The 10 best travel apps you should use on your next holiday

Paul Barbu 01/08/2019 | 14:16

If you love to travel, you should check out the following list of the ten best travel apps you need to know about and have on your phone, as they can make your trip easier to manage and more enjoyable, according to The list mainly includes lesser-known services that help solve common travel problems or help you relax during your holiday.

Ride sharing or flight/accommodation booking apps are already well-known and used by millions of travelers around the world, but there are also many tools that are not as popular, even though they have great functionality.

Here are the top 10 travel apps you should install for your next trip:

1. XE Currency Converter
Those who spend their holidays in a country that is part of the Eurozone are already accustomed to assessing prices directly in local currency. For other destinations, however, the process can sometimes be quite difficult. Travelers can use the XE app, which allows multiple currencies to be selected and shows the equivalent value in each country’s currency.

2. Luggage Hero
The number of people traveling to several cities during a single holiday period has increased greatly in recent years, but those who do so are faced with a rather uncomfortable problem: having to carry their luggage everywhere they go. Useful for both those who only travel with their backpack and those who could not avoid taking a suitcase, Luggage Hero connects tourists and restaurant owners, cafes, hostels or other checked spaces for proper luggage storage. The site helps you find the nearest available location and charges the deposit according to the number of hours used, but not more than EUR 8/day. Exploring the city will become much more comfortable, and you’ll no longer need to waste time going to places like railway stations to find a luggage storage space.

3. Wi-Fi Space
Traveling abroad comes with additional costs for mobile data, which you’ll probably have to use for things like maps, messaging or finding a good place to eat. Wi-Fi Space users can reduce this cost by using nearby Wi-Fi networks. Includes both public networks and access points of restaurants or hotels that have been registered by other users.

4. OpenTable
In addition to providing information on restaurants in the area, the OpenTable app allows you to reserve a table in your chosen location, selecting the time and number of people who will be attending.

5. Happycow
Vegetarians, vegans or those who have other types of food restrictions will enjoy this app that helps them discover the restaurants that suit their preferences in the city they’re visiting.

6. FlightRadar24
Experienced travelers have learned to anticipate flight delays if they are familiar with the routes, but Flight Radar 24 displays all commercial flights in real time and helps locate each aircraft and estimate the time required for landing at a particular airport.

7. Lounge Buddy
The time spent at the airport can be very tiring, both for travelers who have insufficient time to visit the city as well as those who have flight delays. The app helps users find lounge areas and displays access rates, making waiting easier and maybe a little less annoying.

8. Where is Public Toilet
Emergencies require immediate attention, but it’s always nice to have some help in finding the right place. The app guides users to the nearest public toilets, helping them to avoid wasting time by asking locals uncomfortable questions.

9. Meetup
An important part of any trip is interacting with locals and getting to know the culture of the place. To help with this, Meetup brings people with diverse interests together and helps them organize thematic meetings to exchange ideas or simply spend quality time together.

10. Star Walk 2
Those who choose to spend a night outside the city and are fortunate enough to enjoy a clear sky can identify the stars and constellations they admire by simply pointing the camera at them. The app helps to accurately identify the positions and names of the stars.

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