Five technology NGOs in open letter to Gov’t: we support digital economy

Georgeta Gheorghe 06/06/2017 | 16:01

Five technology NGOs have sent an open letter to the Romanian Government in which they state their support for the digital economy and believe in offering options to consumers.

“Technological innovation changed the way we work, study, communicate, travel or do business,” the letter said. “In many ways, it changed our lifestyle, especially in a big city. And, although technology changes the models we were used to, we believe this change is ultimately, for the better. Because it means new economic opportunities for people and cities, more transparency an efficiency. In one word: progress.”

In the letter, the NGOs, namely Smart Everything Everywhere, UrbanizeHUB, ETL Mobility Cluster, TechHub and Institute for Digital Government make reference to the heated debate on the legal possibilities that could stop new services such as UBER, which are currently being used by hundred of thousands of Romanians.

“In this context, we want to show our support for the development of the digital economy and for the right of consumers to have as many options as possible. Ultimately, it is not about a company, but about encouraging innovative services and finding ways to integrate those into the legal framework, following the model of other countries and also considering the people’s interest.

It is not the first time when technology advances faster than the regulatory framework – it is a normal process and it is just one of the challenges posed by progress. Nevertheless, we believe it is in the interest of consumers and of the community to benefit as much as possible from the advantages technology brings.

“We hope that Romania will accept these innovations and will find the best solutions, so that we can benefit from as many options as possible, more economic opportunities and ultimately, cities with a bigger quality of life.”

“As we wish to live in a modern and successful country, we fully support the efforts aimed at the digitalization of Romania. At the same time, we ask you to avoid all measures that could favor the past to the detriment of the future and that would bring benefit the few and harm those who use, day by day, the innovative services.”

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