Call For Leaders 2021 | Bogdan Lițescu (Plant an App): We are riding the digital transformation wave with our revolutionary low-code platform

Mihai Cristea 29/03/2021 | 13:54

The Call For Leaders interview series reached its third phase, with the established 3Q format having received a revamp for 2021. The original Call For Leaders 3Q and its sequel, Call For Leaders – Back in Business, have seen us talking to quite a diverse roster of business leaders in Romania, representing top companies and various industries. In our latest conversation, we sat down with Bogdan Lițescu, founder of Plant an App, the low-code cloud-based platform for the rapid development and deployment of web applications.


After a difficult 2020 year, how do you think business optimism will be influenced in 2021?

I believe 2020 could have been a disastrous year from an economical perspective, perhaps even worse than the previous crisis 2007-2008. But it was not. Individuals, governments, businesses – they all were much better prepared to act quickly, learn and adapt. After the initial panic we saw stock market highs, bold ideas making it into the world, businesses changing their business models in record time and many such positive and inspiring examples.

There were 2 main drivers that made this possible – technology and mature leadership in all sectors. It’s especially important the governments understand the magnitude of the crisis and their role in supporting affected actors – be them research centers, vaccine producers, businesses or individuals. Outstanding relief packages have been created to prepare the world for post-pandemic times. These times belong to bold individuals that are self-motivated to grow continuously and who put technology at the core of their endeavors.


How will your company be involved in the development of your industry, and also in the recovery of other sectors which were affected by the pandemic?

Plant an App is one of the most revolutionary low-code platforms that exist today. Our mission is to democratize software development so digital transformation initiatives happen at a very fast pace. Our customers can produce new software systems within days, which is unheard of.

This has two direct beneficial effects on other sectors. One is related to reducing the operational costs by using technology that automates processes. Not only do businesses save costs by having to employ fewer people, but they also end up delivering better quality at a faster pace to their customers.

The concern that exists in the world today is that the rise of automation would leave quite a lot of people unemployed. On the other hand, you have this huge deficit of IT skilled workforce in the world. With our approach of democratizing  development, we’re basically lowering the entry barrier for people to enter the digital economy. It takes 4 weeks on average for an individual to reconvert professionally and become able to deliver working software. Not only does this solve the unemployment issue, but it also generates a better quality of life.


How will you approach innovation and new investments in 2021?

We are riding the digital transformation wave with our revolutionary low-code platform. But we are a relatively new player in this market. Therefore, we invest heavily in maturing our sales process by hiring the right people and forming the right partnerships.

At the same time, I want to point out that Plant an App is a platform, a tool. When we put it in the right hands, that results in innovation happening tenfold. Our initiatives this year include promoting the innovation that happens inside our customers’ teams. One such example that we’ll talk about a lot this year is the Government o f Bermuda. They just adopted Plant an App with the objective to switch from paper processes to one of the most digitized governments in the world.

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