5 Training Tools and Techniques for Entrepreneurs

Mihai Cristea 08/02/2021 | 17:57

It doesn’t matter how experienced an entrepreneur is, there is always something new that can be learned. There is always room for improvement even when talking about some of the world’s most successful business people.


You should also keep in mind that many of your rivals are always looking for ways to perfect their skills and learn new techniques and technologies so that they gain an edge over your business. This means that you shouldn’t sit on your hands and just observe as others take over. Instead, if you want to survive and thrive in the world of business, it is necessary to take action and try to improve as much as possible.

Keep reading to find out about five important training tools and techniques that can help every entrepreneur.

Embrace online education

Finding and enrolling in the best online schools and courses is a great way to enhance your current skillset and add a few more skills to your entrepreneurial arsenal. Online learning has come a long way throughout the years and now you can find more and more people pursuing this type of education as their primary source of knowledge.

A relevant course can add some important knowledge and skills that you previously didn’t possess. Moreover, online learning activities can often be custom-made for a single person, which can bring quick and good results.

Tutors will have a chance to focus on your weak areas and help you improve them. There will be challenges, but none of them would be too difficult to handle and overcome.

Another great benefit of online education for entrepreneurs is that course attendees can see how they are progressing. Every great online education institution offers charts and graphs that display one’s progress.

The best bit, however, is the higher quality of teaching. As a student, you get to choose how much assistance you need and what you want to work on while the trained experts are there to guide you and help you whenever you need it.

Schedule early

Every entrepreneur knows very well that even a well-built schedule can be altered when a one-hour meeting turns into a two and a half-hour brainstorming session. That is why scheduling events and meetings early in the day is a great trick that you should have up your sleeve.

Start the day with your personal development work. You will be energized and fresh and you won’t have to worry about getting exhausted.

Getting the training (or classes) done in the hours before the day can get away from you is a great strategy. In this case, the demands of your business, staff, and the chaos of entrepreneurship can’t get the chance to interfere with your personal development.

Another great tip that you should consider is to come to the office early before anyone else arrives. Once you are there, plug in your laptop and log into the classroom. Attend and learn when no one can get a chance to interrupt you and remember that the hours you devote to self-development should be yours and yours only.

Find great audiobooks and listen to them

We all live in an increasingly busy world where getting a few hours a day to yourself is a hard task. However, we forget that most of us spend them commuting or simply waiting for something or someone else. And these hours should be spent more wisely.

Of course, entrepreneurs can’t attend lessons while they are commuting or exercising, but listening to various useful audiobooks while doing these activities can help you perfect your craft.

Your hands may be busy, but when your mind is idle, you get a chance to plug in your earphones and start listening to a good audiobook. It doesn’t matter if it is only one hour a day or two, any chance to sharpen your mind should be thoroughly used.

Define timelines according to your development

When you sit down to define project deadlines and timelines for your job, do not forget to define them for your training as well. Factor in the time you will need to complete a course, see if you need more time to master it properly, and then set yourself reasonable deadlines to achieve that.

Set the timeline to include time for your own training. Make sure it allows you to learn the skills you hope to gain in your own training sessions, giving you an extra motivation boost to take the time for yourself and get the training sessions done. For instance, if a new product requires you to receive a certification, set the benchmarks for that product’s launch based on when you receive the certification.

The bottom line is to make your training an integral part of planning the operations of your business. That is the only way to not neglect your training if something doesn’t go according to plan at the office.

Find a training buddy

Do you know a colleague that would also like to broaden their horizons and learn new things? If so, get them on-board and partner up with them.

Finding a peer to go through the process with you is great. There are many advantages of having a study buddy and the most important one deals with accountability.

But a study partner can also help you in other areas:

  • A partner can push you to the limit when you start lagging behind.
  • They will not leave you behind.
  • If your partner asks for help, you could reinforce your knowledge through the help you provide for them.
  • A partner keeps their peer accountable for homework and other related efforts.
  • The whole course is much more fun when you don’t do it alone.

If you can’t find a partner to attend the same course or participate in the same training program, you can find a peer from another industry that is training in something else. Meet up with them to study and hold each other accountable, and also check in to see how they are progressing regularly and they will surely return the favor.

Finally, you could go an extra step and create a small business mastermind group in your area. This group should include at least five or six members that are also entrepreneurs like you.

There, you all should encourage each other in business and training efforts. This move would combine the benefits of a single training partner with the larger networking and improved brainstorming of a bigger group. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Final thoughts

Finding enough time to work on your personal development is not easy. Especially if you are in charge of a business and you have an office to run eight hours a day, five days a week.

However, learning new skills and perfecting the current ones is well worth the hassle. Your market value can only go up once you complete a course.

This will benefit both you, personally, and your business. It is not going to be easy, but it will be well worth it.

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