The top three holiday destinations for families with newborns

Paul Barbu 05/06/2019 | 12:35

If you don’t know where to go on your next holiday because you have a newborn, here are three great destinations for you, according to experts. 

Top 3 destinations for travellers with newborns

Parents who carry their babies in a sling are don’t have to worry about pedestrian crossings adapted for strollers, but for others it is important that the destination’s infrastructure meets these requirements, so they choose their holiday spot based on such aspects.

The cities that have the best facilities for parents travelling with baby strollers are London, Copenhagen and Montreal. Pedestrian crossings, access to public transport stations, entrances to public buildings or shopping centers all have been wisely designed in each of these three cities.

The fact that in these three cities, breastfeeding is allowed in public, also helps travelling mothers avoid wasting a lot of time looking for special spaces. It’s just as easy to change diapers, because most shopping centers or public buildings in these cities have designated places for this process.

Average price for one night in a 3 or 4-star triple room:

London – EUR 251

Copenhagen – EUR 220

Montreal – EUR 215

Top 3 destinations with impressive water parks

For families with children who are a bit older, ideal vacations start to include more and more adrenaline and longer swimming sessions or water sports. This combination is very easy to find in an aquatic park, and the fun is even greater if everything is designed so that everyone feels safe.

Special family areas allow parents to relax and children to have fun, so water park destinations are becoming increasingly popular, especially during summer holidays.


The eclectic city of the Middle East has numerous world records for various architectural or infrastructure achievements, but it also offers plenty of joy to children. Water and/or theme parks provide fun for children of different ages (or heights) and parents can relax knowing that everything is done safely. Wild Wadi Waterpark and Laguna Waterpark specialize in aquatic park entertainment, the activities available in Motiongate Dubai are closely related to the most famous animated films, and Legoland Dubai needs no presentation.


Parents who enjoy mountain trails will be able to satisfy their children who adore water games if they choose this city in western Austria for their holiday. Area 47, Austria’s largest outdoor amusement park, offers a wealth of options for the entire adventure-loving family, be it aquatic or mountain-focused. For added value, it is worth mentioning that just 80 km away is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for the creators of Disney.


Besides the many beaches and Teide National Park, the Spanish island enjoys a Thai-themed park that ensures the fun of all family members through a wealth of water attractions. After a day spent in Siam Park, tourists can relax on Siam Beach, all in the presence of the Teide volcano, which will be featured in every holiday photo.

Average price for one night in a 3 or 4-star triple room:

Dubai – EUR 126

Innsbruck – EUR 156

Tenerife – EUR 130

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