Omniasig recorded a gross written premium of RON 558 million in the first half of the year

Aurel Dragan 20/09/2018 | 17:11

Omniasig registered a positive development and a profitable result in the first half of 2018, with gross written premiums increasing by more than 9 percent over the same period of the previous year, with a total of over RON 558 million. The total amount of compensation paid during this period amounted to over RON 306 million.

On the PROPERTY segment, the most significant damage, worth approx. RON 1.7 million was caused by a hotel fire. The following two damages in the top of the damages on this line of products were caused by the breaking of the boom of a crane (about RON 590,000), respectively by an electric short-circuit which caused a crane to fire.

For legal entities, Omniasig offers the AUTONOMOUS DAMAGE facility with a value of up to RON 10,000 endorsed on Property policies, for the following insured objectives and risks;

  • Building – Piping and discharge water / Atmospheric phenomena;
  • Fragile goods – Temperature variations, other than those due to a normal heat source; Accidents caused by hit by means of transport / equipment, animals, objects or persons; Initial mounting mistakes, mounting or dismantling or moving goods insured;
  • Motor vehicles / vehicles, special vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural or other special equipment – Collisions with other mobile or immovable bodies / Atmospheric phenomena;
  • Stocks – Pipeline and discharge water / Atmospheric phenomena

Through this DATA AUTOMATION PROCEDURE, policyholders are permanently assisted by the Omniasig inspector in the case file, and they only have to send pictures of the damages suffered, complete a form and provide a minimum of documents. Upon receipt of the requested documents within 24 hours, the damage inspector shall forward to the insured the amount of the calculated compensation and, within 48 hours of receiving the last requested document, the payment of compensation shall be approved.

Top 5 damages paid in S1 2018 – PROPERTY:

  1. RON 1.7 million Fire at a hotel;
  2. RON 590,000 Crank arm torn;
  3. RON 380,000 Electric short circuit that caused a crane to fire;
  4. RON 354,000 Flooding in an office building;
  5. RON 330,000 Damaged production hall after a storm.

On the Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (RCA) line, the top is dominated by accidents occurring abroad, the highest compensation, approx. RON 6.5 million, being paid for an accident in France due to excessive speed, the driver colliding with a scooter that changed the lane, resulting in the serious bodily injury of the scooter driver.

The second compensation in the ranking, worth approx. RON 3.9 million, is also for an accident abroad, this time in Italy, where the driver did not respect the stop indicator at an intersection. As a result, the car collided with another car, whose leader died. The third place is a compensation of approx. RON 3.3 million for an accident in Slovakia – the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and entered the counter, causing a truck that runs properly and carrying electronic equipment to overturn the riverbed.

Omniasig has recently introduced the facility to solve, under certain conditions, RCA damage files only on the basis of photographs and documents sent by harmed by electronic means of communication.

Top 5 compensation paid in S1 2018 – RCA:

  1. RON 6.5 million. Road accident due to excessive speed resulting in serious injury – France;
  2. RON 3.9 million. The driver did not meet the stop at the intersection, colliding with another car whose driver died after the impact – Italy;
  3. RON 3.3 million. The driver fell asleep behind the wheel, crossed the contrasens and caused a truck to overturn the riverbed – Slovakia;
  4. RON 2.2 million. Road accident between a trailer trailer and another passenger car resulting in bodily injury to the driver and the passenger on his right – Germany;
  5. RON 1.3 million. The driver lost control of the direction of travel, entered the contrasens and collided with another car, whose leader died later – Romania.

On the CASCO insurance line, the highest compensation paid in the first half of this year was worth approx. RON 475,000, following an accident in which a tractor was struck by the train when crossing the railroad.

The next indemnity, worth approx. RON 285,000 was caused by an accident in which the car skidded in a curve in torrential rain, and it overturned. Third damage, about. RON 282,000 was caused after the driver lost control of the steering wheel and accused two parked cars, resulting in bodily harm to the guilty driver.

With regard to the CASCO line, it is worth mentioning that most insured people chose to repair their cars in units belonging to the Omniasig partner network, with only about 10 percent choosing to make their own repairs.

