PSD wants two days for the referendum of the Constitutional amendment on the traditional family

Aurel Dragan 14/09/2018 | 15:06

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) wants to amend the referendum law in order to introduce the possibility of holding a constitutional amendment vote over two consecutive days, in regard of the referendum which states that the family is based on a freely consent marriage between a man and a woman. The statement was made, for Mediafax, by the PSD senator Serban Nicolae.

He said that the Government should issue an emergency ordinance to amend the referendum law.

“It would be perfectly constitutional in my view, because it does not affect fundamental rights, on the contrary, it supports them. It is also justified from all points of view, as an opportunity, an emergency. And, moreover, the previous revision of the Constitution was made through a referendum organized over two days, that is, there is a precedent. I believe that the Government must issue an Emergency Ordinance to make all the necessary changes,” said Nicolae.

The citizens initiative, for which it was needed the support of at least two-thirds of the senators, was voted today by a nominal vote, expressing 107 senators ‘for’ and 13 ‘against’. Seven senators abstained (from PNL and UDMR). The legislative proposal to revise the Constitution, which states that the family is based on a freely agreed marriage between a man and a woman, was adopted Tuesday in the plenary session of the Senate.

According to the proposed amendment to Article 48 of the Constitution, “The family is based on the freely agreed marriage between a man and a woman, their equality and the right and duty of parents to ensure the raising, education and training of children.”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea reiterated that the referendum for the family will be held on October 7th.

Also, the plenum of the Senate gave a positive vote for the two amendments adopted by the Chamber of Deputies on the legislative proposal for revision of the Constitution. Senator Serban Nicolae (PSD) said there were technical amendments.

“There were two amendments at the level of the Chamber, which do not refer to the text itself, to Article 48 but rather to the normative technique: namely, as to the single article, as submitted to the debate of the original Chamber of Deputies, Articles I and II were introduced. Article I detailed that the current Constitution was revised by Law 429/2003, approved by the national referendum on 18-19 October 2003. And Article II shows that the revision of the Constitution is subject to approval by a referendum organized according to the provisions of Article 151 of the Romanian Constitution, republished,” explained the chairman of the Legal Commission, Robert Cazanciuc.

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) registered on Wednesday this legislative proposal to revise the Constitution. According to Article 23 of Law 47/1992 on the organization and functioning of the RAC, within 5 days from the adoption of the law on the revision of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court shall ex officio pronounce on it, the provisions of art. 20 and 21 shall apply accordingly.

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