Elena Dumitrache (Eden Capital Development): We prioritize the engagement of local communities in the development process

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 03/07/2023 | 13:46

Business Review sat down with Elena Dumitrache, Head of Sales Eden Capital Development, a developer of premium and high-end residences, to talk about the concept of green and smart buildings and the company’s approach to sustainability. 


What does the concept of green and smart buildings mean for your company and how is it applied in the real estate projects you develop?

The concept of green and smart buildings for our company refers to the development and implementation of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced buildings. In our real estate projects, we apply these concepts by integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices into all aspects of building design and construction.

For example, we focus on implementing intelligent energy management solutions that enable real-time monitoring and efficient control of energy usage.

In terms of environmental aspects, we incorporate solutions for efficient resource management, such as energy-efficient windows and insulation, water-saving fixtures, underfloor heating, and green spaces that help improve air quality. We also promote green design by optimizing natural lighting and proper ventilation in spaces.


How do you contribute, through your projects, to the construction of sustainable communities?

We actively contribute to the construction of sustainable communities through multiple avenues.

Firstly, we ensure seamless integration of our projects with the surrounding environment, considering existing infrastructure and public transportation connections. Additionally, we prioritize the development of green spaces and recreational areas that serve as dedicated community facilities.

In each project, we are committed to creating commercial spaces and offices that foster young entrepreneurship, catering specifically to the needs and preferences of our tenants. Moreover, we actively promote the use of bicycles and other environmentally friendly modes of transportation, while also providing essential infrastructure such as electric vehicle charging stations, which bring added value to the community.

Furthermore, we prioritize the engagement of local communities in the development process, actively seeking and considering their feedback and needs.

Our commitment extends to supporting initiatives related to social responsibility, education, health, and other community-driven projects, thereby ensuring sustainable and holistic community development.


From a real estate perspective, what does a green, smart, and sustainable city mean?

From a real estate perspective, a green, smart, and sustainable city means an urban environment that integrates the principles of sustainable development and efficient resource utilization. This involves implementing policies and practices that protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, promote sustainable mobility, and improve the quality of life for residents.

A green city focuses on using renewable energy sources, efficient resource management, and the protection of biodiversity. A smart city utilizes advanced technologies to improve infrastructure and public services, such as smart transportation, efficient lighting systems, and waste management.

Furthermore, a sustainable city promotes local communities and citizen involvement in decision-making processes, ensuring balanced and inclusive development. Additionally, we believe in fostering a long-term partnership between the developer and the client, extending beyond a simple property transfer contract. We recognize that building sustainable communities requires active involvement and collaboration with each citizen. We engage in open dialogue and consultation with residents, seeking their input and feedback throughout the development process.

By involving citizens in decision-making and incorporating their needs and aspirations, we ensure that our projects align with the community’s values and contribute to their overall well-being. This approach allows us to create not just sustainable buildings, but thriving and inclusive communities where residents feel a sense of ownership and pride.

Together with each citizen, we work towards the shared goal of constructing sustainable communities that promote a high quality of life, environmental responsibility, and social cohesion.


What are the main technologies included in your company’s projects?

The main technologies included in our projects are as follows:

  1. Energy management systems: We implement intelligent solutions for energy control and monitoring, such as sensors and automation systems. These technologies allow us to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce energy consumption.
  2. Water management systems: We implement technologies and solutions for rainwater collection and recycling, as well as efficient water usage in buildings.
  3. Efficient lighting and HVAC systems: We utilize advanced LED lighting technologies and high-efficiency HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and create a comfortable environment within buildings.
  4. Electric vehicle infrastructure: We integrate electric vehicle charging stations in parking areas and public spaces to promote sustainable mobility.
  5. Automation and security technologies: We implement intelligent automation and control systems, as well as advanced security solutions, to ensure comfort, safety, and efficiency in our buildings.

These are just a few examples of the technologies we employ in our projects, and the list may vary depending on the specifics of each project and the technological advancements in the field of sustainable and smart construction.

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