UrbanAir: the application that can be the solution to chaotic traffic in big cities, especially in Romania

Mihai Cristea 07/06/2021 | 16:45

With the help of the UrbanAir application, users optimize their daily rides by using all shared solutions, such as scooters, bicycles, car sharing, electric scooters and much more, all in one application. For 2021, UrbanAir announces the development of the application by integrating an easier and more efficient way to use car sharing services with a single access account.


UrbanAir is the only application available in the Romanian and international market, which integrates all sharing services. Users can easily see which is the closest vehicle and can plan all their rides in a single application, saving time. In an increasingly crowded city, the multimodal use of mobility options can make traveling faster and cheaper, and the personal car is no longer needed. The platform was officially announced in May 2020, and now receives a major update by introducing an easier and more intuitive way for using the service.


Pony and Teleport support smart urban mobility with UrbanAir

For the first time for the local market and not only, UrbanAir introduces the possibility to use sharing services from several providers, having a single UrbanAir account. With the application update, users in Romania can drive all cars from Pony and Teleport and only need to create an UrbanAir account, having several cars available in one place and also easier to use. In this way, all the car sharing solutions put together become a viable and real alternative in terms of personal car. However, the application integrates many other services, both in Romania and in other countries, which can be used in a similar way with a single account or with connected accounts available from partner providers.

UrbanAir supports the concept of sustainable Smart City, in line with Municipality initiatives to develop alternative mobility infrastructure, decrease CO2 emissions and discourage the use of individual cars – all by promoting better urban travel alternatives.

UrbanAir was launched with the new option to streamline mobility, in public beta version, in March, in Romania and Israel. It is also available in 60 other major cities around the world, with support for 150 suppliers. The application is available on iPhone, Android and App Gallery for Huawei phones.

“Every time we talk about a smart city, we can’t ignore one of the biggest needs: mobility. That’s why, together with UrbanAir, we started from a vision we all want: #A CityForPeople. We are confident that in the not too long-run future the use of personal cars in urban centers will considerably decrease and will be replaced by a mix of public and private mobility solutions. What would Bucharest look like, for example, if we no longer owned personal cars? The impact on our health and income would be huge and immediately noticeable. We already enjoy the support of private partners and we need openness, understanding and support from mayoralties and governments to provide all citizens with support and infrastructure for using sustainable mobility solutions”, said Mihai Rotaru, founder of UrbanAir.

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