Social networks can change your brain, survey shows

Newsroom 29/05/2012 | 12:27

A possible connection has been traced between the number of friends a person has on social networks and certain parts in the brain, as shown by a survey carried out by BUPA International and released on the Romanian market by MediHelp International.

More precisely, it was discovered that people who have many friends on facebook have more grey matter in three parts of the brain, responsible for memory, balance and the visual sense.

To come to these results, researchers conducted their study on 125 British students, to see if there is a relation between the number of friends on facebook and changes in their brains.

Secondly, they tried to replicate these results in the case of a sub-group of 40 individuals.

Then, they studied the connection between the friends on facebook and the real-life friends in the case of 80 people.

In the end, the connection between the real-life friends and changes at the level of the brain has been researched in 65 people.

However, factors such as lifestyle, age, health state, were not taken into consideration.

Otilia Haraga


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