BR Interview | Costin Damasaru (NPE Center): The pandemic was a very powerful incentive for creating efficient procedures

Mihai-Alexandru Cristea 09/03/2021 | 14:07

He has studied at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, USA, at the Executive Education-Neuroscience for Leadership program. There he worked with world leading researchers in the field of Human Brain Performance Enhancement using Brain Computer Interface and Brain Mapping technology. Costin Damasaru has a PhD in Management and an Executive Master in Business Administration. BR talked with Damasaru about his decision of coming back home and opening the NPE Center, his passion for neuroscience and how he applies it in business, brain mapping, fighting insomnia and burnout, etc.

By Romanita Oprea  


How did you discover your passion for neuroscience?

My journey into the amazing world of applied neuroscience began with a very strong need to cure myself from a terrible neurological disease called Tinnitus. The main symptom of this disease is a very loud ringing in both ears without a physical source for the sound. The ringing, which is permanent, 24 hours per day, comes also with severe depression, anxiety, migraines, and insomnia. All the doctors that I have talked with told me that this is an incurable disease and that I should get used to it. After a failed suicide attempt, I started to look for a cure and began my journey which took me to 3 continents and to 65 neurologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, shamans, priests, and many more. At the end of this journey, I arrived at MIT and discovered the amazing world of applied neuroscience, Brain Mapping and Brain Computer Interface.



Why after Massachusetts Institute of Technology did you decide to come back to Romania?

I won a research grant that allowed me to purchase the latest software and hardware BM-BCI and develop in Bucharest a state-of-the-art research center in Brain Mapping and Brain Computer Interface. In Bucharest, at NPE CENTER, using this technology I cured and transformed myself.


What were your main goals when you opened Neuro Performance Enhancement Center?

To main goal was to cure myself. I thought that If I managed to do that, then I can start researching new and innovative ways in which the technology can help as many people as possible.


How is your academic career go hand in hand with the business one?

The two paths, the academic one and the business one are complementing one another. I can share the knowledge that I gather working with so many clients with my students and I get from my students amazing energy to continue my projects.


How much did or not impact you and your career the COVID-19 pandemic?

The pandemic was a very powerful incentive for creating efficient procedures for upgrading my project and adapting constantly through innovation.


What can you tell us, on short, about the impact of the Brain Mapping – Brain Computer Interface’s treatment has on the public?

The public is interested in our results but also extremely cautious because for them everything that we do at the NPE CENTER seems like from a science fiction movie.


How can you help the managers in decision making?

Through our BM-BCI neuronal training we are able to help the managers increase their attention and focus, improve the emotional control process, restore efficient brain function after intense stress episodes and improve the restorative sleep. All this helps managers increase their overall efficiency and accuracy in the decision making process.

Business performance places heavy demands on the brain to focus while simultaneously ignoring distracting stimuli. While different tasks place different demands on the brain overall, Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI improves the manager’s ability to stay on task while maintaining a high level of brain function.


How long is the process and what are the stages one business person must go through?

The optimization process is individualized based on the information gathered from the Brain Map. Depending on this information and the way in which the brain reacts to the BM-BCI training we can create a suitable training strategy with extreme efficiency.


How personalized is your formula and why?

The information gathered from the Brain Map offers us a unique view of the neuronal dysfunctions of a brain and also helps us create efficient training strategies.


How can you treat the burnout and the insomnia?

At the NPE CENTER we see Burnout and Insomnia as neuronal disfunctions shown on a Brain Map. We can train the brain to eliminate these dysfunctions and get rid of the symptoms.


What would you recommend to people that want to be more efficient?

In the process of becoming more efficient, one of the most important concepts that managers need to understand and relate is “contextual awareness”. In order to be efficient, they need to be aware of their context and take the adequate measures to ensure that all the redundant and out of the context actions are eliminated.


Will you have specialized treatments to help people combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We already have 17 clients that we train for coping successfully with Covid-19 related psychological trauma. I am pleased to say that we have very good results in this particular line of action.


What type of clients do you target?

Anyone who wants to increase their overall performance being managers, entrepreneurs or professional athletes.


What are your business goals for 2021?

We plan on scaling our model on a bigger level and help many more people in need of quick and efficient stress management and performance enhancement solutions. We will also introduce new forms of neurotherapies that we are developing at our research center.

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