The network of more than 700 Omniasig partner auto services is formed in the proportion of about 75 percent of the services belonging to the car / dealer car units, the rest being multimark services. The main advantage of making repairs within the partner service network

is primarily the guarantee of quality repairs as well as simplified procedures, since the settlement of costs takes place directly between the insurer and the service, without the insurer’s financial involvement.

Top 5 compensation paid in S1 2018 – CASCO:

  1. RON 474,000 Accident in which a tractor was struck by the train when crossing the rail;
  2. RON 285,000 The car skidded in a curve in torrential rain and overturned;
  3. RON 283,000 The driver lost control of the steering wheel and accused two parked cars, resulting in bodily harm to the guilty driver;
  4. RON 264,000 A bus caught fire while walking due to a short on board;
  5. RON 259,000 A trailer truck skidded and overturned – in Germany.

In the segment of Housing Insurance, the highest compensation was of approx. RON 254,000, amount paid after a fire triggered at the neighboring dwelling has expanded to the insured property. The second place in the housing indemnity (RON 142,000) is occupied by a fire triggered in the technical room and then extended to the roof of the dwelling. The next top compensation, worth approx. RON 89,000, was caused by a fire triggered in a kitchen from an electric shortcut.

Individuals can benefit from the Rapid or Self-Paying Service for Housing Insurance Agreements concluded at Omniasig.

The “Rapid Payment” procedure, for which no documents or finding by a damage inspector are required, is applicable to damages of up to RON 2,000, for the policies covering the risks of water supply and discharge, flooding and civil liability to third parties. Through this procedure, the dossier is handled only by phone without the need for other documents or site visits. The files under this procedure are finalized within 48 hours with the payment of the damages through the BCR cashiers.

The “Self-dwelling” procedure is applicable to risks such as pipe and discharge water, flooding, third-party liability or atmospheric phenomena, and the customer is assisted in all steps by a OMNIASIG damage inspector. In this case, the insured transmits the photographs of the damages suffered, completes a standardized form and sends it to the designated liquidator for the liquidation of the file.

The timeframes for the investigation were significantly reduced, and a self-reported day-to-day damage is handled on the same day, the insured being contacted and guided in this process within 4 hours of the endorsement. For insured claims in the second part of the day, the insured is contacted in the first part of the second day.

It is important to note that both in the case of Rapid and Self-Paying procedures and for any other type of damage, the policyholder must advise the file at the Omniasig call-center immediately after the occurrence of the damage.

Top 5 compensation paid in S1 2018 – Housing Insurance:

  1. RON 255,000 Fire triggered at the neighboring dwelling, which extended to the insured building;
  2. RON 143,000 Fire triggered in the technical room and then extended to the roof of the dwelling;
  3. RON 89,000 Fire triggered in a kitchen from an electric short;
  4. RON 83,000 Flooding from a cracked pipe of a radiator in the bathroom;
  5. RON 69,000 Fire triggered by a live air-time.

With regard to the Travel Insurance line, the highest compensation (about RON 139,000) was paid in the case of an insured who needed hospitalization in Canada because of a Salmonella infection, which caused further complications.

The following two cases of the premium paid on travel insurance are based on sporting activities. An insured suffered a left upper left fracture in the US after falling off his bicycle (about RON 95,000), while another was hospitalized for an operation in Austria after a ski accident (about RON 66,000).

Top 5 compensation paid in S1 2018 – TRAVEL INSURANCE:

  1. RON 140,000 Hospitalization following infection with Salmonella (Canada);
  2. RON 95,000 Bicycle accident, left upper left fracture (USA);
  3. RON 66.000 Ski accident, hospitalization for surgery (Austria);
  4. RON 58.000 Ski accident, knee surgery (Austria);
  5. RON 57,000 Stomach Disorders and Treatment (US).

Since 2015, Omniasig has been evaluating the level of customer service through the internationally validated Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement system. Therefore, customers who have had a claim file at Omniasig are asked to evaluate their experience and how to deal with the damage, the satisfaction of the insured and the quality of the services offered being measured in an efficient system on a scale of 1 to 10. The result NPS at the general level was 85 percent between January and June 2018, a level similar to that recorded in 2017.

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