Navigating the Tech World: An Exclusive Interview with Project Management Expert Maxim Dimitrachi

Constantin Macri 12/09/2023 | 15:00

In the fast-paced tech world, Maxim Dimitrachi stands out with over 15 years of outstanding professional experience, including six years of managing technical and computer security projects for global companies. From Moldova to Belgium, his international journey highlights his adaptability and influence in the field as an expert. Starting at Moldtelecom and now at diconium Romania, Maxim’s career showcases his dedication and diverse skills, from IT product management to business analysis.


This interview explores Maxim’s career path, exploring his milestones, challenges, and insights. His perspectives on leadership and the future of project management provide invaluable guidance for both tech veterans and newcomers alike.

Background and Experience

Can you tell us more about your journey to becoming a Project Manager at diconium Romania?

My journey to becoming a Project Manager at diconium Romania has been both challenging and rewarding. I started my career in the tech industry over 15 years ago as a Billing Support Engineer at Moldtelecom in Moldova. This role provided me with a solid foundation in technical skills and customer service, which have been invaluable throughout my career.

After several years at Moldtelecom, I relocated to Moscow, Russia, where I began my project management journey at Pioneer Group. This Project Manager role was my first foray into the project management realm, and it provided me with a solid foundation in managing technical projects.I worked at the Global Delivery Centre (GDC). This position allowed me to deepen my understanding of the field. I was responsible for designing and managing standalone projects, project programs, and project portfolios worldwide with diverse teams.

In 2019, I moved to Bucharest, Romania, and became a Project Manager at ORTEC, a large software development company where I managed a diverse mid-term project portfolio comprising over 30 infrastructure and five web development projects worldwide. After a year at ORTEC, I took on a contract role as a Project Manager for the European Commission, where I was responsible for developing the Beluga application – a content management tool for the Audio-Visual Portal of the European Commission. This role further expanded my project management skills and gave me experience working with international teams.

Finally, in November 2022, I joined diconium Romania as a Project Manager. I manage two software development teams and implement security recommendations for the Volkswagen AG products: Easy Car Sales, Vehicle Identity, Pay How You Drive, ADAS (Working Data Analytical System), and Catena-X applications. This role has allowed me to combine my technical skills, project management experience, and leadership abilities to effectively manage complex software development and integration projects and lead successful cross-functional teams. Beyond my primary responsibilities, I also currently lead the Cybersecurity community within diconium. My aim is to disseminate cybersecurity knowledge, empowering colleagues to elevate their expertise and tackle the diverse cybersecurity challenges of today’s complex and global world.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different countries, with diverse teams, and on a wide range of projects. Each role has taught me something new and has helped me become the Project Manager I am today.

You’ve worked in various countries, including Moldova, Russia, Romania, and Belgium. How have these diverse experiences shaped your approach to project management?

Working in different countries has significantly influenced my approach to project management. Each of these countries has its unique business culture, work ethic, and communication style, and adapting to these differences has been a valuable learning experience. In Moldova, I grasped the essence of customer-centricity. This experience taught me that at the heart of every project, there’s a customer whose needs we’re trying to meet, and this customer-centric approach has stayed with me throughout my career. Russia’s dynamic environment underscored the need for agility and team management in large-scale projects and diverse teams. Romania honed my strategic planning and adaptability during my tenure at ORTEC and diconium Romania. Belgium, while working for the European Commission, emphasized meticulous planning and clear communication. These experiences highlighted the importance of adaptability, clear communication, and understanding diverse work cultures in effective project management.

Project Management

You’ve managed a wide range of globally important projects, being responsible for implementing security recommendations for the Volkswagen AG products: Easy Car Sales, Vehicle Identity, Pay How You Drive, ADAS (Working Data Analytical System), and Catena-X applications. Can you share some of the unique challenges you faced in these projects and how you overcame them?

Implementing security recommendations for Volkswagen AG’s products brought forth unique challenges. The major task was bridging communication between Volkswagen’s Information Security Department and our software developers. To address this, I initiated regular meetings and developed clear documentation. Simplifying complex security requirements for developers was another challenge. I used wireframes and diagrams to elucidate these requirements. Additionally, synchronizing multiple development teams demanded clear communication and well-defined expectations. Through collaborative efforts and the team’s dedication, we successfully met the security recommendations for all applications, achieving top scores in our security assessment.

How do you prioritize tasks when managing multiple projects simultaneously?

Prioritization is key. The first step is clearly understanding each project’s goals and objectives. This helps in identifying which tasks are most critical to achieving these goals. Different Estimation Techniques help categorize tasks based on urgency and importance, guiding immediate actions. Task order often depends on the availability of specific resources or skills. Some tasks may require specific resources or skills, and their availability can determine the order of tasks. Recognizing which tasks rely on others ensures they’re completed sequentially. High-risk tasks are prioritized to address potential issues early. Regular communication with stakeholders helps ensure that their needs are met and that the project stays aligned with their expectations. Priorities can change as projects progress. I reassess task priorities to adapt to changes or new tasks.

I maintain a clear focus across projects by employing these strategies, ensuring efficient progress and resource use.

