PM Ciolos: Through GovITHub we want to bring the capacity for innovation from the IT sector to the administration

Newsroom 04/08/2016 | 12:17

The Ciolos government wants to bring to the Romanian administration the capacity for innovation of the IT section. By launching the GovITHub platform the executive wants to gather people in the field who have the courage to lend a hand in the administration, PM Ciolos stated on Thursday.

We realized that we need a capacity for innovation in administration, capacity of innovation that comes from the sector which, from my point of view, developed the fastest in Romanian economy, the production of IT services. It is impressive even (…) We have been talking for so long about the potential of Romanian agriculture and about how much it could contribute towards the Gross Domestic Product and we had the pleasant surprise (…) from this point of view, of the development of IT services, to see that (…) not only did it match the contribution of agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product, it even exceeded it, which shows the sector’s capacity to innovate and develop in Romania,” PM Ciolos said at the launch of the GovITHub program.

According to the PM, the platform relies on successful experiences in the IT field.

GovITHub is designed to be “a platform that gathers people who are brave and will have the courage to take a break, so to speak, in their professional activity or in their business in the private sector and to come and lend a hand in the administration, to find innovative solutions to solve certain problems and for a better functioning of the administration and for an increase of the quality of services the Romanian administration is providing to citizens, for a better transparency in the way the administration operates and especially to be able to continue the streamlining process we started,” Ciolos added.

The GovITHub program will offer scholarships of EUR 2,000 per month, for six months. Those interested will also be able to volunteer for the program.

Georgeta Gheorghe

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