Romanian flats got cheaper last month on lower demand for new dwellings

Paul Barbu 08/05/2019 | 11:49

Romanian apartments got cheaper in April, according to a study conducted by After March, when prices grew slightly, in April claims from apartment sellers declined nationwide.

According to, the average amount demanded at country level decreased by 0.7 percent compared to the previous month, from EUR 1,237 to EUR 1,228 per square meter.

In the big cities, the downward trend was felt especially on the new residential segment, while the dwellings in the old blocks experienced lighter and usually positive variations.

Slight increase in Bucharest

In Bucharest, apprices rose by 0.2 percent last month from EUR 1,327 to EUR 1,330 /sqm.

  • Old apartments: +0.3 percent (from EUR 1,215 to EUR 1,219 /sqm)
  • New aparments: -0.1 percent (from EUR 1,409 to EUR 1,408 /sqm)


Brasov recorded a slight increase in prices last month.

  • Old apartments: +1 percent (to EUR 1,099 /sqm)
  • New aparments: -2.6 percent (to EUR 1,152 /sqm)


In Transylvania’s biggest city, the expectations of homeowners have generally increased by 0.1 percent in April, to EUR 1,568 pe/sqm on average.

  • Old apartments: +0.6 percent (to EUR 1,587 /sqm)
  • New apartments: -0,3 percent (to EUR 1,549 /sqm)


In the seaside city, prices declined by 0.5 percent in April, to EUR 1,129/sqm.

  • Old apartements: -0.2 percent (to EUR 1,129 /sqm)
  • New apartments: -1.4 percent (to EUR 1,128 /sqm)


Moldova’s biggest city registered the largest decrease in the average asking price of apartment sellers, by 1.1 percent to EUR 996/sqm.

  • Old apartments: +0.9 percent (EUR 1,008 /sqm)
  • New apartments: -2.1 percent (to EUR 990 /sqm)


Romania’s western major city registered a decrease in the average price demanded by sellers, by 0.9 percent to EUR 1,217 /sqm.

  • Old apartments: -1.5 percent (to EUR 1,220 /sqm)
  • New Apartments: +0.7 percent (to EUR 1,206 /sqm)



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