BR EXCLUSIVE. The 10 biggest foreign investors in Romania by subscribed capital in local companies

Aurel Dragan 11/04/2019 | 08:33

The ranking of the biggest foreign investors in Romania, calculated by the total subscribed capital in local companies they own fully or partially, is made up of sectors like energy, auto, commerce and, surprisingly, telecommunications.

According to the National Trade Register Office (ONRC), which compiled the data at Business Review’s request, the Netherlands is the top country of origin for Romania’s foreign investors. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the companies are actually from the Netherlands, but they are registered in one of the country’s fiscal-friendly areas. There are 3 companies in the Top 10 coming from Holland, while the rest are from the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain.

The ranking was created taking into account the company that appears to be the shareholder that invested the money.

1.     CEZ A.S. – RON 4.71 billion

The electric energy producer and distributor comes from the Czech Republic and is headquartered in Prague. The multinational is comprises over 135 companies and is the biggest Czech power producer. It entered Romania after buying Distributie Oltenia and it controls 3 other companies in our country: CEZ Vanzare, Tomis Team and Ovidiu Development. The total subscribed capital in the 4 companies is RON 4.711 billion.

2.      KMG International N.V. – RON 3.01 billion

The company that owns Petromidia and the Vega oil refinery bought it from Dinu Patriciu. KMG International has a stake in 13 companies, most of them are involved in producing and distributing oil products and chemicals. Rompetrol Well Services, Rompetrol Rafinare, KMG Rompetrol, Oilfield Exploration, Rompetrol Downstream, Rompetrol Energy are just a few of the companies owned by the conglomerate. It is also involved in Fondul de Investitii in Energie Kazah-Roman, the investment fund recently created in partnership with the Romanian state as part of the deal closed on the shares the Romanian state still owns in Rompetrol Rafinare. The total subscribed capital of KMG International is RON 3.017 billion and the company is registered in the Netherlands.

3.      Enel Green Power S.P.A. – RON 2.93 billion

Enel is also one of the main producers and distributors of electricity, coming from Italy. In Romania, the company also distributes natural gas. It owns 4 companies in our country: GV Enel Rigenirabili Ital-Ro, Enel Green Power Romania DE Rock Int’l and Elcomex Solar Energy. The total subscribed capital of the Italians is RON 2.93 billion.

4.      OMV Aktiengesellshaft – RON 2.88 billion

The only company in which Austrian oil company OMV is involved is OMV Petrom, with a subscribed capital of RON 2.88 billion. Petrom is one of the most important companies in Romania, a producer and distributor of oil and natural gas. It also produces electricity with the gas-powered plant Petrobrazi. And it owns one of the biggest gas station networks across the country.

5.      Arcellor Mittal Holdings A.G. – RON 2.69 billion

The company registered in Switzerland still is among the biggest investors according to the subscribed capital even if it has already sold the main steel plant, the former Sidex Galati, bought by the Gupta family through Liberty House. Mittal Steel bought the steel factory in 2001 and has a subscribed capital of RON 2.69 billion in 3 companies: Arcelormittal Galati, Romportmet and Arcelormittal Hunedoara.

6.      Renault SA – RON 2.527 billion

The biggest car producer in Romania – Automobile-Dacia SA – is the only investment made by French company Renault SA, according to ONRC. The plant in Mioveni is one of the biggest in Romania, making over 335,000 cars every year and planning to increase production to 400,000. Renault’s subscribed capital in Automobile Dacia is RON 2.527 billion.

7.      Lidl Romania GMBH – RON 2.23 billion

The only German company in the top 10 is Lidl Romania GMBH. It is a shareholder in 5 companies: Lidl Imobiliare Romania Management SCS, Lidl Discount SRL, Lidl Romania SCS, Lidl Romania Digital Societate in Comandita and Lidl Romania SRL. Its total subscribed capital is RON 2.232 billion. Lidl holds one of the biggest retail chains in Romania, made up of discount stores.

8.      Koninklijke Bunge B.V.  – RON 2.17 billion

The Bunge brand is familiar to Romanians for cooking oil, as it is one of the biggest producers in our country. It is a shareholder in 7 companies – Bunge Danube Trading SRL, Unirea SRL, Muntenia Oil SA, Prio Extractie SRL, Prio Biocombustinil SRL, Bunge Romania SRL and Interoil Afritrading SA – with a total subscribed capital of RON 2.177 billion. It is registered in the Netherlands.

9.      Liberty Global CEE Group Holding B.V – RON 1.99 billion

Liberty Global, also registered in the Netherlands, is the shareholder of UPC Romania SA, one of the biggest cable and satellite TV and internet providers in Romania. Last year, UPC sold to Vodafone several of its divisions from European countries, including the one in Romania. The transaction awaits the approval of competition authorities, so the shareholder is still Liberty Global, with a subscribed capital of RON 1.991 billion.

10.   EDP Renewables Europe SL – RON 1.87 billion

The energy producer from Spain is focused on wind and solar power and is the main shareholders in 12 companies in Romania. Sibioara Wind Farm SRL, Potelu Solar SA, EDPR RO PV SRL, Pestera Wind Farm SA, EDPR Romania SRL, Cernavoda Power SA, Vanju Mare Solar SA, Foton Epsilon SA, Cujmir Solar SA, Foton Delta SA, Studina Solar SA and VS Wind Farm SA are the companies that produce energy from renewable sources.

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