the first year?

To become one of the main agencies called on when one is starting a digital or media campaign and to build/transform the business into an omni-channel or consumer-centric one.

How would you characterize the neuro-marketing market in Romania and what do you foresee for its near future?

Taking in consideration the fact that online does not have a geographical limitation, I believe that having the chance to supply services to US or UK companies is pushing us forward faster than normal.

In the same time, we expect also players activating in these markets to soon become interested in this market, as well.

Overall, the Romanian market does not encounter at this moment many competitors.

What about the digital marketing industry?

The digital industry is still shaping and crystallizing, even if there are agencies with some years of market-presence behind. It is not enough anymore to have an idea, build a landing page or a small app, use another agency for the media strategy and consider that this is a successful digital activation or campaigns.

A large part of them are striving to deliver better services, but at a certain point the successful ones will take a part of the ownership in their partners’ business KPIs. This can come only when technology, together with strategy and creative team, backed by a really-experienced media specialists and data analytics services are all together in one place.

I do expect all the large players that will not adapt to, adopt or develop new technology with a clear strategy and meaning to lose a part of their business and newer, more business-focused players to gain market share.

In the end, share more about your plans: will you also target the international market or just the Romanian one? Why?

The local market will be addressed in a different manner than the international one.

We will adapt our messages depending on the maturity of the market and the services that we want to deliver abroad.

We already have customers from US, UK and other countries that started asking us for services such as digital media campaigns, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, e-commerce, UI/UX consultancy and development.

Our plan is to become the most relevant results-driven digital and omni-channel partners by having the media and data analysis at the core of our delivered services.

More about Adrian Enache

With almost ten years of experience in business consultancy, the online channel, omni-channel and e-commerce, SaaS, business development, digital campaigns and software products, Adrian Enache is currently: founder of OmniPERFORM, country digital lead at Phillip Morris International, a speaker on omni-channel and e-commerce, web analytics, media, performance marketing & conversion optimization fields, and a trainer in omni-channel and digital commerce, media, lead generation, and digitally driven revenue increase solutions.

He started his career as a SEO specialist and beta tester in February 2009 and in June 2011 became e-commerce optimization specialist at Metro. He continued his career at well known agencies such as HyperActive, Infinit Solutions, The Masterplan and others.

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