Arkadiy Mutavchi (Tacticum Investments S.A.) – Investor’s story

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Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi is a private entrepreneur, investor, and shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A.


Early Days

Arkadiy Mutavchi was born on January 2, 1970 in the city of Ungheni, Moldavian SSR. It was here, amidst the familiar streets and classrooms, that Mutavchi Arkadiy not only learned the basics of life but also began to develop the skills. The very same town where he finished school would become the foundation for his journey. The experiences and knowledge acquired there shaped his outlook and aspirations that would later come in handy at Tacticum Investments S.A.


The future shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. paid a great deal of attention to his education and professional advancement. The year 2001 marked a significant milestone in Mutavchi Arkadiy life as he successfully completed his legal studies at the esteemed law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Armed with higher education, he embarked on a promising career path, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex world of law.

Throughout the years of study, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. His professors and peers recognized his exceptional grasp of legal concepts and his ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and precision. Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich earned his Candidate of Juridical Sciences degree in 2004 after successfully defending his thesis at the Presidential Academy of Public Administration. His keen intellect and thirst for knowledge propelled him to delve deeply into legal theories, jurisprudence, and practical applications which helped him build entrepreneurial career. In the same year of 2004, Mutavchi Arkadiy graduated from advanced training courses at the Higher School of Economics. Finally, in the early 2000s the accomplished investor returned to the Academy of Public Administration and in 2010 he received his Higher Education Diploma in Economics.

Entering a Career

Arkadiy Mutavchi ambition to become an entrepreneur and investor was evident from a young age and it’s not surprising that now he is leading such a successful investment company Tacticum Investments S.A. His inherent curiosity and drive pushed him beyond the boundaries, setting the stage for a future marked by innovation and ambition. He began building up his startup capital in 1990–1991 in Moldova while working as a manager at Sijata. A joint venture between the USSR and Hungary, established specifically to facilitate international trade, focused primarily on the export and import of goods. Notably, it played a pivotal role in supplying highly specialized engineering products developed by the Soviets to various countries across Europe.

Moving to the Capital City and First Investments

The year was 1992, a time of transformations. For Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi, this period was crucial: a decision to leave his home and start a new chapter in the bustling heart of the capital. Driven by a thirst for opportunity, he recognized the city’s burgeoning potential as a breeding ground for entrepreneurial spirit and investment activities.

Arkadiy Mutavchi early career was a whirlpool of practice and learning. While navigating the demanding role of a manager across multiple businesses, he simultaneously immersed himself in the dynamic world of trading. The local stock and over-the-counter market captivated his attention. The growing capitalization of companies worked in favor of the young investor. As a result, in the course of five years Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi managed to dramatically increase his initially small capital and accumulate a formidable investment portfolio.

In 1992−1997 the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. succeeded in a range of companies – all the while holding supervisory positions. His track record includes Safety, a company on which Arkadiy Mutavchi worked together with his business partner. The enterprise imported personal protective equipment from Germany. Despite Mutavchi deep involvement in research activities, he poured his time and energy into a peasant farm enterprise known as Rus. This entity, specializing in strategic land procurement, had its sights set on a higher purpose – converting them into hubs of recreation and leisure.

Then path took a turn towards the world of heavy machinery when Arkadiy Mutavchi joined Stalservice. This company, a major player in the industry, specialized in acquisition and distribution of drilling equipment and their essential supporting components. There he stepped into the role of Commercial Director, a position that demanded a keen understanding of both the technical aspects and the intricacies of market. After establishing his reputation, Arkadiy Mutavchi joined the Brokinvestservice group of companies, and was entrusted with a job of Deputy Director at CJSC Metal-Impex. This role placed him at the helm of a key player in the ferrous metals market. Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi wasn’t just a name on a factory floor; he was a force of nature in the world of manufacturing. His impact wasn’t just about building things, it was about reimagining the entire process. He was a pioneer, constantly pushing boundaries with his brilliant ideas and remarkable inventiveness. His unwavering dedication to innovation and cost-effectiveness fueled transformative changes that revolutionized operations and set the stage for future advancements. His meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of efficiency led to the creation of innovative setoff methods. His long-term experience in managerial jobs later became a crucial success factor for the investor and shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A.

From Director to Investor

In 1998 – 2002, Arkadiy Mutavchi was actively employed by private companies. This is where he gained expertise and sharpened business vision. Shelda LLC, his brainchild, stands as a dynamic force in the realm of finance. This holding company delves into several activities, encompassing both traditional securities trading and the dynamic sector of commodities and raw materials. He later became the company’s General Director. He concurrently formed Profintek, a company mainly engaged in oil products trading and refining. In this company, Mutavchi Arkadiy took the position of  Commercial Director. In that period he discovered new types of alternative investments and diversified his investment portfolio.

Another notable stage in the entrepreneurial activity of Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi was his engagement with CJSC Kungur-Oil and Gas Equipment and Services. Arkadiy Mutavchi role as Vice President was far more than a title; he led the company to success which then become an industry titan in the drilling equipment and mobile rig sector. His new status wasn’t just a feeling, it was tangible, embodied in the crisp, official document outlining his stock options, tied to the company’s IPO. Although the option never got exercised such new opportunities had a plausible impact on shaping strategies of the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments.

Since 2014, Arkadiy Mutavchi has been focusing on his own business and investments. He invested his funds in a range of assets – from securities to precious metals and real estate.

In 2015 Mutavchi Arkadiy became a shareholder of Trigrad management company and until 2017 he had been managing the company as its General Director. The company was engaged in sectors with low business cycles: Information technologies, retail trade, the promising healthcare sector, and certain real estate sectors.

Tacticum Investments

In 2019, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi established Tacticum group. His initial business dealings were fraught with peril, particularly the acquisition of Long Term Investments Luxembourg, a Luxembourg-based firm burdened with significant financial obligations. Following a thorough due diligence process, the strategic acquisition of Long Term Investments Luxembourg was finalized. The company was renamed as Tacticum Investments S.A.

On the day of acquisition, Long Term Investments Luxembourg maintained a portfolio of refined investment approach. It was a multi-layered solution, each layer playing a specific role to ensure a balanced and calculated approach to risk. While a portion of their holdings included shares in Pirelli, the famous tire producer, this was just one facet of their diversified strategy. Since its SPO in 2017, the value of stockholding in question has experienced a continuous decline. Tacticum’s investment idea was to wait for rebound of the European market as a whole and Pirelli shares in particular. However, the coronavirus pandemic and Pirelli’s decision to deny dividend payment resulted in continued plunge in the share price. This forced Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi to sell part of the assets and look for ways to reduce the cost of funds loaned on the open market, as well as to search for new investors. That said, the pandemic 2020 turned out to be a favorable time to withdraw from the shares of 36.6 Pharmacy Chain. In 2023, Tacticum Investments S.A. as part of its investment strategy closed its position in Pirelli shares.

In recent years, the world has been thrown into a state of unprecedented turmoil. From the unprecedented devastation wrought by pandemics like COVID-19 to the escalating geopolitical tensions and conflicts that have shattered communities and destabilized international relations, humanity has endured a relentless onslaught of challenges. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Mutavchi Arkadiy company still stands firm in its investment philosophy, recognizing this potential and actively seeking to capitalize on the rebounding global market. However, this does not prevent the company from gaining profit from other investment strategies and tools. As part of its portfolio investments the company of Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich trades in securities in order to gain profit from their appreciation and dividends. Tacticum Investments S.A. is also engaged in a range of activities, which encompass the strategic structuring and execution of acquisitions and corporate turnarounds and M&As.

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