Leadership and Team Management

You’ve led teams of various sizes; at diconium, you managed a team of nine individuals. What’s your approach to team leadership and management?

Leading teams, especially in tech, requires a mix of clarity, trust, and adaptability. I believe that clear and open communication is crucial for an effective team. I ensure everyone understands project goals and their role in achieving them. I provide resources and autonomy trusting my team’s expertise and encouraging ownership. I cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives are shared and valued. I promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement. I champion ongoing professional development and stay updated with industry trends. Recognizing and appreciating team members’ hard work and achievements is crucial for maintaining morale and motivation. I remain flexible and adaptable in my leadership style, adjusting my approach based on the needs and dynamics of the team.

This approach fosters a motivated, inclusive, and high-performing team environment.

Technical Skills and Competencies

You have a technical talent and strong background with competencies such as – Business Analysis, Lean-Agile Leadership, and Software Development Lifecycle. How have these skills contributed to your success as a Project Manager?

My competencies have been pivotal in my role as a Project Manager. The Business Analysis skill ensures our technical solutions align with business goals. For instance, I translated business needs into actionable software development tasks during the Volkswagen AG security projects. By adopting Lean-Agile principles, I’ve instilled agility and continuous improvement in my teams, ensuring adaptability in our fast-paced development environment. A deep understanding of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) allows me to guide projects from conception to deployment, ensuring timely delivery that meets set requirements.

These skills have empowered me to effectively manage projects, ensuring alignment with business needs and fostering innovation within my teams.

Can you share an instance where your skills were crucial in successfully completing a project?

In my role at diconium Romania, I managed the implementation of security recommendations for applications. My business analysis skills translated user needs into actionable developer tasks. Leveraging my Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) knowledge, I effectively oversaw all development phases, ensuring timely and accurate delivery. By promoting Lean-Agile Leadership practices, I cultivated agility and continuous improvement within the team. Consequently, we successfully implemented the security recommendations, achieving a 90% score in the security assessment.


You had many professional achievements, such as Leading the applications through security audits conducted by Volkswagen AG, resulting in passing scores within a record time of fewer than six months, and successfully creating and managing over 500 user stories for three applications, effectively capturing and conveying requirements. Can you share more about these experiences and your strategies to achieve these results?

At diconium Romania, two of my notable achievements were successfully navigating security audits for Volkswagen AG products and managing over 500 user stories for three applications.

I ensured that three products met Volkswagen’s stringent security standards for the security audits. My strategy centered on understanding security requirements, facilitating clear communication between stakeholders, and guiding the development teams. This approach led to a successful audit in under six months.

Regarding the user stories, my business analysis skills were pivotal. I utilized tools like wireframes and diagrams to distill complex requirements into clear user stories. We ensured efficient application development by prioritizing these stories based on priority and impact.

Both experiences underscored the importance of communication, understanding project requirements, and strategic planning in achieving project milestones.

Education and Additional Training

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in your field?

I have an MBA from City Business School and prioritize continuous learning through courses like Reforge Product Strategy and Certified SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager to stay updated in my field. I frequently read industry publications such as TechCrunch and Wired. Networking is vital, so I exchange ideas and insights with professional groups. I also attend industry conferences and webinars to hear from thought leaders and stay informed about the latest developments. Vendor training sessions further supplement my knowledge, ensuring I align with current technologies and practices. This holistic approach ensures I remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

Future Goals

What are your future career goals? Are there any specific projects or challenges you’re interested in tackling next?

My overarching career ambition is to amplify my leadership impact in the tech sector, focusing on harnessing technology to address pressing business and environmental issues. Given the global environmental challenges we face, I’m keen on spearheading projects at the nexus of technology and sustainability. I’m also eager to explore emerging fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning. I thrive on tackling intricate projects that challenge me to devise innovative solutions. My ultimate aspiration is to evolve and drive meaningful change in the tech landscape continually.

How do you see the field of project management evolving in the next 5-10 years, and how do you plan to adapt to these changes?

Project management is poised for significant shifts in the next 5-10 years. Key trends include the rise of AI and automation for enhanced decision-making, a stronger focus on Agile and Lean methodologies for adaptability, an increased emphasis on soft skills like leadership and communication, and a heightened consideration for project sustainability. I’m committed to continuous learning, particularly in emerging technologies and methodologies to stay ahead. I’ll also hone my soft skills and deepen my understanding of sustainability, ensuring I remain agile and effective in this evolving landscape.

In our interview with Maxim Dimitrachi, a Project Manager with 15 years in tech, we explored his journey from Moldtelecom to Diconium Romania. Maxim’s outstanding career success stems from his technical and managerial talent, hard work and motivation to succeed, adaptability, and expertise in managing complex projects across various industries worldwide. His technical skills, highlighted by achievements like leading security audits and overseeing 300+ user stories, have been pivotal. With an MBA and continuous training, Maxim emphasizes the importance of staying updated in the ever-evolving tech world. He’s enthusiastic about leveraging technology for sustainability and sees AI, Agile methodologies, and soft skills as the future of project management. Maxim’s personal story proves the value of lifelong learning and strategic thinking in tech project management

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