Romania’s opposition parties submit motion of no confidence against Dancila government

Anca Alexe 12/06/2019 | 13:17

The opposition parties in the Romanian Parliament have submitted a motion of no confidence against the government led by Viorica Dancila, along with a list of five reasons why the Executive should be dismissed.

The motion was submitted by PNL, USR and PMP. The party representing the Hungarian minority, UDMR, which has so far supported the PSD-ALDE coalition, has said that its MPs would also vote for the motion. The party formed by former PM Victor Ponta, Pro Romania, which has poached several MPs from the PSD, is also expected to vote against the Dancila government. Even so, the opposition will probably still be a few dozen votes short of forming a majority.

The document will be read in the plenary session of the two chambers today at 3 pm and will be voted on Tuesday, June 18.

“On Sunday, May 26, 2019, Romanians voted overwhelmingly for the most legitimate no confidence motion against the most toxic government of the past 30 years! On May 26, Romanians categorically said YES to a normal Romania and NO to the anti-European and anti-justice discourse and actions of the PSD! The sanction against PSD and the government comes directly from the citizens, who clearly stated that they no longer want a government that’s incapable of taking the country to a better place and that has a single priority: to conduct a permanent attack against justice,” the motion’s introduction reads.

The text is directly addressed to PM Viorica Dancila: “You’ve destabilized the Romanian state’s entire constitutional architecture though the systematic disintegration of constitutional institutions, by weakening the system of checks and balances, by political subordination through the appointment of incompetent and subservient people. Furthermore, you’ve tried to destabilize and subordinate Romanian justice in order to save your corrupt members and political clientele, disregarding the fact that the collateral victims were Romanian citizens, who found themselves in a paradise of crooks.”

Motion unlikely to pass

PSD-ALDE currently has a majority in the Parliament, totaling 238 votes, more than the 50 percent + 1 threshold needed for the motion to pass (234 votes).

The PNL, USR and PMP parties together have just 150 MPs. If the UDMR and Pro Romania parties join them in support of the motion, they would have 209 votes, so still not nearly enough to form the 234-vote majority. The only chance for the motion’s success would be for a significant number of PSD or ALDE MPs to vote against their own government, which right now looks highly unlikely.

Five reasons why the Dancila government should go according to the opposition:

  1. The way the European Parliament vote was organized and conducted abroad
  2. The “assault on justice”
  3. The politicization of public radio and television
  4. Emergency ordinances on justice and economy
  5. The ethnic scandal in Valea Uzului


Photo: Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea

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