Omniasig registered an increase of 11 percent of the gross written premiums in 2019

Aurel Constantin 30/03/2020 | 12:44

Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group continued its sustainable development strategy in 2019 as well and maintained its ascending evolution from the recent years, registering an increase of approximately 11 percent of the gross written premiums, compared to the previous year.

In 2019, the company’s total value of the gross written premiums exceeded the amount of RON 1.3 billion while the registered gross profit, according to IFRS reporting standards for consolidation purpose, was over 45 million lei. The total amount of the claims paid by the company in the previous year was slightly over the RON 820 million.

“In 2019 we were still focused mainly on supporting non-motor insurance segments, in line with the company’s long-term strategy of sustainable growth. The positive results and the stable evolution from 2019 underline that our strategy provides the expected effects. At the same time, for Omniasig, the employees have an essential role in achieving the business objectives, thus, we continuously pay a special attention to them, improving the working environment and conditions provided. Last year we also focused a lot on the social responsibility segment, supporting the community with complex CSR and volunteering projects and actions. For 2020, we have an integrated action plan, which will allow us to adapt to the new economic context generated by the coronavirus crisis, while preserving our ascending development trend. Now, at the 25th anniversary of Omniasig’s activity in Romania, our long-term commitment remains the same – to make a tradition from performance, on all company’s activity segments, while maintaining our constant concern to offer quality products and services, adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers.”

An upward dynamic can be observed on the Health Insurance line, where the growth was over 30 percent compared to 2018. As a reaction to this positive evolution, the company quickly takes action in developing this segment, the most recent achievement being the launch of the new group health insurance called OMNI+, a new concept adapted to the market dynamics and to customers’ needs. The result emphasizes the fact that this segment becomes more and more a priority for Omniasig customers and that they understood the utility and necessity of this type of insurance.

In line with the company’s strategy regarding the development of the non-motor insurance lines, an ascending trend was also observed in the case of Property segment (Fire and Allied Perils line), where the total volume of the gross written premiums for 2019 increased by almost 8 percent, compared to the previous year.

On the motor insurance segment (Motor Hull and MTPL), the company marked a slight increase of the total volume of gross written premiums, compared to 2018, registering cumulatively on the two lines gross written premiums in the amount of over RON 880 million The total amount of the claims paid on the motor insurance segment, Motor Hull and MTPL cumulatively, increased in 2019 by almost 20% compared to the previous year. The Motor Hull insurance segment recorded a significant evolution of over 15 percent, while on the MTPL line the volume of gross written premiums remained constant.

Regarding the travel insurances, the volume of gross written premiums in 2019 increased by over 25 percent, which shows a higher responsibility of consumers when it comes to holiday planning.

The number of complaints registered uniquely per claimant and per case by Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group in 2019 was 725, while the number of complaints solved favorably was 115, the rest being unfounded. When it comes to the number of insurance policies issued by the company during 2019 and which have not been canceled, the number of petitions registered uniquely per claimant and per case represents only 0.05 percent of them. At the same time, compared to the number of claim files ascertained in 2019, the number of complaints registered uniquely per claimant and per case represents 0.41 percent of them.

Omniasig evaluates, since 2015, the level of quality of our customers services through the internationally validated Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement system. Clients who have had a claim file at Omniasig are asked to evaluate their experience and the way the case was handled, the policyholder’s satisfaction and the quality of the services offered being measured through a very efficient system, on a scale from 1 to 10. The NPS overall result in 2019 was 86.69 percent, 1.69 percent more compared to 2018.

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